Best Places to Travel During Covid: World’s Best Destination for Travelers

The majority of travelers are anxious to leave their homes and go on a vacation. However, each destination has its own rules. States have given safer, professional-backed ways for travelers to go on a vacation during Coronavirus, from remote campsites to road trips and private vacation homes.

These unprecedented times have hampered international travel for the better part of 2020. Still, the good news is that with the distribution of vaccines and the majority of countries around the globe reopening their borders to foreigners, there is some hope of regaining normalcy in terms of where and how to travel around.

What is Reopening in Covid Pandemic?

Lately, after the emergence of the vaccine, states are reopening as others are still on the verge of freeing up the borders and letting in the visitors. However, before you travel, it’s paramount to research the entry requirements for your destination. Also, note that every country has its own rules—from South and Central America and the Caribbean to Europe. This article narrowed down the best places to visit during this summer, despite the covid-19.

After the vaccine came in, some trends are now clear. Most destinations are doing away with quarantine requirements and going beyond requesting negative COVID-19 tests with the vaccination rate going up. Instead, they are offering travelers the choice to prove a full vaccination.

Some countries are implementing the vaccine passports that generated a whole discussion in the past few months—for instance, in New York City with the optional Excelsior Pass and European Union (E.U.) with the Digital Green Certificate, to name a few.

On the other hand, various destinations give visitors the vaccine as they try to push tourism. Throughout the open destinations, the popular experiences are back. For example, California’s theme parks, such as Disneyland, reopened but with very few reservations and capacity needed. In the United States, Group tour bookings are selling out.

More so, it’s really exciting to see new businesses getting back on shores tremendously.

Where to Go in After Covid-19 Pandemic

Lately, most places are opening, and for people wondering if traveling is now safe, it all depends on certain variables. For instance, how you plan to travel, the destination, the rate of infections in your preferred destination, and the expected behavior after arrival.

Best Places to Travel During Covid-19 Pandemic

New Zealand


This state has responded very well to the pandemic crisis. However, the federal rules have guided the people on how to stay safe while traveling. Unfortunately, though, it’s still closed for Americans.



With the terrorist attacks in recent years, occasional street demonstrations, and the emergence of Coronavirus, most travelers are not sure whether to travel to Paris this summer.

Paris, a hearty destination to most people, is allowing U.S. citizens in the country. However, for access, you must be fully vaccinated despite your reason for the visit. In addition, you are needed to present an antigen test or negative PCR performed in the last 72 hours before visiting France. There is no need for quarantine, but you need to protect yourself from the Coronavirus while traveling.



Slovenia, a European country, is ready to receive fully vaccinated visitors or possession of the negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of arrival, or proof that they had the virus within a given period, as per the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Known for its huge walking trails and stunning lakes, the country will not request any covid-related paperwork from those in Schengen country or “Safe listed” E.U. Following the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia, this doesn’t apply to tourists from the U.S.; it is for the U.S. citizens traveling to Slovenia from an accepted state.

Costa Rica


It’s among the happiest countries in the World. It has plenty to offer to the visitors and has an excellent experience, despite the pandemic. This unique Central American country gives a taste of both the Pacific and the Caribbean. It keeps on being the best place for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers this summer.

British Virgin Islands (BVI)


CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, issued a Level 1 Travel Health Notice to BVI due to COVID-19. The islands registered a low level of Coronavirus. Therefore, travelers who are fully vaccinated with the FDA authorized vaccine to have minimal risk of contracting severe symptoms and could visit the best places to travel during covid.



Egypt has the best hitter, from the greatest diving in the World’s the Red Sea and sensational museums to Gaza. However, arrivals into Egypt must show a negative PCR test done in the last 72 hours of departure, and the certificate should be in Arabic and English with an accredited laboratory stamp.

The travelers are given a personal monitoring card to fill and show health insurance proof upon arrival.

Mexico Beyond the Beach


Most travelers are wondering whether it’s safer for them to visit Mexico. There are a thousand million-dollar questions that people ask to know the situation before descending to Mexico for the summer vacations.

