Best Dash Cams For In 2021: Best Cameras for Your Car

While driving, many inconvenient situations may occur. Whatever happens, you need proof of the situation to deal with them later. There is no other way of doing that except having a dashcam. It records every moment of your driving that lets you know whatever is happening during a ride. It can be an accident, crime, robbery, or anything else.

Moreover, if you have insurance, then a dashcam is even more important. Without proof of the incident, you may not get the insurance deal! So, do you need a dashcam?

Let us introduce you to the best dash cams in the current market. We have a collection of different dash cams considering the features and price. Make sure to check the dashcam review to learn more about them.

What Is A Dash Cam?

So, what is a dash cam? In simple terms, a dash cam is a type of camera used to capture videos and images while driving. It is pretty similar to our regular cameras but with a little distinct factor.

Most cameras can’t take clear footage while moving. But, dash cams are made to capture precisely while driving, even in low light. Besides, a dash cam comes with sensors to track accidents or collision moments and capture them immediately.

How Does Dash Cam Work For You

There are many ways a dash cam can help you out. The major concern is an accident. While getting into an accident, it is hard to find out the real culprit. In most cases, the culprit refuses to take the blame. A dash cam captures the accident and helps you to clarify the situation.

Another important fact is insurance. Many scams trick insurance companies to get the money. So, the current rules are pretty strict. If you can’t prove your innocence, then it is unlikely to get insurance. So, a dash cam helps you to justify the reasons and your innocence over an incident.

Even more, a dash cam can also help you to deal with different crimes. If someone does illegal things while you can, then it will be recorded. Robbery, stealing, and other things are also part of it. Surprisingly, you can even use it to track your driver. So, these are the ways how a dash cam works for you.

  • Justify accident acquisition
  • Alerts before a collision
  • Helps to acquire insurance
  • Tracking crimes
  • Tracking driver

How To Pick The Best Dash Cam For You

Picking dash cams is not that easy. Then, how to choose the best dash cam? In that case, you need to consider quite a few things to select the best one. However, several factors determine how good it will be. First of all, the camera quality. It is the major thing that determines the footage quality. HD, 2K, 4K are the variants to go for.

Next, you need to consider sensors and connectivity. A good sensor ensures your driving safety and emergency recording. It helps you the most as a critical condition is what saves your day. As for connectivity, WiFi and Bluetooth are popular connections.

Later, you can pick up other factors like heating issues, built-in modes, charging, and more. Although, don’t forget to compare the price as it determines the worth of a purchase. Follow our review to make a comparison and select the suitable one.

Best Dash Cams In 2021 You Can Buy Now

We have given you the dash cam introduction and a few ideas to choose the best one. But, you need to know each feature and how they help you out. Every dash cam has something to offer.

But, the question is if they are worth the price. So, an overall comparison is the best way to select the best dash cams. We have mentioned some of the most popular dash cams considering their brand and market value.

Moreover, we have given each of their features, pros, and cons. You can easily figure out which will satisfy your needs perfectly. Let’s jump into the conversation right away.

Nextbase 622GW

If you want to go for an expensive dash cam with superior performance, this one suits your requirement. First of all, it has 4K 30 fps recording quality. If you are worried about low light recording, the HD recording can reach up to 120 fps. It will give you a better and clear image.

Moreover, It has a touch screen display. That is quite an amazing dash cam if you consider it. So, you can easily get top-quality images. This is the most important feature while getting a dash cam.

Even more, this one has Alexa as a built-in feature. That makes the device more user-friendly than regular dash cams. Surprisingly, its mounting system is pretty amazing as well. Thus, you can place the dash cam in a perfect position.

As for compatibility, you need smart app support to control it. Have a reminder that this one has a little flaw over the control. Even though there are many smooth features, it is a bit hard to control with the apps.

Comparing the price tag, the connection is not as good as it should be. But, the smart app control through data and WiFi lets you have an instant alert for any inconvenient situation. Overall, it is one of the best dash cams you should try. Let’s pick up the facilities it can offer.

Product Features:

  • Brand: Next Base
  • Model: 622GW
  • Screen Size: 3″
  • Capturing Resolution: 4K(30 fps), 1440(60 fps), 1080(120 fps)
  • Voice Control: Alexa
  • Bluetooth & WiFi: Yes


  • Clean capturing with 4K resolution
  • Multiple capturing resolutions
  • Easy to mount and complete setup
  • Wide touch screen display
  • Location tracking with what3words
  • Alexa voice for remote controlling
  • Weather mode to balance surrounding conditions
  • Slow-motion capturing to track a fast incident precisely
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity


  • Random freezing issues
  • App support is not that good
  • Some connectivity issue occurs
  • Pretty expensive

Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Usually, a 4K dash cam costs a lot. If you are looking for something affordable, an HD or 2K camera is a pretty good choice. Here, we have the Garmin Dash Cam that can capture up to 1440 resolutions.

