Best Music Podcasts to Listen: Recommended List and Comparison

It will not be a mistake to say this decade is the golden period of Podcasts. Podcasts came to us only a few years back. But, it has become one of the most popular entertainment media out there. Now, there are millions of podcasts for us to enjoy. So, it is a bit hard to explore all those huge podcast libraries. You may miss something that will pick your interest. Thus, we are going to mention some of the best music podcasts. Just try them and find out if it is the best music you are looking for. It can be sad music, romantic, cultural, folk, hip hop, or anything else. You have a lot of options to try. Let’s jump into our popular podcast list.

About Music Podcasts

We have mentioned a few things about Music Podcast. But let’s learn a bit more about the podcast itself. You may know that Podcasts are targeted audio. It is not like regular tracks. Usually, a podcast is a series of tracks. It can be any topic like discussion, research, debate, music, motivation, personal thoughts, news, etc.

As for music podcasts, they are musical tracks. It can be a series of music from the same artist or genre. Music podcast is one of the most popular podcast genres. Most people love to listen to a particular music type like rock, hip hop, folk, romantic, emotional, etc. So, a series of music from the same category helps someone find a favorite tracks collection. Besides, all the publishers work hard to get you the most favorable and demanding music.

As a reminder, music podcasts are not only about songs. There are music history, industry, mysterious stories, success or failure stories, celebrity talk, album releases, in-depth meaning, etc. Anything that relates to music is part of music podcasts. So, you will get a lot of podcasts that are not about streaming music. The focus is on highlighting behind the scenes of music or anything that relates to it. Let’s find out what you can get from our collection.

Song Exploder

If you love listening to a track and stories at the same time, then try this one is. Yes, our first music podcast is the Song Exploder. Many people make a mistake thinking the name is Song Explorer. But, it is Exploder. As the name says, they are exploding tons of music collections with in-depth research. This unique podcast is not only about the song but also its origin. Along with the song, the artist describes how they made it and what it means.

They help you to understand a song and break down each meaning. It is an amazing experience listening to the stories behind a song while running it in the background. No doubt that this is a mind-blowing podcast to try. There are famous names on their guest list. So, not only will you learn about unknown talented artists but also popular faces. Many users even say that this is a platform special for DIY musicians.

Rolling Stone: Music Now

Rather than listening to music, if you want to learn about the current music world, Rolling Stone will be your top choice. In simple terms, it is a music journalism podcast. Her, you will get all types of music news. It can be trendy music, music industry, top artists, latest album, celebrity life, music discussion, success stories, and more.


Dissect is pretty similar to our previous recommendation, Song Exploder. It also explains a series of songs in each season. Their primary selection has a lot of songs from popular artists. You may try this one to find out which podcast has a better explanation that suits your explanation.

Lost Notes

While many podcasts focus on the latest stories, Lost Notes aims to discover the major untold music histories. Just as their name says, they try to find out the biggest musical stories that we forgot over time. Besides, Lost Notes describe the stories with their background, decisive factors, and everything that truly highlights the event. Till now, there have been three seasons and more to come. You will be surprised to see how many mysterious and unknown musical events are there!

Louder Than a Riot

This music podcast is a bit different than regular ones. You can consider it as a crime journal related to different musical sectors. They highlight many types of historical events regarding their criminal justification. Conspiracy, abuse, doubtful event, or anything similar to a music event are part of their selection. You may get to know so many unsolved or historical mysteries in every season.

New York Times Popcast

This podcast channel does not work with a single or a few music topics. It highlights huge sets of music topics. Each of their episodes is full of so many in-depth critics and discussions. Moreover, you may meet many famous names as they invite a guest in each episode. It helps to make the topic even more interesting and right on point. You may try it to learn a lot of things that go on with the music world.

Switched on Pop

If you are a die-hard pop song lover, this music podcast is just where you must be. To them, pop music is like a source of knowledge and research material. They thoroughly intersect a pop song and its influential parts. Besides listening to a pop song, you will understand what makes it so great and why. This podcast may turn you into a pop song nerd! It gets our high recommendation for you to try.

