Best Fleece Jacket for Women in 2022: A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Ideally, women feel that their wardrobes are incomplete without the best fleece jacket for women. It is known that nothing beats the fleece jacket as far as fashionable and warm outwear is concerned. These jackets feature modern materials that are also light in weight, not forgetting about their coziness. In this regard, these jackets help to balance the size-warmth ratio. You will find fleece jackets applicable among the occasions, including the early morning runs, nighttime walks around town, and other outdoor adventures.

The good thing about the jackets is that they never sacrifice style. If you are looking to buy a fleece jacket online but not sure about what to settle for, have a look at this review. It comprises arguably the best women’s fleece jackets in the market today. Before getting there, however, let us look at the tips you should consider when buying a women’s fleece jacket.

Things You Need to Consider to Pick Best Fleece Jacket

Fleece jackets are basically in their own league as far as comfort is concerned. The reason for that is that these jackets feature soft fabrics that will give you a warm hug during those cold days and nights. However, you need to note that fleece jackets are not the same. Therefore, this means that there are so many things that you must consider before spending your hard-earned money on these jackets. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best fleece jacket for women:


The difference between fleece jackets and all other outwear is generally the material used. Most people believe that fleece is sheep’s wool. Truth be told, modern and high-performance fleeces are made from polyester. This is not natural, but some synthetic material is generally derived from plastic. The polyester fibers will be woven into natural materials such as wool to bring that comfortable feeling. One unique feature about fleece is that it repels moisture, keeping you warm and dry amid those cold days.


You will want to consider this essential thing when choosing the best fleece jacket for women. The women’s models tend to be more tampered along the waist and flared close to the hips for a proper fit than men’s fleece jackets. This is in particular very important if you will be carrying some gear. The other thing to keep in mind will be the torso length. You will realize that some jackets come along with a short and sportier cut. Casual wearers might find these jackets failing to offer good coverage at times. This is the case when you are planning to carry a backpack.

Other features

There are other features that you will need to consider when making the purchase, including the hoods. It is you to decide whether you want a hooded or a hoodless fleece jacket. If you plan to go mountaineering, it is advisable to go for the hoodless options since they are very versatile. You also need to check the pockets when choosing these jackets. Other than keeping you warm, you will use pockets to store your personal stuff. Last but not least, check whether the jacket comes with adjustable hems. With these, it will be possible to get a customized fit from your fleece jacket.

12 Best Fleece Jacket Women’s in 2022

As we mentioned earlier, choosing the best fleece jacket for women is not that easy. The reason for that is that there is a wide range of choices in the market. Below, we unveil the leading fleece jackets for women where you will be able to select from.

Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece Jacket: Best Top Rated

This jacket is made of 100% fleece which is cuddly and soft according to customers. You will also appreciate that the jacket comes in 34 color options from which buyers can choose. Additionally, the jacket features a bottom drawstring allowing for a very secure fit during windy days. This is basically a simple and very comfortable coat with 2 pockets for your mobile phone and keys. With its collared neck, the jacket will make sure that you combat cold in a stylish manner.


  • This jacket is soft and cozy
  • It is a convenient cold-weather jacket
  • Features an adjustable hemline for a good fit
  • The jacket is easy to clean
  • Comes with elastic cuffs


  • Fades after repeated washes

Thread & Supply Wubby Zip Jacket: Best Budget Buy

We agree that good fleece jackets are costly. All the same, you do not need to break your budget to acquire the best fleece jacket. Getting this fleece jacket is going to save you so much money owing to its budget-friendly price. Even better, it arrives in 4 different color options that you can choose from depending on your taste. The jacket has been described as warm and cozy with a perfect fit. Its sleeve ends have ribbed cuffs that will help in keeping the wind out. With its zippered design, it will zip up nicely to shield you from the cold.


  • The jacket is soft, warm, and cozy
  • Arrives at a budget-friendly price
  • It comes in 4 versatile color options
  • Features a zippered design and secure fit


  • None for now

Best Sherpa Option: Zesica Women’s Sherpa Jacket

If you are looking for a super plush, this pullover from Zesica will be your ideal choice. It comes in a range of six soft colors that buyers get to choose from. Most customers applaud this jacket for its comfort and warmth. Besides being soft and comfortable, you will appreciate that jacket is cute and offers just the right fit. The brushed fleece on its interior part is just comfortable for you.