Surprisingly, it costs almost half the price of our previous pick. As you can see, it is not only affordable but also quite amazing with some features. The touch screen is something to talk about. This is the same as our previous pick from Next Base.

Surprisingly, this dash cam does not have something super exclusive. But, all the build quality and performance are pretty balanced. That is the best part. It is so easy to mount and perform the necessary setup. The design is something you may like the most. But, there are several drawbacks as well.

You will get capturing quality, but the app support is lower than our previous pick. Besides, it also consumes more energy, so it gets quite hot after a certain period. But, it is still pretty good for the price. You can also look for our alternative picks.

Product Features:

  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model: 66W
  • Screen Size: 2″
  • Capturing Resolution: 1440(30 fps with HDR), 1080(60 fps)
  • Voice Control: Yes
  • HDR: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 180 degree


  • An affordable and cheaper option
  • Multiple alert setting
  • Full HD recording
  • Voice control available
  • Easy to mount and sync
  • HDR for precise capturing color
  • Amazing design and wide viewing angle
  • Auto-sync option for easier control


  • Connection issue is pretty common
  • Gets hot pretty often
  • Power consumption is high
  • App support is not that great

Thinkware Q800 PRO

You need to consider some feature reduction while going for a cheap dash cam. Even though they have great recording qualities, some other features are not as good as the expensive ones. As for this affordable dash cam from THINKWARE, it is really a great choice. There are few amazing features to talk about.

Its capturing quality is much better than most dash cams in this price range. While most capturing qualities are only HD, it has QHD. Besides, you can record up to 2k/1440p quality without any problem.

Because of the QHD, it captures as good as a 4K dash cam. Moreover, this one is quite affordable, just as our previous pick from the Garmin brand.

F800 Pro also has a great video enhancing feature for low light. That is the super night vision 2.0. It allows you to capture precise footage even in cloudy or dark weather.

Even though it has many alternatives, the extra addition is the tracking and safety guide while driving. It tracks through GPS and allows you to have a better driving experience. Overall, it is a decent choice but has cheaper alternatives.

Product Feature:

  • Brand: THINKWARE
  • Model: Q800 Pro
  • Screen Size: 2″
  • Capturing Resolution: 1440p, 1080p
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • QHD: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 140 degree


  • Exclusive QHD recording quality
  • The 2K recording quality is as good as a 4K variant
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Precise capturing performance even in low light
  • Easy location tracking and safety guide
  • Affordable and cheaper 2K dash cam
  • Cloud service for the best app experience


  • It has many cheaper alternatives
  • Screen size is only 2.”
  • Often misses recording

Vantrue X4

With all these expensive variants, it is hard to get something that is really worth the price. Most dash cams come with both exclusive advantages and few complicated issues. So, you have to select carefully.

As for this one, it is worth the price for every penny you pay for. It is even cheaper than our previous pick but comes with 4k capturing quality! This is indeed a rare offering.

Not only does this dash cam have full 4K support but also a wide viewing angle. This is something you will not expect in a dash cam under $200. Moreover, the screen size is 3″ and is perfectly suitable for 24-hour security backup.

On top of that, it has a low-light recording system, just like our previous picks. Certainly, there are some additional emergency recording systems. Even more, it has an 18 months warranty period. Overall, this is the best 4K dash cam considering the affordability.

Product Features:

  • Brand: Vantrue
  • Model: X4
  • Screen Size: 3″
  • Capturing Resolution: 4K, 1440p, 1080p
  • Storage Capacity: 256GB
  • G Sensor: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 160 degree
  • Warranty: 18 months


  • Affordable and premium quality
  • Full 4K capturing quality
  • Emergency recording collection
  • Loop recording to save space
  • Durable and moderate power consumption
  • G sensor for automated actions
  • Comes with warranty


  • No WiFi/GPS support
  • Recording breaks
  • Disconnection issue

Thinkware Sports M1

If you want something heavy metal, then cheap dash cams are not good enough. You need something exclusive. Here, we have the Thinkware Sports M1. Although, this one is not for the car or similar vehicles. It is only suitable for motorcycles.

As for the features, you will get HD front and rear capturing quality. Although, its strength is more into the build quality rather than capturing performance. This one is waterproof and enhanced with additional stabilization for the best captures.

On the other hand, it also has night vision for low light performance. As for the control, it can be used with WiFi app control through a smartphone.