Questlove Supreme

If you are a big fan of musical icons, then Questlove will be your regular podcast partner. Do you want to learn their thoughts, ambition, progress, plans, and motivations? It is a unique podcast that interviews popular people in the music industry. Moreover, those interviews are quite different and fascinating than regular boring talks. Thus, you may have a great time listening to those fun talks with your favorite musical person.

Slow Burn Season 3: Biggie and Tupac

This podcast is pretty similar to a couple of our previous picks. It is an investigating channel that discusses suspicious events, crimes, scandals, or any controversial events. In most cases, they talk about the latest topics. So, you will learn a lot of unknown and questionable situations around the world.

Broken Record

Broken Record is an interview podcast that interviews so many popular faces. You may even get a few favorite faces as well. It has a lot of potential as Rick Rubin, Bruce Headlam, and Malcolm Gladwell are in charge. Certainly, this podcast has reached quite a new height within a short period.

Sound Opinions

Certainly, this is one of the best music podcasts out there. We have already mentioned quite a few talk show podcasts. But, this one has a large collection of more than 800 episodes! You may spend a couple of months with them. Besides, if you are a fan of something rock and roll, then it will be perfect. You may know Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis. They are famous for their criticism and analysis of rock music. Both of them host the show and deliver their utmost thoughts on different topics.

Besides, it is pretty interesting from different aspects. Unlike regular talk shows, questions, topic selection, guest invitation, and everything is just what a rock and roll music lover wants. Even more, you will learn a lot of things with such a large music library. This is a podcast channel you need to keep an eye on.


Now, this is a hip-hop podcast many music lovers are looking for. If you love hip-hop music, then it is the perfect one to listen to. But, you will not get a hip-hop music playlist. Usually, they highlight hip-hop history and many critical events. You will learn so much about hip-hop music and its origin in evolution. They have guest analysts like Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, and more. Even though their very first analysis, Combat Jack, passed away, the show is going pretty well.

Afropop Worldwide

Afropop is not just a music podcast; and it is a channel to promote amazing music their background stories. Not to mention, they also promote talented artists and their rising stories. The surprising part is that it is a non-profit brand and collects stories from all over the world. In return, they promote those interesting stories and music on a regular basis. Besides, the most important is the audio quality. It is smooth, and the tone is favorable. Surely, that will not make anyone bored.

Overall, this helps both the artist and the organization. It equally promotes the collection to all the awaiting audience like us. Moreover, you can enjoy music from all over the world. Unknown music and artists, their struggling success stories, meaningful contribution to the music world, and so on. There are a lot of things that you will get from such a podcast.

Name 3 Songs

This music podcast talks about some hot topics like fangirls and their influence. Their discussion contains many factors regarding music sexism. Sometimes this idealization may affect someone’s personal and social life. Moreover, such things also influence the whole music industry. This music podcast channel describes those controversial topics with real and logical thoughts. Here, you may learn a lot of commercial music strategies. So, keep an eye on this channel.

The Ringer Music Show

Many talk shows and live musical events are there to talk about the current music world. But, Ringer Music Show does the thing uniquely. Charles Holmes, with his critic and Grace Spelman, with the mind-blowing comedy, take the music talk into a whole new dimension. Rather than music discussion, it is more like a war between two friends. Such interesting music talk will surely be worth your podcast time.

Moreover, they always find a new point to take into a deep discussion. This is something you want from each in-depth discussion. There, you can throw all the thoughts on the table.

Hit Parade

Hit Parade lets you enjoy the flow of musical history. But, it is not like you have to hear so much history talk. They bring you back all the songs from our previous generations. It is hard to imagine how those old songs were. After all, we are so used to hearing all the music, beats with each song. Hit Parade offers us a parade through old popular songs.

Dad Bod Rap Pod

Dad Bod Rap Pod is pretty similar to our previous Hit Parade podcast. It takes hip hop to a whole new level with a bit of its discussion. It is the place if you love hip hop and want to join in a friendly talk over different topics. They have a bunch of experienced and amazing guests to live up to your time. Moreover, their discussion is not limited to any bound. You may get a lot of interviews, journal talks, and similar things.