  • It comes in several size and color options
  • Serves as an excellent casual and official wear
  • Ideal for different seasons of the year
  • Features a zippered neck and a straight hem


  • The inside seams can be itchy

Best Fitted Option: Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T Fleece Pullover

If you are thinking about the best fleece jacket for women, Patagonia is one brand that should cross your mind. This jacket delivers an impressive warmth as well as comfort while at the same time keeping you stylish. The reason for that is that this jacket has been made using quality materials that will also stand the test of time. You will also appreciate that the jacket comes with a kangaroo pocket that makes it extra comfortable. Just like other quality jackets, this one also arrives in different color options. Even better, it offers a perfect fit.


  • Warm and comfortable
  • Comes with handwarmer pockets to keep you toasty
  • Made in a soft and breathable design
  • Light in weight and very stylish


  • Minimal breathability during the intense activities

Softest Option: Columbia Women’s Fire Side II Sherpa Full Zip

This Columbia jacket prides itself on the fact that it offers optimal coziness. The reason for that is that it has extra plush and high-pile fleece. Shoppers have said that the jacket is hot and offers impressive resistance to the wind chills. It actually attracts other people’s attention on how soft it feels. Cleaning this jacket is also very easy because it is machine washable. Arriving at different color options, you will have the privilege to choose your favorite color.


  • The jacket is warm and cozy
  • Made of 100% polyester material
  • Features a posh collar for comfort
  • Extra-plush Sherpa pile


  • Not ideal for Petites

Most Sustainable: Girlfriend Collective Full-Zip Fleece

Like the leggings from this brand, this is a full-zip fleece jacket made using recycled water bottles. It comes in three color options, not forgetting that it has a very long fit that will guarantee maximum coziness. This jacket comes with quality pockets that you can use for your essentials and keeping your hands warm. Since the pockets have zippers, you do not stand the risk of losing your stuff.


  • This is a warm and cozy fleece jacket
  • It comes in three color options
  • Features zippered pockets for the security of your stuff
  • It offers a perfect fit


  • The jacket is a bit pricey

Best Hooded Option: AE Sherpa Zip-Up Hoodie

This jacket is intended for those people who would want to wear their fleece jacket at home. It is good when getting cozy watching Netflix or generally carrying out different tasks. It has an oversized fit and a hood which are details that make the home uniform better. This zip-up is very soft and comfortable, not forgetting about its surprising warmth. Even though it looks like a blanket, it is definitely adorable.


  • It is very soothing to wear
  • A good at-home uniform
  • Soft, warm, and comfortable
  • It keeps you stylish whenever you wear it


  • You may not like its oversized fitFleece Jacket for Women

Best Trendy Option: Alo Yoga Foxy Sherpa Jacket

Besides having variations in colors and fits, most fleece jackets have a fairly classic design as far as style is concerned. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will stand out from the competitors, Alo Yoga is the go-to pick. Among the features that make it unique is that the hood is easily removable. It also prides itself on an extra-wide waistband that will give the jacket a puffer appeal. It generally feels like you are wearing a cloud owing to the warmth it provides. You will just love wearing this jacket.


  • It has a classic style that makes it stand out
  • Versatile, stylish, and comfortable
  • It has an extra-wide waistband
  • Offers you the right warmth


  • Too expensive

Best Sweatshirt Option: Outdoor Voices MegaFleece Sweatshirt

If you like a zipper-free fleece jacket that will also give you the warmth and cuddly feeling you want, this is the best. This sweatshirt is very well insulated, just like the conventional fleece jackets. The only difference is that it is much easier to wear. It also prides itself on 63% recycled materials, making you feel comfortable about your contribution to environmental saving. Generally, the sweatshirt is cozy, warm, and very soft.