Product Features:

  • Brand: Thinkware
  • Model: Sports M1
  • Capturing Resolution: 1080p
  • Storage Capacity: up to 64GB
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 140 degree
  • Warranty: 18 month


  • Dual-channel capturing mechanism
  • Durable for regular usage
  • App support and WiFi connectivity
  • Control pad for easy control
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with Super Night vision 2.0
  • Includes 32GB microSD card
  • Stable capturing output


  • Expensive
  • Only HD recording
  • The mounting system is not good enough

Kenwood DRV-A301W

If you are just happy with the minimum features, then this dash cam is a perfect choice. You may get it as low as $100. As expected, this one comes with HD recording. But, other features are pretty decent for the price.

You will get a 2.7″ display along with HDR. Not to mention, it has both WiFi connectivity and a G sensor for automated actions. This is quite amazing for such a cheap dash cam. Even more, it has both suction and tape mounts.

Product Features:

  • Brand: Kenwood
  • Model: DRV-A301W
  • Screen Size: 2.7″
  • Capturing Resolution: 1080p
  • Storage Capacity: 256GB (16GB included)
  • G Sensor: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 136 degree
  • Warranty: 12-months


  • The cheapest option on the list
  • Great features for the price
  • HD recording with HDR
  • Easy mounting
  • G Sensor available
  • Includes 16GB memory card
  • Supports Android and iOS app


  • No loop video setting
  • Random disconnection issue
  • Magnet mount may fail sometime

BlackVue DR900S-2CH

Now, we have quite an expensive one to introduce. Following the price, it comes with a lot of quality features to justify the cost. First of all, the recording quality is 4K UHD. It gives you a clear recording all the time.

Even more, it supports H.265 video encoding. That is the latest capturing quality you can ask for.

Moreover, it has GPS for location tracking. On top of that, there is impressive motion and impact detection to capture the exact moment of a collision. The cloud service makes it easier to control even more smoothly.

Considering such exotic recording qualities, it justifies the cost pretty well.

Product Features:

  • Brand: BlackVue
  • Model: DR900S-2CH
  • Capturing Resolution: UHD 4K
  • Storage: 16GB
  • G Sensor: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 162 degree
  • Video Encoding: H.265


  • High UHD 4K video quality
  • Clean and precise capturing performance
  • GPS Tracking for safety driving
  • Impact detection for precise event capturing
  • Latest H.265 video encoding
  • Dual-band WiFi for remote controlling
  • Includes 16GB memory card


  • Camera access requires watching an ad
  • Customer support is not great
  • Often, cloud connection disconnects

Mio  Mivue C330

We have another cheap dash cam for you to try. It is the Mio Mivue C330. As a cheap option, it has decent features to talk about. The 1080p recording feature is expected, but it also has a wide 150-degree viewing angle. Besides, its mounting system is pretty easy and quite impressive.

As for additional features, it has a night mode for low-light captures. Even more, there is GPS tracking for safe driving. You will also get additional driving support with a collision alert system. But, there is nothing extraordinary, this dash cam will cover only your regular need.

Product Features:

  • Brand: MIO MIVUE
  • Model: C330
  • Capturing Resolution: 1080p
  • GPS: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 150 degree
  • WiFi: Yes


  • Affordable and cheap price tag
  • Suitable for regular usage
  • Smartphone app support
  • Driving assistance
  • Low light-capturing support
  • Collision and emergency alert
  • Wide viewing angle


  • Mini USB power connection
  • Market availability is low
  • No screen

Viofo A129 Pro Duo

Sometimes, it is better to try an unknown brand to explore the quality. You may get something unexpected. Viofo A129 is one of those dash cams. It is a mid-range dash cam that comes with few premium features. The 4k recording is the first one.

Then, it has the sony IMX 291 sensor to take precise video and images at any time. Thus, its low light captures are also pretty good. Even though the screen is a little smaller, it is still a good choice for the budget value.

There is also the parking mode, loop recording, and emergency recording. With the safety features and additional necessary functions, this one is amazing. Although, if you don’t want 4k, then other alternatives would be better.

Product Features:

  • Brand: VIOFO
  • Model: A129 PRO DUO
  • Capturing Resolution: 4K
  • Storage: up to 256GB
  • Screen Size: 2″
  • Parking Mode: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 140 degree
  • Sensor: Sony IMX 209


  • 4K recording
  • Exclusive parking mode
  • Precise sensor for tracking
  • Collision alert and other notification systems
  • Loop and emergency recording for the best event capture
  • High heat resistance
  • Beautiful and professional design


  • Overheats when using 4K
  • Parking mode requires extra setup
  • Mounting and assembly are a little complex

Pioneer ND-DVR100

Pioneer is another mid-range dash cam that may cost a little lower than $200. Although, it does not come with anything extraordinary. The features are all only suitable for regular usages.

