Apple Music vs Spotify: Which One Is The Best for Music Streaming?

If you are a music lover, then Spotify and Apple Music should be pretty familiar names. For now, these are two of the best music streaming services. Nowadays, we don’t have time to download and store music. It also takes a lot of space. Besides, sorting them out or creating a file-by-file playlist is also time-consuming. To remove those hassles, we have online music streaming services. It allows you to listen to any music from anywhere. Even more, you can keep a personal collection for a better experience. But, each service has something unique. Proper comparison will help you to choose between them. So, we have the perfect discussion over Apple Music vs Spotify. Let’s get into the comparison in detail.

About Apple Music

Before the comparison, you need to know each service. First, let’s talk about Apple Music. Most Apple devices or services are limited to Apple users. But, Music is for everyone. So, Apple Music is not limited to iOS devices. It is accessible from any device like iOS, Android, desktop, and so on.

Just like any other streaming service, you need to pay a subscription fee to enjoy the service. If you are not aware of such music streaming services then have some idea over the platform. Apple Music has a huge library that contains almost any track you can think of. Even more, they are pretty updated. You will hear all the trendy and updated music right on time. Just connect your device and enjoy.

Surprisingly, all the track qualities are not the same. Depending on the demand, they have different audio qualities. Although, you get to enjoy all of them when signed in. There are several exclusive services like custom playlists, interfaces for kids, SIRI, and more. All these things come with the Apple Music Service. We will describe them deeply to compare with Spotify.

About Spotify

Just Like Apple Music, Spotify is another top music streaming service. It is growing at a massive rate. Within a short period, Spotify gained a huge reputation and users due to its simple yet attractive services. In terms of collection, it has one of the largest music libraries. On top of that, its performance across all the platforms is satisfactory. With the simple interface with tons of customizations, this is like an ideal service for music lovers.

Spotify also comes with a lot of useful and necessary features for music lovers. Not only do you get so much music but also a chance to list them as per choice. Besides, the downloading and access are pretty user-friendly. Overall, it is certainly a competitor to challenge Apple music in many ways.

The Difference Between Them

If you are new to music streaming services then remember that these are not devices. They are online platforms that allow you to enjoy audio media through streaming or download. We mentioned introductory information about Apple Music and Spotify. Now, it is time to clarify the major differences between them.

In terms of popularity, their individual performance is pretty close. But, if you want to grab the best parts then it is necessary to look deeper. That is exactly what we will do to help you out. So, our discussion will describe each section that determines whether you should get into Spotify or Apple Music. Let’s jump into the debate Apple Music vs Spotify.

Streaming Quality Differences

While comparing the streaming quality, you need to consider their subscriptions. Apple Music has no free service. You need to get the minimum subscription to start their service. But, Spotify has both free and paid services. So, their streaming is also different depending on the subscription you are getting.

For Spotify, the free subscription users get lower audio quality while a paid user can reach up to 320kbps. But, Apple Music has something way higher to offer. They have Hi-Res audio which Spotify is yet to offer. Thus, Spotify requires less streaming power than Apple music. Usually, you will not sell that much of a streaming difference because of that.

More importantly, Apple Music has lossless streaming. Spotify is yet to offer such an amazing feature. At that point, Apple Music has the upper hand. Lossless streaming allows you to enjoy the best streaming experience without any interruption.

Certainly, you need to know one thing why lossless streaming matters. Regular soundtracks are limited to 320 kbps or similar quality. Usually, it does not have any issue while streaming with a regular connection. This is for Spotify. On the other hand, Apple Music has Hi-Res audio that requires more resources for smooth streaming. You can’t enjoy them perfectly with regular streaming.

Lossless streaming is necessary for such high qualities. Between these two, Apple Music has the better streaming capability. Although, Spotify has enough streaming quality for its tracks. But, Apple Music is capable of providing the highest streaming performance.