  • It has a zipper-free design
  • This jacket is made from recycled materials
  • Stylish and easy to wear
  • It is comfortable, warm, and soft


  • You might find it too heavy

Doublju Women’s Fleece Jacket

This comfortable winter fleece jacket features premium polyester fabric that makes it a versatile choice for most women. A jacket is a convenient option when jogging, running, and other sports. It is a long-sleeved jacket that serves as a perfect addition to your closet since you can just wear it anytime. The jacket gives room and allows for easy layering during cold days. Arriving in different sizes and colors, you will be able to choose your ideal pick.


  • It has a stylish design
  • High collar for proper neck protection
  • Light in weight and comfortable to wear
  • It is machine washable


  • Poor quality zipper
  • The stitching is not that durable

Champion Women’s Full-Zip Jacket

This is yet another fleece jacket for women that you can consider adding to your wardrobe. It has been made of 100% polyester that explains the reason why it is very comfortable. The jacket also features a zippered closure and a 2-ply collar with a contrasting color lining. Like other women’s jackets, this one comes in different color options for you to choose from. With this jacket, you will have excellent warmth without feeling overburdened. In this regard, you can comfortably wear it on casual days or even cold days to keep you cozy.


  • Ideal for all seasons
  • This jacket is warm and durable
  • Comes along with side pockets
  • It serves as a great gift idea


  • The pockets lack a zipper

Starter Women’s Polar Fleece Pullover

With this fleece pullover, you will remain very comfortable now that it has been made of 100% polyester materials. You will also appreciate that the fleece pullover comes with a stand-up collar and a snap neck closure. The other good feature that you will appreciate about this fleece jacket is that it has been designed to offer a reasonable and natural fit. Additionally, the jacket features a unique fabric meant to keep you very warm amid the coldest days.


  • It is soft and light in weight
  • Comes with comfortable hand pockets
  • It is machine washable


  • Sizing issues

Women wear a Fleece Jacket

The Advantages of Fleece Jacket

Dries Quickly

Owing to the origin of the material, fleece will quickly shed moisture. While other materials, including cotton and wool, take too long to dry, fleece takes the day. Its microfiber sheds away water quickly, meaning that you can wear the jacket the same day after washing. Therefore, if you reside in areas with varying weather and temperature, fleece will be good for you.

Easy to Clean

As opposed to the classic winter sweaters and jackets, fleece remains very easy to clean. Its lightweight design and microfibers make it very easy to clean than any other material. Owing to its quick-drying and its water-resistant qualities, fleece becomes the best pick during the cold winters. Low maintenance wear like the girls’ fleece jacket will give you convenient and straightforward wintertime.

Highly Comfortable

Fleece is hot and light in weight, making them a good wearing option. The knitting is also specialized to deliver good warmth. As opposed to other winter wear materials, wearing these fleece jackets will never feel stuffy or heavy. The good thing about these jackets is that they never compromise style or mobility.


From the description of fleece, it is essentially some human-made synthetic material. Other than being very stylish, it is cost-effective as well. Compared to other materials like fur and wool, this one is straightforward to maintain and repair when need be. It, therefore, means that fleece has low maintenance and is highly approachable. You will therefore keep warm and cozy with fleece jackets without digging holes in your pockets.

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The Disadvantages of Fleece Jacket

Lousy odor- Owing to its hydrophobic nature, fleece tends to resist soap and detergents instead of bacteria. For this reason, it becomes prone to foul odors.

Prone to pilling- Fleece also tends to pill over time, particularly after washing it. This is the process through which fibers clump into some small “pills.” What this does is reduce the jacket’s insulating properties and make it look shabby with time.

Attracts too much dust- Fleece generates high amounts of static electricity that attracts dust, pet hair, and lint. When not treated chemically, you will learn that it melts at low temperatures.

The Bottom Line 

A comfortable fleece jacket for women remains necessary in every woman’s wardrobe. These jackets are generally designed to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. They make good outwear when camping, running, hiking, or whenever you are indulging yourself in any outdoor adventure. You, however, need to note that not all fleece jackets are made the same way. With such a high number of choices today, it becomes hard to make the right choice. These jackets arrive in different colors, a different fleece patterns, and have varying features. With that in mind, we made the compilation above for our readers. It should help you to quickly choose the best fleece jacket for women in the flooded market. We also highlighted the tips you should consider when making your buying decision. With all that information, therefore, it should be easy getting your ideal pick.

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