Anthony Fauci Warns US About The Dangers of Unvaccinated People

The COVID virus brought America and the world to its knees, ravaging the country with massive spikes in cases. However, after two years of fighting the virus, things seem to be turning back to normal, but Anthony Fauci warns that it may be too soon.

According to Fauci, the virus still runs rampant in many areas of the country, specifically the areas with the highest number of unvaccinated adults. Anthony Fauci Warns the US that having these many people without the vaccine is a national disaster waiting to happen.

But is that the only reason behind the recent spikes in Arkansas and other red states? What other factors could be contributing to these monster numbers?

Delta Variant: What We Know?

The delta variant is one of the biggest culprits behind the recent outbreaks in states like Arkansas. The delta variant was first identified in December of 2020 and seemed to be affecting these same states. This particular variant presents the same symptoms as other COVID 19 variants, including a runny nose, coughing, fever, sore throat, and other cold-like symptoms.

On a more hopeful note, experts say that most vaccines (including Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine, which most Americans have) are still effective towards the delta variant, so people don’t have to worry about it.

Fauci Warns US That It May Be Too Soon To Return To Normal

As you’ve probably already experienced, there’s been a nationwide relaxation of both mask mandates and social distancing guidelines fueled by the availability of vaccines and the exhaustion of the general population. However, Fauci warns that these guidelines can’t be done away with if half of the US population is still not vaccinated.

But what makes people want to put off getting the vaccine or refuse to get it at all?

Misinformation Overload

In the word of Mark Twain, “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.” This is especially true during the modern age of technology we’re currently living in. News travels faster and is now more readily available than ever, but lies and misinformation can travel even faster.

Rampant misinformation can often discourage people from getting the vaccine. It convinces them that the vaccine either doesn’t do anything or causes more harm than good.

COVID Vaccines: Fact vs. Fiction

Myth #1: The COVID Vaccine Was Rushed

One of the most common myths is that COVID vaccines were rushed to production by the government and are therefore not safe for humans. This is flat-out wrong. Here are some of the reasons why COVID vaccines were developed faster than previous vaccines:

  • Most vaccines (such as Pfizer and Moderna) were created with a method that has been in development for years before the outbreak. This is why it didn’t take years for them to develop since the method had already been in place for quite some time, which allowed them to get to work right away.
  • Scientists did not skip a single testing step to get the vaccines as soon as possible. They did work with an overlapping schedule rather than one that was spaced out to get the tests done a tad quicker.
  • These particular vaccine projects had more resources and money than others, such as HIV, contributing to its speedy development.
  • Social media was beneficial in quickly finding thousands of volunteers so that tests on human subjects could be done quickly and effectively.

So, as you can see, the idea that the rushed vaccine process is just a myth.

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Myth #2: COVID Vaccines Can Affect a Woman’s Fertility

This is another piece of misinformation that has been circulating on social media for quite some time. This rumor spread from a false report that the COVID vaccine teaches the body to fight against the syncytin-1 protein, affecting a woman’s placenta. Therefore the false report concluded that getting the vaccine would affect women’s ability to produce placenta and decrease their fertility.

This is also not true. The COVID vaccines help the body to fight against a protein that is on the virus’s surface, which is entirely different from the syncytin-1 protein that affects a woman’s placenta—because of this, getting the COVID vaccine has no way of affecting anyone’s ability to reproduce since it doesn’t deal with any of those proteins at all.

Myth #3: If a Person Has Already Been Infected With COVID, They Don’t Need The Vaccine

This is another myth that has been making the rounds on social media. The idea behind it is that if you’ve already been COVID positive, your body already knows how to fight the virus, so there’s no need to get the vaccine.

I’m afraid that’s also not right because recent evidence suggests that natural antibodies don’t last very long. However, more studies have to be conducted to know for sure. However, whether you’ve been naturally infected or not, COVID is still a highly dangerous virus that, if contracted, can cause several potentially lifelong health issues, including loss of smell, loss of taste, respiratory problems, fatigue, and ‘brain fog,’ which subjects describe as feeling overwhelmed, being unable to focus on tasks and losing their short-term memory.

This is why doctors recommend getting the COVID vaccine even if you’ve already been infected since it has been proven to be a much safer option for both you and the people you care about.

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The Bottom Line

Anthony Fauci warns the US that people need to start getting vaccinated immediately. The more people who delay getting the vaccine or even refuse to get it, the more the virus will spread and continue to destroy lives throughout the country.

Getting vaccinated is a moral obligation both to protect your safety and to your community’s safety. You can get any COVID vaccines anywhere in the country by checking the CDC’s website and making an appointment-free of charge.



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