Couch Wisdom

Probably, Couch Wisdom is the best music podcast in terms of learning the musical industry. Not only do you learn about those favorite songs but also their artists. Even more, you will learn everything an artist and music industry go through. Success, failure, management, promotion, support, and every single thing that relates to music are part of their discussion. Certainly, this is the best music learning podcast you can ask for. With their thorough interview with popular studios, you will get a close experience of the musical world. That is what makes this podcast one of the most favorite music podcasts out there.

Song vs. Song

Just as the name says, it is a podcast that debates are comparing two songs. Usually, this type of discussion gets pretty hot. Besides, not many people can take criticism of their favorite song. Although, this is pretty interesting. Because a lot of comparing points came into play, if you are not so sensitive over criticism, then it is one of the best podcasts to enjoy. Let others go through all the critics, and you can just enjoy the talking.


Apple vs. Spotify: Which One Has the Better Podcast Strategy?

Apple Music vs. Spotify is the most debatable topic in the podcast world. Although, there are a lot of reasons behind it. The most valuable point in their rivalry in the business. In music streaming services, Apple Music and Spotify rival each other in all aspects. Let’s have a look at their major differences.

Podcast Streaming Quality

In terms of music streaming quality, Apple Music is the winner. Spotify has limited streaming quality. But, Apple Music has lossless streaming that makes it much better than Spotify’s regular streaming quality.

Service Charge Comparison

In terms of price comparison, Apple Music and Spotify are pretty close. Their subscription plans are comparable. Both of them start from a monthly $9.99 charge. Even more, both have student plans that cost $4.99. But, the real comparison is the free access. Apple Music does not have it. But, Spotify has free access with ad support. This is one of the major reasons behind Spotify’s mind-blowing market growth. As Apple Music does not have any offer like that, Spotify is the clear winner.

Podcast Strategy

Podcasts are open for anyone to try. So, you can’t ask for a difference between platforms. The thing you can ask for is the recommendation system. In that case, Spotify has no rival. Even though Apple Music has a lot of trendy recommendations, they are not as good as Spotify. It is still controversial to talk about how Spotify is that good in a recommendation. They give you the exact thing your brain is looking for. Users have to appreciate Spotify’s algorithm for that.

Podcast and Music Collection

Apple Music has a higher podcast collection than Spotify. Even though Spotify has many tracks and the count is pretty close to Apple music, they are a bit behind in terms of the podcast. Besides, Apple music also has the largest music library that reaches over 75 million. Spotify is pretty close with their 70 million marks.

Audio Quality

This is where Spotify is a bit behind Apple Music. Apple Music has Hi-Res audio tracks along with regular qualities. On the other hand, Spotify only offers regular track qualities. They are yet to offer the Premium Hi-Res audio.

Device Compatibility

Apple Music has a small complaint in this section. Certainly, the mechanism and everything else is strong. But, Apple Music does not perform the same Apple devices. It has few issues with android and other devices. On the other hand, Spotify has similar performance for all devices.

Overall Comparison

These two are the best music streaming services in the current market. In terms of the podcast and its recommendation strategy, Spotify is the winner. On the other hand, Apple Music is the winner if you want the highest audio quality. Besides, you can see the difference between Spotify and Apple Music from our mentioned points. Apple Music provides more quality and large collections, while Spotify has free access to a large library. It is just your preference.

Final Thought

We have mentioned a large number of music podcasts. These are the best music podcasts in the current media. As more and more podcasts are coming to join the party, you may get many of them in the coming days. As for choice, there are so many genres, even in the music category. Some may offer you a certain type of music. On the other hand, some versatile music podcasts may offer a lot of music varieties. But, their offers are not limited only to music.

You may find out more about artists, their backgrounds, and the groundwork behind a song. Even more, you can find podcasts that do interviews or discussions over a song and its meaning with the artist or experts. Some podcasts focus on history or controversial events in the music industry. It means you have a lot of choices to go for. Our collection has many of them. Make sure to try all of them to find your best suitor.

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