Easier to Use

In terms of user-friendly control, you need to consider their connection access and interface design. In this case, Spotify holds higher ground. Apple always has a little issue with connection for non-iOS devices. In that case, you need to go through different external connections and mediums to get access. Usually, it is not an issue, and anyone can do that. But, you need to consider while comparing with Spotify.

Spotify does not have any access issues. Moreover, it does not require any extra device compatibility. The difference is a bit higher for the interface. Even though Apple is always popular for its unique and creative design, Spotify has a much better interface. That makes Spotify a better-organized service than Apple Music. Surprisingly, it is one of the major reasons behind Spotify’s great market success and huge popularity. So, Spotify is easier to use than Apple Music.

Price is Mostly Same

In the case of Apple Music vs Spotify cost, they are pretty close. But, few differences are pretty visible. Spotify’s monthly charge starts from $9.99, which is similar to Apple Music’s monthly charge as well. Additionally, both of them have an eye-catching $4.99 monthly charge for student users. It is quite amazing for student users to save some bucks and enjoy them.

As expected, their family packages are pretty close. While Apple music charges $14.99 for 6 accounts, Spotify charges $15.99 for 6 accounts. There is only a $1 difference. In addition, Spotify has a mid-level subscription. It is the duo package that charges $12.99 for 2 accounts.

But, the real differences come from the starting point. Certainly, Apple Music has no free access option, and the minimum charge starts from $9.99. But, Spotify has free access that will not charge you anything. Although, you need to tolerate some ads. Except for the ads, it is totally free. This is the place where Apple Music is far behind Spotify. A large number of Spotify users are coming due to the free access facility.

So, if you consider the price value, Spotify is far ahead of Apple Music. Even though the package charges are similar, Spotify takes the upper hand because of the free subscription policy. But, if you want the highest value, then Apple Music is far ahead because of the Hi-Res quality and lossless streaming.


Content and Recommendations

Apple Music is quite popular for its unique collection. Besides, they have a huge impact on the artists. They regularly contact famous artists to provide the content for early release. It gets the service hot and trendy among the users. Apple Music is pretty known for its exotic contribution to the users.

Even more, they have all types of audio content, including a huge library. The library has more than 75 million audio collections. In that case, Spotify is not so far behind. They also have over 70 million collections. Besides, their content variation is pretty similar as well.

But, the scenario is pretty different for recommendations. Spotify is by far the best music streaming service for the recommendation. It is still a mystery how exactly its algorithm works! Spotify has the best recommendation service that is pure mind-blowing. You will get the most favorable things almost every time. Even though Apple Music has a great collection and latest recommendations, Spotify provides just the correct one you want. Even more, Spotify also recommends a list of the latest and trendy music. So, you get the overall difference.

User Interface and Navigation

In terms of Interface design, no music streaming service stands a chance against Spotify. It has the best and most amazing interface design. You may consider it a little weird because Apple is always on top when it comes to design. But, it is the other way around for music streaming.

Apple Music does have a beautiful UI design and is pretty clean. But, they have all the features in the down section. That feels like a lot of things together and messy. On the other hand, Spotify has everything neat and clean. There is nothing excessive or too many things. A user can easily sort out everything with a single glance.

If we talk about Navigation, then Apple music has a better standard than Spotify. Not only the search capability but also the overall connection. Apple Music has more features that allow you to enjoy it more than Spotify. Spotify just lacks a bit comparing how versatile and rich Apple Music is.

Although, Spotify is adding more features to navigate the users. So, the difference depends on your taste. If you want to enjoy the highest feature design, then Apple Music is perfect. If you want a clean and fresh interface with the simplest design, then Spotify is the better choice.

Sharing is Caring

Spotify has a better sharing mechanism compared to Apple music. While Apple Music sharing is limited, Spotify allows you to share any track directly on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and so on. You can share it as a story, recommendation, tag, or any way. It is just as simple as you can think.

Apple Music does have a sharing option, but their social media coverage is pretty limited. You can’t share them on any social media. If you don’t need a lot of sharing, then it is a simple fact. But, if you really want to share with a lot of people, then it is a big deal. In that case, Spotify is the clear winner.

