Best Indoor Cardio Workout at Home: A Beginner Guide

It’s time to get your heart rate up with the best indoor cardio workouts. Some exercises such as cycling, walking, and swimming are recommendable. Besides, some household chores play a considerable role; for instance, mopping and vacuuming qualify as cardio. Part of cardio workouts that distinguish it from other kinds of exercise like strength training entirely relies on how your body takes in oxygen during a workout session.

Although, there are other factors such as age and weight that an individual’s cardio capacity is based on. Remember that whatever exercise you do, make sure to keep it simple. If you are a beginner looking to be an avid gymnast, you should kickstart from somewhere and make it a routine every day.

For instance, take a 5-minute walk every day at the same time and mark it on your calendar. If you keep practicing, the easier it becomes. Gradually, your body will get used to it.

What is Indoor Cardio Workout?

Indoor Cardio Workout

An indoor cardio workout is an exercise you do without using any gym equipment or going to the gym. A cardio exercise, sometimes known as aerobic exercise, is a rhythmic activity that increases your heart rate into the target heart rate zone. You burn calories and fats and make the blood pump even faster. It lets in more oxygen in the body to keep the lungs and heart-healthy.

Cardio Exercise in Your Home Quarantine

Since the pandemic, a new concept of working out evolved after everyone was forced to stay at home and work remotely to reduce the spread of the virus. Every person needs to stay at home, but working out keeps you healthy and going in life.

Fortunately, there are various cardio workouts at home that you perform while in the comfort of your house without any equipment required. For instance, jump ropes, jogging in place, squats, plank exercises, and many others the article shall discuss here.

Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss

Cardio exercise is the best routine to add to your daily regimen. It is a great way to help you burn the most calories and fats; besides, it keeps you healthier. Although this page will discuss some of the workouts that will effectively help in weight reduction, you should combine cardio with strength training to increase the rate at which you lose weight.

How to Choose A Cardio Workout Before Doing

Know Your Goals

What do you want to achieve during the workouts? Is it to increase your heart rate? Or shed off some significant weight? For beginner’s cardio workouts, your long-term or short-term goals influence the cardio choices that you make. It requires someone to exercise at a steady pace. However, that alone is not enough to make some pounds fly off the scale.

Schedule the Workouts

Like you schedule meetings and appointments, it’s best if you place your workouts on the calendar. Treat this like something you are looking forward to and afraid of missing. It keeps you on your toes all the time rather than just exercising randomly.

Choose the Activities You Love

You should figure out the type of fun activities you would enjoy doing. The right choice of cardio workout that suits your personality and lifestyle makes you stick with it long-term.

19 Best Indoor Cardio Workouts to Do At-Home

Did you know that you can easily incorporate cardio workouts at home since you need minimal to no equipment? They will play a massive part in getting your heart rate moving, weight loss, and being healthier in general. Let’s delve extensively into some of the best indoor cardio workouts:

1. Burpees

Burpees is an intense cardio exercise that burns over 100 calories in 10 minutes, only if you can handle the 10 minutes of the activity. What you do is squat to your floor, jump your feet to a plank position, jump back in, and stand up.

Though most people dislike burpees, they are among the best and most effective exercises for cardio. These exercises keep your oxygen and blood flowing in the body. They primarily target those muscles on your chest, arms, back, legs, core, and glutes. As a cardio workout, if combined with strength training, you could lose more weight.

2. Kettlebell Swings

You get to build your strength and power with this exercise that involves moving your kettlebell in a pendulum motion. The swing movements are performed either one or two-handed, from between your knees to the eye level to entirely above the head. However, with this killer workout, you can do long sets to make your heart pump as well. If you want to focus more on power, you should not deal with huge volumes; instead, grab a lighter bell.

3. Ball Slams

Ultimately, slams focus on power. Essentially, you hold a weighted ball fully overhead and throw it to the ground with a lot of energy; it’s also a great stress reliever. You could include the ball slams to circuits that involve other moves to work up a sweat, but you shouldn’t rush through the reps in the hunger to make the most out of these moves; you might break down. Take it slow!

