Best Music Streaming Service In 2021: A Ultimate Guide For Music Lovers

Streaming services are getting more and more popular. This is no different for music streaming services. Searching for music from a huge platform is not easy. Besides, most media platforms come with both audio and video. Thus, anyone who wants to enjoy a smooth music playback time has to go through the hassle.

Now, there are a lot of music streaming services to give you the best online music experience. Popular names like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music are there. As for the best music streaming service, you need to compare their services and features. Not to mention their subscription plan. In that case, check out our exclusive review on the best music streaming services.

What Is The Music Streaming Service?

Usually, a music streaming service indicates the platform that allows you to enjoy music through an online connection. Basically, they have a large audio collection with different qualities. After meeting their subscription plans, you get access to their storage.

Then, you can enjoy whatever music you want from their collection. Moreover, they allow you to create a personal playlist to enhance the experience. Depending on the compatibility, you can enjoy them from multiple different devices.

How To Choose The Best Music Streaming Service For You

While choosing the best music streaming service, you need to consider several factors. With a balanced combination of them, you can enjoy a perfect music streaming session.

Music Collection

Music collection is indeed the most important thing. If your favorite music is not on their list, then the cost would be a total waste. The larger the collection you get, the more you can enjoy.

Music Quality

Music quality determines how good the audio output is. The more audio information is there, the precise sound output you will get. Certainly, there are two types of quality in general. Regular qualities and Hi-Res quality.

Streaming Efficiency

Most music streaming services ask for a subscription charge to give you premium features. If you go for free access, then the streaming quality will not be the best. But, depending on the charge, you will get smooth streaming known as lossless streaming.


Subscription is one of the major factors to determine the best streaming service. If the cost is higher than the rival platform that provides better quality, every user will go for the other option.

Usually, there are personal, dual, or family plans. You may even pay monthly or yearly, depending on the platform.

Device Access

Most of these streaming services support the majority of the known platforms. So, there isn’t much to worry about. But, some services have limited support.

Best Music Streaming Service Of 2021

We have talked about what a music streaming service is and the deciding factors in choosing the best one. Here, we have gathered the trendy and best music streaming services up to date.

Moreover, we have mentioned their overall performance along with the key factors. Even more, you will learn their pros and cons to understand each service’s strengths and weaknesses.

So, make sure to follow our review step by step. Look for each media quality and subscription feature. Don’t forget to check the media collection count as well. It will help you to determine how good each platform is and which one suits you the best. Let’s jump into the discussion.



Spotify is one of the most trendy music portals you can think of. If you want to get into the platform with a huge collection, then Spotify should be your top choice. Certainly, it has one of the largest music collections. The more audio collection you have, the better your experience will be.

As for Spotify, they have more than 50 million audio in their arsenal. Their recent podcast addition has bought even more attraction to the collection. Although, the overall performance depends on other services like streaming quality and subscription.

In that case, Spotify has the high ground. While most music streaming platforms aren’t free, Spotify has a free version. Even though you have to tolerate some ads, it is still worth the service.

As for the streaming quality, their current audio quality is up to 320kbps. Even though alternative platforms provide more bitrates, it is still more than enough to enjoy any music.

If we talk about their subscription policy, then you have to say that it is pretty reasonable. The subscription starts from $4.99 and reaches up to $15.99.

Depending on the extra features like blocking media, family playlist, ad-free streaming, custom playlist, and more.

Moreover, there is also an individual interface for kids in the $15.99 family subscription.


  • Platform Name: Spotify
  • Compatibility: Any platform
  • Music Collection: 50+ million
  • Podcast Collection: 2.5+ million
  • Max Bitrate: 320kbps
  • Subscription: 4 options
  • Free trial: Yes (1 month)
  • Free Access: Yes (With ads)


  • Custom playlist with subscriptions
  • Special interface design for kids
  • Large Music library
  • Huge podcast collection
  • Multiple subscription options
  • Free access is available for desktop users
  • Compatible with any smart device
  • Easy Download option
  • User friendly
  • Special student subscription


  • Audio bitrate is limited
  • Does not offer Hi-Res music
  • Free access to smartphones has limited access and connection issue
  • No lossless streaming

Apple Music

Apple music

Everyone loves Apple Music. If you are an iOS device user, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying Apple music services. Although, it is a bit hard for android users to get into it.

But, Apple has many customers, and they are happy to satisfy them with unique services. Apple Music is their unique streaming service that comes with some expensive details as well. So, it is not for someone who is looking for a cheap music platform.