Americans are passionate about vacationing in this country. The love is still growing in 2021 since it’s the only place that Americans can access without any restrictions.

The Islands of Tahiti


In the Islands of Tahiti, fully vaccinated travelers are not quarantined, and underage children are allowed to travel freely with their vaccinated legal guardian or parent.



Qatar is one of the best places to travel. However, the place is still locked, and only Qatar nationals, residents permit holders, and a few other exceptions are allowed. However, they must submit the negative COVID-19 result and be put under quarantine for 14 days. They must agree to be tested for the virus several times during the quarantine period.

Currently, for resident permit holders outside Qatar who should have a return permit upon entry, there are multiple priorities and strict travel policies to be followed.



With the virus raging in other states, Tunisia is safer to travel to now. However, its government has set forth pandemic protocols to mitigate the ongoing crisis. So, every international visitor is required to comply with the laws when traveling to Tunisia.

Before departure to Tunisia, foreigners are requested to undertake a covid-19 test. You should take the test within 72 hours before entering Tunisia; note that it should read a negative PCR result.



The Maldives is a dream come true for many travelers who get their foot there. As one of the best places to travel during covid, it has everything you ever fantasized about. Suppose you are looking for a quintessential vacation after a long, challenging year, from romance and relaxation to multiple adventures.

However, before you visit the Maldives, you must know their set rules in regards to Covid. Its borders reopened back in July 2020, with travelers required to test for the virus before entry. Also, it enhanced safety and health protocols across the country to almost 1,200 islands.

Puglia, Italy


For leisure travelers, Italy finally reopens. It comes after several announcements marking the end of the pandemic shutdown in Europe’s famous destination.

It’s loosening some restrictions in regards to international travel to open the borders for tourists this summer. Though the rules on people traveling into the country will depend on the state you are coming from; otherwise, people from some spots will enjoy the more loosened rules.



Antarctica is in a unique position that doesn’t subject it to pandemic restrictions. This internationally administered region has entry rules due to the places tourists access it from Argentina and Chile, which are hotspots for Covid. Keep in mind that traveling to Argentina is limited unless you are a permanent resident or a national. Though, they still must present a negative covid test result within 72 hours of departure.

Bodrum, Turkey


Bodrum, a tourist hotspot located on the Turkish Riviera, is looking forward to an influx of tourists despite the pandemic. Summer season in Bodrum began earlier ahead of the covid crisis; asset rules relating to travels remain unsure in most states.



After long months of staying at home, people seek a seaside escape, visiting ancient monuments or multiple islands. These are now accessible in Greece since it is gradually opening the borders for visitors as the country moves towards normalcy for tourists and locals. So, during this summer, you should take the opportunity and visit Mykonos or Santorini!

The Best Places to Travel During Covid-19 In United States

For people planning to travel this summer, there are many best places to travel in the U.S. First, though, travelers should focus on changing CDC guidelines and avoid close contact with anyone they are not traveling with. Put your mask in place while in public spots, sanitize or wash your hands thoroughly, and keep your hands off the mouth, eyes, or nose.



It is known as one of the best places to travel in the U.S. during covid for road trips and vacations. It has a ton of scenic places to offer, for instance, the iconic national parks,

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

In Burlington, Vermont, there is no need for quarantine and tests, except for international travel. However, following the federal rules, everyone should put on their masks while in public places. For those traveling, CDC advises on delays until one is fully vaccinated since traveling will increase your chances of spreading or contracting the virus.



Florida is popular as the top travel destination worldwide, and currently, there are travel restrictions put in place. If eligible, get a full vaccination for Covid-19. In the country, hotels, attractions, and state parks take safety precautions to protect their visitors.



Suppose you want to visit Hawaii, be ready for a two-week quarantine. Though it’s among the best places to travel right now, you will not be allowed into the island without you being under quarantine. Nevertheless, it is an ideal spot; therefore, it’s worth the patience.

If you have been working remotely and feel like switching up things a little bit, quarantining and experiencing the Hawaii beach is a great idea.

