Best Weight Loss Apps Review in 2021

A weight loss app helps the user to remain aware of what they are eating and the number of calories they consume. This is generally helpful even though most people tend to underestimate the number of calories present in different foods. You may know more about the nutrition labels and the macronutrients contained, especially following a specific diet. The market of weight loss apps is currently flooded.

It, therefore, means that finding the best weight loss apps will be a daunting task. To help you know what to choose, we compiled everything you need to know in this post. We basically review the top 5 best weight loss apps to help you save the time you could use on research. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Weight Loss App?

Weight loss apps are basically programs that can be used on mobile devices. They allow the user to monitor their lifestyle habits in a bid to lose weight. One common aspect of the weight loss apps is their ability to track and record your food and beverage intake.

Other information that will be recorded on these apps includes calories as well as nutritional information. Other helpful tools include activity trackers, meal planners, support forums, and barcode scanners. You will also appreciate that these apps easily synchronize with other apps, devices, and wearable trackers.

How Do Weight Loss Apps Work For Your Healthy Life?

You must be wondering how a weight loss app helps you to lose weight. Indeed, these apps help in terms of motivation as well as accountability. This is not guaranteed even if you will be using the best weight loss apps.

Most of that will be individual responsibility to do what it takes to shed off those extra pounds. Evidence is, however, present showing that some calorie-tracking apps could yield positive effects. There is also a study in 2019 that showed that individuals who relied on a diet together with a fitness app managed to lose more weight compared to individuals who didn’t.

As it is common with the many exercises and diet plans, the more you work hard, the better your results. This means that before anything else, you must be committed to your weight loss approach.

For even better results, this is where you make use of the weight loss app’s ability to track the workout and other features. With these, you will be able to arrive at your goals effortlessly. Be sure, however, to make use of the best weight loss apps.

How To Pick The Right Weight Loss App

Using our smartphones in tracking our diet is not a new idea. Some of the earliest apps on the app store were aimed at assisting smartphone users in eating healthier.

The reason for that is there are high chances of smartphone users carrying their gadgets everywhere. That makes them ideal for offering advice and insights on what you should purchase at grocery stores or in a restaurant. With the many apps available today, it might be tough to find the best weight loss apps. You will find some apps that can create extensive meal plans and offer consultations from nutritionists and dietitians.

Other apps will basically track whatever you eat to notify you of the calories you take in. Free tools will track the food intake that acts as a good way of self-monitoring, which helps maintain the recommended weight lifestyle. They will also warn you in case you overgraze or over-snack. This usually happens when you spend more time working from home and the kitchen is well-stocked.

Top 5 Best Weight Loss Apps That Everyone Should Use In 2021

Weight loss apps allow you to have a quick and easy way of tracking lifestyle habits, including exercise and calorie intake. Some apps come with extra functionalities where they get you feedback from nutritionists.

Other than being easy to use, these apps have a myriad of benefits supported by scientific evidence. Today, there are so many weight loss apps, and to help you make a good choice, we reviewed the top 5 best weight loss apps in the market today. Have a look at them below:

1. WW App

This app was previously known as the Weight Watchers app. WW is a company that gives different services that help individuals with weight loss as well as maintenance.

The app makes use of a SmartPoints system to help users remain at their daily calorie allotment. In this way, the app greatly helps in promoting the loss of fat. The system features ZeroPoint foods such as fruits, proteins, and vegetables.

Depending on individual goals, you are accorded specific points that you should aim for in your diet. A few studies have shown positive effects on the WW app’s ability to control your weight. The app allows the user to log their weight as well as their food intake easily.

In doing so, the user will be able to track their ‘points.’ You will also appreciate that the weight loss challenge app provides an activity tracker, social networking, weekly workshops, a reward system as well as a 24/7 live coaching. The other benefit of this app is its vast collection of more than 8000 approved recipes. With these, you can search your best depending on your dietary requirements and the mealtime.

As far as the price is concerned, the price of this app keeps fluctuating. Direct access to the app will cost you $3.22 every week, but you will spend $12.69 every week with digital coaching.

Key Feature

  • Uses the Smart Points system to monitor your calorie intake


  • It provides details and even graphs to monitor progress over time
  • There is a 24/7 coaching functionality
  • Social network with fellow WW members for motivation


  • Counting the points seems hard for some people
  • You need to pay the subscription fees to enjoy the benefits of the app

2. Noom

This is among the most popular and the best weight loss apps to help you achieve your weight loss goals with ease. The Noom weight loss app basically helps you to make some sustainable changes in your lifestyle.

