7 Best Romantic Movies on Disney Plus

Looking for some romantic movies to watch with your partner? Look no further than Disney Plus! Disney Plus is a streaming platform that offers a wide range of content, from classic animated movies to original series and documentaries. Disney Plus has plenty of options for couples looking for romantic movies together. From classic fairy tales to modern rom-coms and charming animated adventures, there’s something for everyone on this streaming platform. So get ready to be swept off your feet and let these heartwarming movies make your heart flutter. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best romantic movies on Disney Plus that are available right now. So, grab your popcorn, huddle up with your special someone, and enjoy these timeless tales of love and romance.

7 Best Romantic Movies on Disney Plus: Fall in Love with These Movies

You’re in luck if you’re looking for the best romantic movies on Disney Plus to watch with your significant other. From classic animated movies to modern rom-coms and everything in between, Disney Plus has many options for couples seeking a romantic movie night. Here are 7 of the best romantic movies available on the streaming platform.

Fire of Love (2022)

Fire of Love (2022)

Fire of Love is an extraordinary documentary that recounts the story of Katia and Maurice Krafft, two French lovers passionate about unraveling the secrets of the Earth. Tragically, they lost their lives while pursuing their love for volcanoes and capturing incredible footage of volcanic explosions. However, their legacy lives on as they made significant contributions to the field of volcanology and helped save countless lives. Through exclusive and unseen footage and photographs, Fire of Love offers an intimate look at the birth of modern volcanology, showcasing the incredible journey of two pioneers and the love that drove them.

Enchanted (2007)

Enchanted (2007)

The delightful romantic-comedy Enchanted tells the story of Princess Giselle ( Amy Adams), who is banished from her fairy-tale world by an evil queen and lands in modern-day Manhattan. Without any magic, Giselle is forced to navigate the unfamiliar streets of New York City, searching for a way back to her enchanted home. Feeling lost and alone, she crosses paths with a divorce lawyer ( Patrick Dempsey), who becomes her unlikely ally. As Giselle develops feelings for her new companion, things become complicated when a prince from her world arrives to rescue her. Follow this heartwarming tale of love as Giselle navigates the complexities of romance, fate, and the clash between fantasy and reality.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

best romantic movies on Disney Plus: Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

In the charming romantic-comedy, Rebecca Bloomwood (played by Isla Fisher) is a typical New Yorker passionate about shopping. Her excessive spending habits have led to a mountain of debt she can no longer ignore. Rebecca struggles to make ends meet until she lands a job as an advice columnist for a financial magazine owned by the same company, despite her dreams of working at a prestigious fashion magazine. Her column becomes wildly popular overnight, but Rebecca’s secret threatens to unravel her newfound success and jeopardize her love life and career. Follow Rebecca’s journey as she learns to balance her love of fashion with the reality of financial responsibility while navigating the twists and turns of modern romance.

High School Musical (2006)

best romantic movies on Disney Plus: High School Musical (2006)

In the heartwarming Disney musical, Troy Bolton (played by Zac Efron), a popular athlete at a small-town high school, unexpectedly falls for Gabriella Montez (played by Vanessa Anne Hudgens), a shy and studious classmate, at a holiday karaoke party. As they return to campus, their mutual love for singing and performing drives them to audition for the upcoming school musical. However, their dreams are threatened by the scheming Sharpay Evans (played by Ashley Tisdale), who is determined to sabotage their chances of landing the lead roles. Troy and Gabriella must now navigate their commitments to the basketball team and academic decathlon while fighting to keep their passion for music alive. Follow their journey as they strive to overcome the odds and bring their school’s music to life, all while discovering the true value of friendship, teamwork, and pursuing one’s dreams. If you enjoyed the first High School Musical movie, you would want to watch the sequels. Watch the trilogy on Disney Plus.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

Lizzie McGuire: The Movie follows the adventures of Lizzie ( Hilary Duff) and her closest friends as they embark on a school-sponsored trip to Rome during their summer break. While exploring the city, Lizzie meets Paolo Valisari ( Yani Gellman), a popular local music sensation seeking a replacement for his former duet partner, who looks strikingly similar to Lizzie. Eager to fulfill her dreams of performing, Lizzie agrees to stand in for the girl at a massive concert and pretend to sing while a recording plays. Filled with humor, heart, and impressive musical numbers, Lizzie McGuire: The Movie is a must-see for fans of the iconic teen sitcom.

10 Things I Hate About You (2014)

best romantic movies on Disney Plus: 10 Things I Hate About You (2014)

The beloved romantic-comedy 10 Things I Hate About You tells the story of Kat Stratford (played by Julia Stiles), a smart and headstrong teenager with little interest in dating or socializing with her peers. As a result, she struggles to attract the attention of any potential suitors, much to the dismay of her younger sister, Bianca (played by Larisa Oleynik), who is forbidden to date until Kat has a boyfriend. To set Kat up with someone, the high school’s resident bad boy, Patrick Verona (played by Heath Ledger), is recruited to try and win her over. As Kat and Patrick spend more time together, sparks start to fly, but will Kat let her guard down enough to allow herself to fall for him? 10 Things I Hate About You is a classic romantic comedy that has stood the test of time, with a funny script, standout performances, and a timeless story about the power of love. In fact, you can watch this movie with someone who you want to ask your valentine too!

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

best romantic movies on Disney Plus: Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Disney’s one of the best-animated classics, Beauty and the Beast, tells the story of a young and arrogant prince (voiced by Robby Benson) who is cursed by a wicked enchantress and transformed into a terrifying beast. The only way to halt the curse is for the Beast to fall in love and be loved in return. Meanwhile, Belle (voiced by Paige O’Hara), a smart and independent village girl, finds herself imprisoned in the Beast’s castle after he captures her father, Maurice (voiced by Rex Everhart). With the help of the Beast’s magical servants, including the lovable Mrs. Potts (voiced by Angela Lansbury), Belle begins to see beyond the Beast’s fearsome exterior and starts to draw him out of his isolation. Follow their enchanting journey as they discover the true meaning of love and learn that beauty comes from within.

Platforms for Romantic Movies Other than Disney Plus

There are numerous platforms, in addition to Disney Plus, where you may find a large selection of romance films. In addition to classics, indie treasures, and modern faves, Netflix is a well-known streaming service that provides a wide selection of romantic movies. Additionally, a sizable selection of romance films from all eras and genres are available on Amazon Prime Video. Another streaming service offering a variety of romantic comedies, dramas, and even romantic TV shows is Hulu. Additionally, services like HBO Max and Apple TV+ provide their own special love-themed movies and TV shows, giving viewers even more alternatives for indulging in uplifting tales of romance.


Can I download romantic movies on Disney Plus for offline viewing?

You can download romantic movies on Disney Plus for offline viewing on supported devices to watch them anywhere, anytime.

Are there any movies available in languages other than English on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus offers movies in different languages, like Spanish, French, and German.

Are there any romantic movies suitable for children on Disney Plus?

Yes, Disney Plus has a variety of romantic movies suitable for children, such as The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Frozen.

Wrapping Up

Disney Plus offers an incredible selection of romantic movies perfect for a cozy night with your loved one. Disney Plus is home to various romantic movies, ranging from classic fairy tales to modern rom-coms and everything in between. Whether you like heartwarming stories of love and adventure, catchy musical, or animated characters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From Beauty and the Beast and Lady and the Tramp to High School Musical and Lizzie McGuire: The Movie, Disney Plus offers a treasure trove of timeless romances perfect for a cozy night with your special someone.

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