Apple Music Has More Tracks

We mentioned multiple times that both Apple Music and Spotify have a huge music collection. While Spotify has more than 70 million tracks, Apple music has more than 75 million tracks. Even though their collection count is pretty close. Apple just has a little upper hand. Besides, Apple Music has a unique collection for early release.

Even more, Apple Music has a Ri-Res audio collection that is more than 20 million. In that case, Spotify is really out of comparison. It does not have any Ri-Res audio collection yet. So, it is safe to say Apple music has a higher track collection.

Spotify Has Podcasts

The podcast is one of the trendy audio media out there. More and more podcasts are getting into the business. There are a lot of podcast categories along with the new-gen collection. If you want to learn about podcasts, then follow our Exclusive Podcast review.

Even though Spotify has a lot of podcasts, Apple Music also has a great podcast collection. So, there is not much to compare. Although, you can consider Spotify as the better option for its easy access and user-friendly interface. But, it is just the choice. There is no major difference here.


Both Apple Music and Spotify are working to spread their availability. Usually, they are available on most platforms like pc, smartphones, Xbox, PS, etc. So, there is not much difference in their availability. Although, Apple music does not perform as efficiently as it does with Apple platforms. In that case, Spotify has a bit better performance on overall availability. But, you can use them anywhere on any platform. It will not be a problem, not even in the future.


Comparing the overall value between Spotify and Apple Music is a bit hard. First, you need to consider the subscription value. In that case, Spotify has the upper hand considering its free access. Even though most of their pricing matches each other, the free value makes Spotify the best option for a lot of users.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the best quality for money, then Apple Music has no competitor. You will get Hi-Res audio with lossless streaming. Not to mention a huge library with a large podcast collection. So, the value depends on your choice. If you want to enjoy it for free, then Spotify is the choice. If you want to enjoy value for money, then Apple Music is the better option.

Songs Quantity

Apple Music has the largest library, and that is more than 75 million for now. On the other hand, Spotify is pretty close with more than 70 million track collections. Although, Spotify does not have Hi-Res audio which is a bit let down. In that case, Apple Music has more than 20 million Hi-Res tracks.

Audio Quality

We discussed their audio quality a couple of times. Spotify just lacks a bit in this section. Even though its quality is pretty decent, you will not get a bit rate of more than 320 kbps. But, Apple Music has regular tracks along with Hi-Res media. So, it does have a better audio quality than Spotify.

Is Apple Music or Spotify Right for You?

There is no right or wrong choice while comparing Spotify and Apple Music. You should already get that Apple has better sound quality and more track collection. But, Spotify has a clean interface with a similar track collection. Even more, it has the best recommendation and free subscription.

This is one of the major reasons behind Spotify’s great success. So, make sure to understand what you need. If Hi-Res audio or lossless streaming is not important, then Spotify is the best one for you. Else, you have the alternative choice right in front.

Which One is Better? Apple Music or Spotify

Just as we said, if you want to enjoy the best audio quality with lossless streaming, then Apple Music is the best choice you can have. If you are a student, then it is even more important. Because both services have discounts for students, you can enjoy the monthly charge for half the price ($4.99). But, if you want to enjoy the lowest cost, then Spotify has no rival. It has free access with ads that let you enjoy all the tracks effortlessly. So, Spotify is the best option if you want to enjoy free service.

The Bottom Line

Users have been discussing Apple music vs Spotify for a long time. Even though there is a lot of information, it is still a bit hard to differentiate them properly. Apple Music has so many features that every user would love to try. Large library, high-quality audio, latest collection, podcast, and so on. All these things are even better with lossless streaming. On the other hand, Spotify comes with a clean and fresh interface.

Even more, it has the best recommendation out there. With a library of over 70 million tracks, it has free access. Just tolerate some ads, and the collection is yours to enjoy. There is no definitive winner between Spotify and Apple Music. Just follow our Spotify vs Apple Music review to learn about them and get into the one you like most.

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