Best Desk Accessories in 2021: A Detailed Guide

Averagely, the working class spends most of their time at the office, mostly involving a table or desk. For most people, the amount of time they spend at work gets eight to eight and a half hours daily. You will realize that most institutions have a special desk that has been assigned to workers so that they can realize a sense of comfort. If you will be spending most of your time there, why shouldn’t you make that as comfortable as home? This is where desk accessories come in. they are meant to transform the common workstation into a space that you can find comfortable just for you. It, therefore, means that you can easily customize your workplace according to your liking. Whether it will be comfort or improving aesthetics, the best desk accessories will serve you right. Before you can think about desk accessories, there are some important factors that you will need to consider before proceeding to purchase. Have a look at these factors below:

What to Consider When Picking Best Desk Accessories

You need to consider important factors when picking out desk accessories, even though the choice narrows down to personal preferences. Generally, the best desk accessories will be those that benefit an individual’s working habits. If you are not so sure about your ideal option, think about whether the accessory aids with your focus, productivity, stress management, and comfort.


If cleaning out the clutter in your working space would help to increase your mood and productivity, a desk organizer will be ideal for you. Looking at some messy office will dampen your focus and severely affect your common workflow. There are still accessories that could increase your working comfort and lead to good results.


You will also want to consider accessories and gadgets that help in improving your working environment and improve versatility. Any stimulating workspace will decrease the stress that you have amid the tedious and anxious working sessions. This will be helpful for those occasions where being keen on your work alone will not eliminate your anxiety.


You need to ascertain that the desk accessory that you buy meets its intended purpose. If, for instance, you are buying it to organize and declutter your workspace, it should do exactly that. In this regard, it ought to have enough compartments to hold your essentials in an accessible manner.

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Our Best Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

If you work from home, you will require different tools to feel more like an office. It becomes very easy to lose focus at home, especially when you do not have the best working space. In short, your home office will look incomplete without the best desk accessories. The idea of having a personalized and decorated working space is going to put a smile on your face. This article will learn about these desk accessories and how they help you increase your productivity. Since there are so many desk accessories out there, you might easily get confused about buying. Above, we have listed some important tips to consider when choosing the best desk accessories. Below, we discuss among the best desk accessories in the market.

Desk Organizer

These are among the important desk accessories that you will want to get for your desk. Generally, desk organizers have several compartments that will hold the different and sundry things that might accumulate on the desk. As opposed to that, desk organizers help to keep your working space tidy and sorted out.

Desk Mat

This one is an excellent accessory for upgrading the desktop instantly. Other than adding a visual polish, they have functional benefits too. An ideal desk mat is going to protect the keyboard or laptop and the desk surface from getting scratched and wearing out. Additionally, desk mats make drawing or writing on paper smooth and enjoyable.

Keyboard Protector

This is an accessory that is placed on the laptop’s or computer’s keyboard to keep it clean all the time by preventing dust entry. The keyboard protector is washable and will diminish the noise that is associated with typing on the keys. You, however, need to insist on a protector that will be compatible with your keyboard.

Mouse Pad

This is among the cute desk accessories that you must have now that they help to increase your productivity. This is how it works, and you get better mouse speed, precision, and comfort when moving your pointer around. The other role that it plays is in preventing the desk from scratches due to continued mouse movement. Some mouse pads will as well offer wrist support and eliminate discomfort.

Laptop Stand

If you regularly use your laptop, the laptop stand is among the best accessories you need to possess. In most instances, laptop stands are often overlooked, but they are fundamental in improving your posture. They do so by holding the laptop at some ergonomic angle to prevent being hunched over.


Having a physical calendar with you is going to help in planning and scheduling your days significantly. You will remain focused and accountable for the upcoming tasks. Even though you can have one on your computer, a physical one is far much convenient in terms of accessibility without turning on the computer. If you need to save space, wall-mounted calendars will be good for you.

Noise Blocking Headphones

Background noise can either be mild or loud and just irritating. There are many background noises, including construction works in the neighborhood, loud conference calls, and others. In this case, the noise-blocking headphones will get you focused and productive throughout. Wireless headphones will reduce desk clutter and improve your mobility.

Portable Speaker

You might argue that you can still listen to music through the in-built speakers, maybe from your laptop. Some laptops have poor sound quality, where portable speakers come as a good alternative. The good thing about portable speakers is that they continue getting smaller, cheaper, and better quality.

Desk Lamp

This one is among the best desk accessories, especially if you will be working late at night. All the same, the lamp proves to be practical all the time. For most offices, desk lamps are mandatory. There are so many benefits of the LED desk lamps, particularly now that there are many lighting options. Additionally, they are energy-efficient and will never produce much heat.

Charger Stand for Electronics

You might find yourself struggling with several electronic devices and their chargers and cables. At the end of it, you end up with a cluttered desk. The best way to solve that is by having a stand on the desk that will hold these devices and tame the cords simultaneously. Keeping your devices upright is a good way of saving desk space.

Tape Dispenser

People might prefer using plastic tape dispensers since they come with tape. After you have experienced the quality tape dispensers, you will not like anything about the plastic ones. These are weighted dispensers that can be used with one hand. The cutting blade is frustration-free and will offer a very smooth cutting experience.

Quality Stapler

Most of the time, staplers seem so obvious that we forget to purchase them. However, you will have a very rough day when you need a stapler and you do not have one. These accessories are stylish and cute upgrades to the desk accessories. Quality staplers are always pretty and sturdy.