4. Battle Ropes

If appropriately used, battles are an essential exercise tool if you are looking to gain muscles, lose weight, tone your existing strengths, or train endurance and imbalances. This exercise is a torcher, so you can do alternative sets of slams, waves, and some iterations to keep the workout fresh.

5. Jump Rope

Jumping rope can burn around 220 calories in 20 minutes. It is a high impact that needs a lot of practice and a classic cardiovascular exercise that most people recall from their childhood. This potent tool is not only fun to practice but brings nostalgia and keeps you on track quickly. You can set the number of jumps and alternate how you want to move the rope to make it more fun for better results. While at it, turn on some rhythmic music to enjoy more. According to some studies, jumping rope is better than running.

6. Dumbbell Thruster

With dumbbell thrusters, compound workouts with weights become easy to keep your heart rate moving without the need to run. All you do is string several reps together, and your heart starts racing as you breathe heavily.

7. Rowing Machine Workouts

Rowing Machine Workouts

Back in the days when these machines hit the market, various avid exercisers overlooked them; now, rowing machines are the cornerstone of every gym. They tend to offer an exercise that challenges the upper body, cardiovascular system, and legs. It provides a full-body workout.

8. Airdyne Machine Workouts

Airdyne Machine Workouts

Anyone who owns this machine should take full advantage of it. It helps you work the hamstrings, quads, and glutes with more strenuous resistance as you pump your arms to boost the entire cardio conditioning.

9. Barbell Complexes

Barbell complexes are suitable for people who are not interested in any cardio equipment. Though, keep in mind that the workout is a killer. It’s a series of motions that are performed back-to-back using a barbell. Here, you have to complete every set of reps before moving to the next one.

10. Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight Workouts

David Jack, Men’s Health training advisor, says that bodyweight circuits help increase the heart rate and help you achieve a full-body workout. It’s a great workout whose intensity is modified to match your fitness level.

Though you have any lower or upper body joint problems, it would be best to switch up some of the exercises with ones with lower impact. For instance, individuals with knee problems should do shadow boxing instead of burpees.

11. Versaclimber Workouts

Versaclimber Workouts

Most people don’t know how it feels like to climb the mountain since they don’t have one at their disposal. In this case, you should hop on a versa climber and begin climbing.

It’s equipment with pedals and handles that uses all your four limbs during workouts. The Versa Climber involves your entire body in a cross-crawl motion since when the right arm climbs, so is the left leg and vice versa. It’s popular because it gives a sweat-slogging cardiovascular workout. Also, it challenges the lower and upper body muscles.

12. Boxing Workouts

Boxing Workouts

Shot of a young woman sparring with a boxing partner at the gym

Cardio boxing is a scalable, intense workout that gives full-body benefits. Its moves will condition your whole body, provide an entire exercise for the cardiovascular system and increase your speed, stamina, coordination, and strength.

This kind of workout is fit for people seeking to relieve stress after a long day. An athlete looking for CrossFit training, conditioning, and cardio boxing is an enjoyable, versatile workout. The best part is that you can adjust its intensity, therefore, making it appropriate for any fitness level.

13. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is one of the popular workouts used to train U.S military soldiers. It boasts its full-body benefits. For jumping jacks, you have to move your body in a certain way to build muscle, get the heart rate ticking, and gain the agility to play sports. Its movements are outside your body’s basic motion, thus stimulating the body and brain to move quickly and be more active simultaneously.

14. Jog in Place

It turns out; this exercise is an effective best indoor cardio workout to burn calories. It’s a convenient, simple, and excellent alternative to using a treadmill or when the weather is not favorable. With jogging in place, you make the heart stronger and increase the lung capacity during oxygen circulation, among other benefits.

15. Mountain Climbers

In this workout, you move your knees in and out while you are in a push-up position. While at it, you tend to increase your heart rate and build endurance and strength. You don’t require any special skills to perform it, though you need to be extra cautious not to tax your shoulders, arms, core, or wrists.

16. Bear Crawl Push-Ups

This kind of push-up requires you to squat to the ground as you walk your hand to do push-ups, walking them back, and finally standing up like a bear. Also, it helps with heart rate, endurance, and building your strength. It gives you a high-intensity workout, a callous move that makes the intensity accumulate very fast. You work your shoulders, arms, core muscles, and glutes and end up seeing the tangible results in muscle gain and weight loss journey.