Talking about services, Apple offers the highest audio quality you can expect. It has Hi-Res audio along with lossless music streaming. Even more, it supports Dolby Atmos, which is pretty rare for most music streaming platforms.

It has one of the largest music libraries that reaches more than 75 million. With additional podcasts and other audio additions, it is getting higher pretty fast.

As for the services, its subscription plans are pretty similar to Spotify. The plans start from $4.99 and reach up to $14.99. Sadly, there is no free access, so you have to pay to enjoy it. Although, if you like premium audio quality, then Apple Music is a suitable match.


  • Platform Name: Apple Music
  • Compatibility: Any platform
  • Music Collection: 75+ million
  • Hi-Res Collection: 20+ million
  • Subscription: 3 options
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Free Access: no


  • Compatible with any platform
  • Large music collection
  • Hi-Res audio available
  • Original and exclusive music event access
  • Live music access
  • Friendly sharing
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Trial option
  • Special subscription bundle for students
  • Yearly plan for family package


  • No free access
  • Android performance isn’t as smooth as iOS
  • Many cheaper alternatives



While there are a lot of affordable music streaming platforms, tidal is not a cheap one. Rather, it aims for the highest audio quality. Thus, the service charge is also higher. Although, the subscription plan is a little different than Apple Music. It has different plans for regular and Hi-Res music.

While a regular subscription starts from $9.99, Hi-Res ask for $19.99. Even though the charge is lower for students, it is still high for regular users. A family Hi-Res plan charges $29.99 that is the highest in the market.

As for the music quality, it is pretty similar to Apple music that supports Dolby Atmos. Although, you will get lossless streaming with it. Besides, it has a large music collection that is over 75 million.

So, you will get a large variety when choosing a playlist. Overall, this is a premium music streaming service and good enough if you can afford it.


  • Platform Name: Tidal
  • Compatibility: Any platform
  • Music Collection: 75+ million
  • Hi-Res Collection: 170,000+
  • Subscription: Multiple options
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Free Access: no


  • Huge audio library
  • Premium Music quality
  • Hi-Res audio support
  • Supports Dolby Atmos
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Special offer for students
  • Compatible with any platform


  • Different subscription plans for Hi-Res music
  • Too many subscriptions offer
  • High subscription charge
  • Many cheaper alternatives
  • Hi-Res audio collection is way lower than Apple Music

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon music ultimate

Different Amazon services are getting recognition for their exclusive services. As for music streaming, they have this Amazon Music unlimited platform. Using this platform will benefit you in many ways, especially if you are already an Amazon Prime or other Amazon service user.

Not only does the subscription charge get lower, but it also allows you access to different high-quality services. As for the collection, it also has more than 75 million music files.

Besides, the music qualities are pretty decent, and you would love to enjoy them. Even more, you will enjoy lossless streaming. It is something everyone wants to enjoy. Aside from these features, Amazon Music offers you a personal playlist design that helps users keep all their favorites on track.


  • Platform Name: Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Compatibility: Any platform
  • Music Collection: 75+ million
  • Ultra HD collection: 7 million
  • Subscription: 3 options
  • Free trial: Yes (3 months)
  • Free Access: no


  • Large music library
  • High-quality music
  • Multiple facilities from Amazon Services
  • Amazon service users get so many discounts
  • Support large number of platforms
  • Lossless streaming
  • Highest trial period (3-months)


  • Highly connected with Amazon services
  • Most discounts come only for Amazon device/service users
  • No free access



Even though there are so many alternatives to Primephonic, it is still a platform you can try to explore. While most platforms aim to increase their library, Primephonic aims to deliver the latest and trendy music.

Thus, people love to explore their library, even if it has a small collection. For now, they have a collection of 3.5+ million tracks.

Although, their subscription is not that cheap. Rather it is a little expensive compared to other platforms like Apple Music or Spotify. You need to pay $10 for regular music and $15 for Hi-Res ones.


  • Platform Name: Primephonic
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Music Collection: 3.5+ million
  • Subscription: 2 options (monthly, yearly)
  • Free trial: Yes (14 days)
  • Free Access: no


  • Latest and updated collection
  • Fast library update
  • Hi-Res music collection
  • Trial option to try the platform
  • A good platform to try for smartphone users


  • Only for smartphone users
  • Limited music collection
  • The subscription charge is a bit higher
  • Only classical music



While many new music streaming platforms are a little complicated, Deezer is pretty much the perfect one to try out. It is an amazing choice for users from any platform. Its user-friendly access, large platform support, media collection, and other features are all so perfect.

Not only do you get access to 73 million tracks but also free access! This is the sweetest spot for using Deezer. Although there will be ads, it is not a problem considering free access from anywhere. The premium and other subscriptions are also pretty affordable. Even more, there is a Hi-Res collection as well.