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin is open for visitation; therefore, whenever you are ready, keep in mind that the community is waiting for your arrival.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

Travelers should not overlook the importance of following the statewide and city rules. All the guides set forth count. However, in New Orleans, as one of the best places to travel globally, a mask is not mandatory if you are fully vaccinated.

Nowadays, there are no quarantine needs or travel restrictions for individuals or travelers entering Louisiana.

Lake Of the Ozarks, Missouri


Most travelers are looking forward to leaving their homes after the pandemic has coped them up for nearly a year now. Instead, they seek to make their way to famous destinations such as Lake of the Ozarks, one of the best cheap places to travel.

COVID-19 alert: You must submit travel requirements that change from time to time, especially the need for a pre-travel covid test result.

Lake Powell, Arizona


The wonders of Lake Powell, Arizona, are ready for you again. However, the tourism office, national and state partners are closely monitoring the pandemic crisis.



In Alabama, travelers are advised to accept and respect their responsibility during summer due to the crisis. For instance, face coverings, particularly for the unvaccinated, proper sanitization and social distancing are needed. In addition, individuals should comply with the federal and local health safety measures.

Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is popular as a premier travel destination. It’s always a welcoming and warm spot for travelers. The city has a strong system set forth to offer protection to visitors and Nevadans. Also, they urge those who tested positive and yet to recover or those exhibiting the virus symptoms to stay at home not to spread the virus.

Otherwise, the state is looking forward to welcoming travelers back again most responsibly and safely possible.

Puerto Rico


It would help if you were fully vaccinated to access Puerto Rico. Also, you are not self-quarantined or tested if you recovered from the virus in the last three months. However, you should follow other traveling recommendations. Check out the recommendations for unvaccinated and fully vaccinated travelers in the city before you visit the place for summer.

Recent Situations of Air Travel

Once again, airports are bustling, and there are multiple of the best places to travel during covid. In addition, it means that travelers can now use the credit saved since last year. For those taking to the skies for summer or later in the year, keep in mind that the cheaper covid airfares are beginning to escalate; there are predictions on when they will last.

Fortunately, most U.S. airlines are avoiding change fees forever, therefore, expanding this to international flights. Unfortunately, though, not all policies are made the same. Check on the worst and best airlines that have adopted the change fees here; it will help you stay on track.

With that said, there are pandemic-era challenges in regards to flying too. Most airlines are rescheduling flights to travelers; therefore, ensure you know what you are owed and if such a situation happens.

Also, with the check-in long queues, and crowded airports, you should prioritize more time when going to the airport. A busy airport can be overwhelming; people are used to keeping their distance. Suppose you haven’t been on an airplane; lately, there is a primer of the things to look forward to while traveling this summer.

Is the Covid Travel Destination Safe for You?

To protect Americans from the virus, the Acting Secretary, Chad F. Wolf, issued dire flights from certain countries that should be routed via various designated airports that focus on public health resources.

Make sure you are fully vaccinated first, then you can travel to the above best places to travel during covid. In addition, unvaccinated travelers are at a higher risk for serious illness from the virus. Therefore, they should avoid travel to any of these destinations.

Stay Safe While Travelling During Covid-19 Pandemic

Safety is the top priority for most travelers, and conditions can switch up so fast during this pandemic era. However, with the above handful of potential destinations to visit, you will have peace of mind and protection.

The Bottom Line

With the concerns around COVID-19 and the ever-changing traveling restrictions, the goal of this guide is to assist you in making the right decisions regarding the best places to travel during covid in the current world.

With few tweaks, it has been made possible to reduce risks that are attached to traveling. Note that even with the vaccine, the covid is still evolving, and it’s paramount to follow the set guidelines by organizations like WHO and CDC.

It will help if you practice safety measures at every place that you go to this summer. For instance, wear your mask, wash your hands, and maintain social distancing.

Also, keep track of the quarantine mandates about your destination and your level of risk. Research on the hotspot places to know if you are traveling to or from such places will help lower the infection rate.

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