17. Staircase

You can use the staircase in your house or apartments for strength and cardio training. Walking up and down using the steps is fantastic cardio and other varieties of exercises. However, ensure the handrails are available for safety measures. Some people might dislike using the stairs, but it offers the most practical cardio workout. It not only targets your leg muscles but also gets your oxygen and blood flowing.

18. Run, Walk, Play

These are great outdoor activities that could offer the best cardio exercises. The fresh air outside is fun and motivates you to keep working out. You only need decent shoes, sunscreen, and sunglasses as you watch out for bikers, distracted drivers, and pets on the road.

19. Power Plank

The power plank variation requires you to engage all your legs, arms, and core. Besides, rebalancing and jumping oneself now and then increases the amount of workout in which your whole body has to do it.

30 Minutes Indoor Cardio Workout for Beginner

For newbies, there are a few workouts to help you to kickstart. They include:

  • Cardio for Absolute Beginners: You can use any equipment that makes you feel comfortable for this exercise.
  • Elliptical Workout for Beginners: You get to build your strength with low impact; it becomes easier on the joints.
  • Stationary Bike Workout for Beginners: It’s a 10-minute cardio workout without any impact.

Another choice for starters is to do a 30-minute cardio workout by brisk walking with moderate intensity.

The Possible Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Though most people use the best indoor cardio workout to lose weight, cardio is more beneficial than just that. From a more extraordinary sex life to less pain, cardio fitness will do the most for you. However, it has other short activities that offer mental and physical health benefits.

Other Pros of Cardio Workout Include

Weight Loss

Cardio is the best workout that burns a lot of calories and fats. However, it’s advisable to combine regular activities with a healthy nutritional diet plan for this to be achieved. With that, you become less likely to suffer diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes since it becomes easier for your body to circulate blood. On the other hand, note that more physical workouts and fewer sitting periods assist you in maintaining a desirable healthy weight. You get to burn a lot of calories when you are more active.

Sleep Quality

The cardio exercise starts from moderate, and as you continue, the intensity gets more vigorous. Engaging your whole body in such a workout tends to improve the quality of your sleep. Therefore, by adding cardio to your daily routine, you are sure to feel tired later in the day, right before bed. In return, it makes it easier to fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

Boosts Your Sex Life

The majority of the best indoor cardio workouts help your sex functionality. These physical activities will potentially increase your ability to get aroused, treat sex-related dysfunction, and improve your body image. For example, it lowers the chances of suffering erectile dysfunction in males while enhancing arousal in females.

Bone Density

Cardiovascular exercises such as climbing stairs, hiking, and running are responsible for making your bones denser when you do weight-bearing cardio workouts.

Lowers Stress

Cardio promotes a good feeling after the exercise. It reduces depression, stress, and anxiety, thus enhancing the ability to deal with issues better.

It Makes Your Skin Glow

A skin that is smooth and in a better state uplifts one’s confidence. You tend to have self-esteem in how you feel and look. It is as a result of increased blood circulation that gives a healthier, more transparent skin tone. More benefits go deeper than just the skin.

Joint and Brain Health

Cardio exercise will benefit both your joint and brain health. A study claimed that despite your age, physical activity reduces the risks of dementia. Increases oxygen supply.

Working out your muscles with the best indoor cardio workout increases the oxygen supply in your heart. Over time, regular exercise makes the strength adapt, thus making workout activities easier.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to put words into action with these best indoor cardio workouts. By now, you should be grabbing your workout clothes and throwing on some sneakers to boost the immune system and improve cardiorespiratory fitness. Besides, you get a chance to live a little longer.

However, don’t just jump into the cardio workouts without consulting your specialists. Some exercises are intense and could even make things worse in case you have any existing conditions.

Before beginning, this or any other exercise program, talk to your doctor. A doctor will be in a position to advise on the exercises that are safe for you. If the doctor tells you to tone down, take the advice and perform the ones with less intensity, duration, or frequency.

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