  • Platform Name: Deezer
  • Compatibility: Any platform
  • Music Collection: 73+ million
  • Bitrate: 128, 320 kbps
  • Subscription: 3 options (monthly, yearly)
  • Free trial: Yes (1 month)
  • Free Access: Yes


  • Huge track collection
  • Hi-res music with lossless streaming
  • Amazing subscription policies
  • Affordable charge
  • Free access along with a 1-month trial option
  • Multiple device and platform support


  • No Hi-Res streaming
  • Media discovery is a bit hard comparing alternatives
  • Spotify is a better and popular rival
  • 16-bit Hi-Res music



If you want to learn about other music streaming services, then you have to explore. Here, we have Qobuz to introduce. It does not overwhelm with so many exotic features, but the platform has decent services to offer. Qobuz has a large music collection and more than 70000 Hi-Res tracks as well.

But, the issue is the subscription plans. As there are a lot of top-tier competitors, their monthly charge is pretty high. It starts from £14.99 to £24.99 per month. There is an even more expensive family plan as well.


  • Platform Name: Qobuz
  • Compatibility: Any platform
  • Music Collection: 50+ million
  • Subscription: Multiple options (monthly, yearly)
  • Free trial: Yes (1 month)
  • Free Access: No


  • Hi-Res and CD-quality streaming
  • Great and huge track collection
  • The trial period has no obligation
  • Multiple subscription options
  • Compatible with different platforms
  • Original content access with the premium plan


  • A too expensive regular plan
  • The family plan is even more expensive
  • Overall performance is lower than top-tier platforms
  • Library needs improvement

YouTube Music

Youtube music

YouTube is the largest media platform in the world. We know that pretty well. So, it is not surprising if they offer an individual music service. YouTube Music is what we are talking about.

In terms of cost, it is pretty similar to other platforms that start from $9.99. But, there is also a free version with an ad allowance.

Certainly, you need to know the media collection. Sadly, it is not as organized as platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. Besides, it will be a little harder to get perfect quality.


  • Platform Name: YouTube Music
  • Compatibility: Any platform
  • Subscription: 2 options (basic, student)
  • Free trial: Yes (1 month)
  • Free Access: Yes (With ads)


  • Easy to sue
  • Compatible with any platform
  • All Youtube music is there
  • Trials option is there
  • Free access with ads
  • Student plan available


  • Search options are not good enough
  • The music collection is pretty lower
  • Pretty underperforming comparing top competitors
  • Charges same as a premium platform



LiveXLive is more like a streaming radio service rather than an exclusive music service. If you are someone who just wants to enjoy random music constantly, then this platform is pretty perfect. It has free access even though there are ads. Although, this is worth the services you will get.

Besides, there is also a $4 subscription for ad-free music. A great feature is their service from the different online stations like ABC or ESPN radio. Overall, it is a popular music station rather than being a streaming platform.


  • Platform Name: LiveXLive
  • Compatibility: Any platform
  • Subscription: 2 options (basic, premium)
  • Free Access: Yes (With ads)
  • Service: Radio streaming


  • Radio streaming service
  • Connected to different stations
  • Free access available
  • Premium plan has live and on-demand access
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable subscription


  • Not a music streaming service
  • No organized playlist
  • No Hi-Res media access



If you want to enjoy radio streaming, we have another platform like our previous choice, LiveXLive. It is the Pandora radio streaming service. It is pretty identical to LiveXLive and other radio streaming services.

Although, it has a trial plan and subscription plans of $5/$10. You get on-demand music or radio access with premium plans. Else, everything is easy. Just sign up and enjoy unlimited radio stations smoothly.


  • Platform Name: Pandora
  • Compatibility: Any platform
  • Subscription: 2 options (basic, premium)
  • Free Trial: Yes (90 days)
  • Service: Radio streaming


  • Great radio station collection
  • Long trial period
  • Free with ads
  • Affordable subscription plan
  • On-demand access
  • Live event access


The Bottom Line

So, how was our review on the best music streaming service? Do you like any of them? If you are a music lover, then streaming service is the best way of enjoying them anywhere at any time.

Moreover, many pieces of music are coming to the action that we don’t even know. Besides, searching for them is even more difficult. But, you can get the job done quite easily with these services.

They have a large collection that covers almost any music you can think of. Even more, they are adding all the latest music just after release.

Certainly, that gives you a chance to enjoy every one of them, at the same time, the trend is still hot, so start your exploration today and enjoy the best music streaming service right away.

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