You get to enjoy basic features like HD recording, GPS tracking, and so on. As for mounting, the suction system makes it easier to set up. These are the only features you can get from this one. Although, its market availability is an issue.

Product Features:

  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Model: ND-DVR100
  • Capturing Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: 2″
  • G Sensor: Yes
  • Parking Mode: Yes
  • Memory Card: 8GB (included)


  • HD recording
  • G sensor allows 3 different modes
  • Both parking and driving modes are available
  • GPS tracking for safe driving experience
  • Includes memory card
  • Easy mounting


  • Price is higher comparing the price
  • Features are similar to other cheaper alternatives
  • The mounting design needs improvement

Next Base 522GW

Nextbase has a reputation for making some of the best dash cams in the market. The 522GW is one of the top dash cams for the mid-range price. Even though it does not have 4k recording, the 2k capturing quality is pretty good.

While the quality is good, other features are not bad either. You get a special filter to reduce glare. Besides, the screen is 3″ long as well. The most amazing part is that this dash cam has Alexa for remote control and emergency SOS response.

So, you are getting updated technologies to deal with different capturing performances.

Product Features:

  • Brand: Nextbase
  • Model: 522GW
  • Capturing Resolution: 1440p, 1080p
  • Screen Size: 3″
  • Viewing Angle: 140 degree
  • Voice Control: Alexa
  • Parking Mode: Yes
  • Memory Card: up to 128GB


  • Amazing capturing quality
  • Smooth video transition
  • Multiple modes like parking, emergency recording
  • Built-in Alexa for easy control
  • Easy to connect
  • Both WiFI and Bluetooth connectivity is available
  • Affordable and reasonable pricing
  • Touch screen display


  • No 4K
  • No memory card included
  • The setup system is old

Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Lastly, we have one of the most popular dash cams in the market. This mini Garmin dash cam is one of the cheapest and a great device for minimum usages.

You can get it for under $150 from Amazon. As expected, only HD (1080p) recording is available for this one. But, other features are pretty close to a much more expensive dash cam. The wide viewing angle, safety alert, and auto-sync are all available.

Moreover, having WiFi allows you to control the device precisely and remotely. Overall, it is one of the best dash cams under $200.

Product Features:

  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model: Mini
  • Capturing Resolution: 1080p
  • WiFi & Bluetooth: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 140 degree
  • Parking Mode: Yes


  • Cheap and affordable
  • HD recording
  • Precise capturing
  • Small and easy to set up
  • Wide viewing angle for such a small device
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and sharing


  • No memory card included
  • Only Adhesive mount
  • No GPS
  • Few heating issues

How Best Dash Cams are Tested 

The initial test process is used in practical scenarios. In most cases, the brands use the camera with an artificial accident scene. Doing this process multiple times allows us to understand how the mounting, emergency recording, and usual recording works.

Besides, it also helps to understand the overall performance through an entire test. Sometimes, the brand even goes through trial from users. It helps to get a practical user review from the potential customers.

Either way, the brands test them through an actual scenario. But, a customer may not get such a chance. So, you need to do a couple of test drives and check if the connection and footage are getting captured precisely.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Dash Cam That You Should Know

As we mentioned, the advantages of a dash cam remain in the vehicle’s safety. Although, it also ensures your safety and purchase value. Let’s have a look at the advantages you may get from using a dash cam.

  • Accident proof: It provides evidence and information about an accident and its cause.
  • Insurance Benefit: Most insurance companies offer a decent discount for using ds cams. The discount can reach up to 15% or even more.
  • Insurance Claim: An insurance claim requires proper evidence of the accident and proof that you are not responsible for it. So, dash cam footage helps to clarify the blame and claim the insurance.
  • Driving Safety: A dash cam’s sensor provides many collision and accident alerts. Moreover, it also helps to track the path forward and backward. Thus, a better driving experience is bound to happen.


We have mentioned some of the best dash cams you can look for. Depending on the price tags, they also have a lot of common and unique features. Before taking any of them, you need to compare those features to identify the best value. You can also select brand value as a couple of them came from reputed brands.

Besides, screen quality, sensor, mounting, app support, and other features are also in our review. You need a proper balance among them. As for the importance, we mentioned how a dash cam benefits you.

From all aspects, it is a safety measure for your vehicle and driving moment. So, have a dash cam today to grant your vehicle’s safety. Make sure to follow our review to learn everything you need regarding the best dash cams.

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