Pen & Pencil Holder

This one is among the utilitarian desk accessories that you can possess. They are not only fun to use but also give the desk some personality spark. Leave alone your favorite coffee mug, even though they can hold your pens and pencils. Just level up with some cute and conversational piece that will fit in the desk décor.

Letter & File Holders

In most cases, these accessories will store letters and the A4 –sized papers and folders. These file holders can come with several compartments or some bottom trays to fit in essential utensils. If space is of concern for your desk, wall-mounted file holders will be good in this case. All the same, these come with minimal space for other items.

Metal Scissors

Quality scissors are generally easy to use. Given that they are comfortable to use, they will cut much easier. Additionally, a good pair of scissors will last for a long time. Look for stainless steel blades and cast alloy handles. You also need to make sure that they are sharpened regularly.

Desk Power Outlet

This is also another important desk accessory that you need to have. It allows you to have convenient access to some power outlet on top of your desk. In this case, you will be able to charge the device that you have at hand easily and reduce clutter. There are different ways of setting up these power outlets. The most convenient way is the removable desk outlet. If you are looking for discretion, the in-built and pop-up outlets will be good for you. All the same, you must understand that they need a customized installation.

Photo Frames

This joins the list of the best desk accessories that also add classiness to your desk. You can think beyond the common family photos. When you extend your creativity, you will be able to share images through a digital photo frame. Alternatively, you can frame your landscapes from quotes that inspire you.

Stress Balls or Puzzles

If you are looking for gaming desk accessories, you got a good pick right here. Stress balls are fun, especially when you are waiting for a long conference call. Similarly, tactile games such as puzzles will refocus the mind away from your work and lower stress levels.

Notes Dispenser

Even though the sticky notes dispensers might not be that essential, they form cute desk accessories for the workspace. You need to pick a heavier style that will not easily get knocked down. This way, it will double as a paperweight as well.

Monitor Riser

Whenever your monitor is not at the right viewing angle, complications such as neck and shoulder strains might occur. Monitor risers allow you to position the monitor at an ergonomic and appropriate height that reduces strain and stress. Proper display height will put the monitor at eye level or slightly above it. This will be very important, especially when using the standing desks requiring to change from the standing to sitting position.

Cable Tray

For any desk setup, cable management remains essential. If your desk does not have a cable management option, you can always get yourself a cable tray. This helps you to organize the wires in the workspace. You get a space where you can place the power strip and keep your cords tied together. In this case, there will be no cables that will be left hanging behind the desk.

Water Bottle

If you did not know, drinking adequate water causes an energy boost. As opposed to reaching for a cup of coffee, ensure to have a water bottle always on the desk. Water bottles are safer for spills as opposed to having open glasses. Still on that, water bottles allow you to monitor your daily water intake. Given that the water bottle will spend the most time on top of your desk, make sure to go for stylish options. Avoid cheap plastic bottles since they can alter the taste and smell of your water.

Multi-Device Charging Option

Charging stations allow you to charge all the USB devices using one power outlet easily. The quality ones will come with 6 separate inlets for your different devices, which saves so much desk space. Always count the devices that need to get charged to guarantee that there are enough ports. It is equally important to note the cable type where the USB-C is the common type.

Mug Warmer

If you are among those individuals who like drinking warm beverages, this device will be good for you. Most people forget to drink their tea or coffee when it is warm as they wait for it to get cool a bit. A mug warmer will prevent the beverage from getting lukewarm. It helps to keep the drink at an ideal temperature. This way, it becomes an ideal desk accessory, especially for forgetful people.

Stress Ball

Stress balls have so many benefits other than helping with your concentration. For instance, they help to reduce stress by continuously repeating the squeezing and releasing pattern. This will relax the muscles and alleviate the pent-up tension. Additionally, they help with the rehabilitation and the strengthening of hand muscles after an injury.

Anti-fatigue Mat

These are the ideal standing desk accessories that you will get today. This mat will support your lumbar and pelvic areas. In turn, this relieves the back pain and improves the standing posture. They are also ideal for soothing foot pain by basically massaging and keeping you productive and energized as you stand.

Blue Light Glasses

Technically these are not desktop accessories. All the same, it is recommendable to have them if you spend long hours in front of the computer screen. Blue light glasses block all the UV lights and a portion of the blue light that reduces the eye strain. There lack many studies to prove the long-term effects of using these glasses, but they are just worth it.


Having plants in your office helps improve the décor, which can benefit your productivity and health. According to studies, having plants on sight on the desk could reduce stress and enhance your performance and well-being. They are also ideal as natural air filters. Plants similarly help in reducing the background noise since they can absorb or even reflect sounds.

Air Purifier

If you would wish to improve the quality of your workspace, air purifiers will serve you right. It is advisable to go for air purifiers that have a HEPA filter. Such will trap dust and allergen particles. This does not mean that it will solely solve the allergen pollution issue. Air filters should be used along with regular mopping and cleaning.

Cell Phone Stand

These are desktop accessories that prop up the phone on the desk. There are different types of phone stands for different purposes. However, the main intention is to free the hands while still allowing you to use the phone when need be. This way, you will be able to perform other tasks very conveniently.

The Bottom Line

Desk accessories are meant to improve your productivity other than making your home office as comfortable as you would like it to be. They might seem petty, but these accessories will prove to be very important for your workspace. If you are looking to eliminate clutter from the desk space, some accessories will serve you right. The good thing is that some are wall-mountable which goes a long way in saving space. disney desk accessories will be ideal for people who love gaming to refresh their minds while at work. We compiled the list above to save time that could be used to research the best desk accessories. Therefore, with the information in this piece, you should easily see what you need for your workspace.

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