The Best Ways to Modify Your Car: Step By Step Guide

There are many changes you can make when it comes to your car. Some people might change the color; others will change the engine, and much more! Nowadays, people have found about the wonderful world of car modifications!

Retail cars might not have the best components or parts in the market. You might want to have a better audio system or better seats. That is why people modify their cars. Here, you will learn about the best ways to modify your car, including which parts and how much it will cost you to do it.

Why It’s Important to Know About Car Modifying

Many people wonder why modifying a car might be helpful and get negative answers, so they ignore modifying it. Once you take your car out of the dealerships, its value immediately decreases.

If you modify your car, though, you could be increasing its value in the market. So, if you talk with a person that says modifying a car is useless, they are wrong. People won’t just make car modifications to make their car look like a car from the movie fast and furious.

You might want to modify a car to have more space in the back or be safer for kids. Anyways, take a look at all the aspects of your car that you could modify and improve your car.

Also, parts of a car are always worth modifying, and you can do that without even the need of a mechanic or garage store. You could do it in your garage with your tools, and you will be improving the performance of your car modification

The Best Ways to Modify Your Car

Here are some of the parts of your car you can modify. In this list, you will see some pretty obvious things, but other ones that you might never have thought could be modified or changed.

The imagination could bring some significant updates to a car. You do not have to stick to what you read, be creative and try new things; you can transform your car into your dream car.

Wheels and Tires

As you might have initially thought, the wheels and the tires might be one of the most common modifications for a car. There are many aspects of the tires or wheels you can change, and there are so many options.

For example, you can change the color of the wheel or change the tire’s size. Have you ever seen one of those wheels that keep spinning even after the car stopped?

That is a modification just for the car to look “cooler.” However, you can make some modifications that are made for safety. For example, some tires are made bulletproof.

Suspension Upgrades

The suspension of the car is a pretty big deal. There are cars that, because the suspension system was flawed, had some terrible accidents. So, modifying this part should be made by someone who knows what he is dealing with.

Some rather have a sport suspension, and some may want a rally suspension. There are many options, which means that the price range is pretty wide for this upgrade.

Some suspensions are better than the standard ones, but they are cheaper compared to a sport suspension. Also, some suspensions are sold as upgrades, but they might be worse than your car’s stock system.


As you might know, the brakes get old. If your brakes are old, you should get rid of them and get new ones if you want to avoid an accident. Also, there are some modifications you might want to try that will make your car stop harder. Some competitive brakes will stop the car faster than you can imagine.

Also, there are different types of brakes, so you might want to take a look at what you have. Have you ever seen the brakes on a Formula 1 car?

They are amazing, they get up to 1000 degrees, and they cool down so fast! I doubt you can find a brake like those, but a competition one will give you more reaction time.


There are many reasons why you might want to change your vehicle’s exhaust. Nowadays, people are trying to take care of the environment, and car exhausts are not helping.

That is why there are new ones which help reduce the pollution of the car. Also, the looks; some exhausts look better than others, and people usually modify them for that reason.

The car’s performance can be improved by this change but not as much as you might think. Moreover, you can change only the last part of it or the entire system. The price is way different depending on that. You could spend around $1000 for the change of the entire system or $90 for the last part only.


This is a widespread modification for street racing cars. By modifying the car’s stance, you are lowering the car’s entire body and making it much closer to the floor. Also, many people would modify the wheels by adding negative camber for the car to look “stance.”

However, some stance modifications might be illegal. You should make sure you can make modifications such as these. Some cities have banned modifications of the exhaust because they tend to pollute the air more.

In some places, these cars are banned due to air pollution because they violate the smog standards or the clean air standards, so be sure you can make the modifications before actually doing them.


There are many options when it comes to seats. You can modify the color, the material, the shape, and even the smell. Some people have seats with a sportier style, the seats might be less comfortable, but they are great to keep the posture right.

Also, you can change the material. Many people do not like the standard seats; they instead have leather. If your car did not come with leather seats, you could also change them.

Also, you can have a more cushioned seat. Some people would change the seat to have a more comfortable one. If you are a person who drives long distances, a well-cushioned seat might be beneficial.

Driver Update

Every person likes to be comfortable and having the driver side of the car modified to make that happen sounds like a good idea. A variety of parts within the driver’s side can be modified to make you more comfortable.

You can start with the wheel, the pedals, and the seat. Many things make a car comfortable and pleasant to drive, and the position is crucial. Also, the gear shift is fundamental.

Some may prefer a longer one while others a shorter one. Some may like having the inside of the car with many lights, and some would find that distractive.

Window Tint

Many cars have their windows tinted, and while that is great for many people, some struggle to see outside. That is why a modification might be less tinted or more, depending on the person.

It is widespread to add darker window tint, but you need to be sure about the regulations. Some places have limitations, and they won’t let you do more than a particular value.

Having the windows as dark as a limousine might be a risk too, but they also give the passenger more privacy in the car.

Underbody Neon Lights

“Stanced” cars and vehicles are commonly found with modifications like these. This is one modification that someone can do at your garage. An expert will do a better job, but the car owner can do it himself if budget is an issue.

Carbon Upgrades

This material will protect the car at the same time it can make it lighter. It is weird to think that carbon is one of the most complex materials and one of the lightest ones.

Upgrading some parts with this material could make the car lighter and harder to break in the case of an accident. For example, F1 race cars have their cockpits made out of carbon.

Additional More Notes for Car Modify

When modifying a car, being sure that all the parts you are modifying are legal should be a concern. Also, doing the job and leaving it halfway could be dangerous, so be sure to complete the modifications when starting.

Every change should be studied first; learn about the process and what the changes will do to your car. Usually, mechanics know what it is all about, but do not hesitate to ask everything to be sure.

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Car Modifying

For more than one reason, having all of the original parts of the car is better, maybe even safer; The company that sells and makes the car tests it to assure a safety standard. So, there are both advantages and disadvantages when modifying your car. The advantages are the following ones:

  • You control the modifications; you choose how your car will look
  • You can modify the security measures in your vehicle

The disadvantages of modifying your car, on the other hand, are:

  • Modifications can be expensive
  • Some modifications could bring the car’s value down (others might bring it up)
  • If you or the mechanic does the modifications incorrectly, the car par being modified could get ruined

So, be smart and do not ruin your car. Try to bring your vehicle’s value up with your modifications, not bring it down.

The Bottom Line

Modifications on cars are pretty standard, and they might help you build the car of your dreams. There are many parts you can change in a car, making it look cooler, but it can also be ruined.

Please make sure the person who is working on the car knows what he is doing. Also, it would be best if you double-checked that the modifications you are doing are within legal regulations.

Imagine if, after modifying your car, you find out that all the modifications are illegal? Be sure to make an informed decision and start working on your dream car!

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