Depending on the answers you give to specific health and lifestyle questions, the app assigns you a daily calorie budget. It will also ask you about your weight, sex, height, and the weight loss goals you wish to achieve.

The Noom app will allow users to easily track their food intake from a database including more than 3.5 million types of foods. It also allows the users to easily log other exercises, weight, and other essential health indicators such as blood sugar levels.

Another great feature about the app is that it provides health coaching virtually during working hours. It will also teach you about the best eating practices other than offering motivational quizzes and reading daily. You will pay $59 monthly and $199 yearly in a reoccurring plan.

Key Feature

  • It offers virtual health coaching


  • Personalized health coaching
  • Support through live chats and groups
  • Encourages you to use nutrient-dense foods


  • You must pay the subscription fee

3. Fooducate

Making a healthy choice when shopping for groceries is essential as far as your weight loss is concerned. All the same, you should note that this can be overwhelming at the same time.

Making use of Fooducate fitness apps will help you quickly navigate different products at the grocery stores. This app is basically a nutrition scanner allowing you to scan a specific food’s barcode.

You receive detailed info about it. This information will include nutrition facts as well as ingredients. The app basically helps you to scan more than 250000 product barcodes.

What is unique about this app is that it will notify you about the unhealthy ingredients commonly hidden in different products. These include trans fats as well as high-fructose corn syrups.

Besides notifying you about specific characteristics of foods, the app will give an alternative healthier list that you can buy. For instance, the app can scan a particular type of yogurt and find out that it has too much added sugar.

What the app does is suggest another healthier yogurt that you can try. The app is free for download, but the in-app purchases could cost you between $0.99 and $89.99.

Key Feature

  • Gives details about a particular food type


  • Allows you to make choices depending on your dietary goals
  • Helps you track your calorie intake and exercise habits
  • You can quickly scan different products for gluten and allergens


  • Certain features will require a paid upgrade

4. Cronometer

This is yet another weight loss app that will allow you to track data concerning health, nutrition, and fitness easily. Like other quality apps, this one has a comprehensive calorie counting feature with a database of not less than 300000 types of foods.

You will also appreciate that the app has a barcode scanner that will easily record the food you eat. The Cronometer app will help the user quickly obtain the optimal nutrient intake while at the same time keeping the calorie intake under check. The app can track not less than 82 micronutrients to ensure that you meet the required mineral and vitamin needs.

The other unique feature of this app is that it has the Snapshots section. In that section, you will easily upload photos of your body for comparison purposes through the weight loss journey.

Additionally, the app can estimate the body fat percentage. You will also appreciate that this app offers the Cronometer Pro version that nutritionists, dietitians, and health coaches use. There is also a forum where users can begin online discussions with other users concerning different nutrition topics.

Key Feature

  • Allows you to upload photos for comparison purposes


  • Helps you improve your overall nutrient intake
  • Keeps track of an extensive amount of information
  • This is a user-friendly application
  • Easy to synchronize with other devices and apps


  • You are required to pay the subscription fee

5. Waterlogged

Whether you like your water with some lemon or stacked with ice cubes, it is essential to keep up with water. This is especially the case when you are trying to shed off a few pounds, given that water helps in digestion other than helping to fill us.

What this app does is tracking your water intake as a way of helping you attain your weight loss goals. When several days pass go without using enough water, the app will remind you. Whenever you drink enough fluids, it will be possible to gain more energy.

Overall, the waterlogged app is straightforward to use to help you quickly increase water consumption. The size of the app is 8.9 MB which means that you should have no excuse for not downloading it.

This app is an adorable and efficient app that will encourage you to drink enough water daily.

Key Feature

  • Graphs to monitor the daily water intake


  • Allows you to customize your water goal needs
  • Keeps track of the consumption
  • You can change in-app containers to match your bottle


  • Requires a $4.00 update

weight loss apps in mobile

Benefits Of Weight Loss Apps

Every smartphone user has an app which they use for a specific function. Apps have changed how we interact with other people, save information, and access data, among other things. So, if you are on a weight loss journey, why should you download a corresponding application?


Everyone nowadays takes their mobile phone with them wherever they go. So, if you are looking for something that can help you manage your weight conveniently, you need a weight-loss application.

Data Safety

Unlike writing down your goals, applications provide a safer way of storing data. Some of them even come with app locks, and you can be guaranteed that your personal information is safe from intruders.

Diet Information

One of the best weight loss tips is to make dietary changes. These applications make it easier for the user to make dietary changes by providing access to a massive database of food information.

Additionally, they also provide healthier food alternatives that are suitable for accelerating weight loss.


Mobile applications will notify you of your weight loss progress. You will be able to know if you are making progress, stagnating, or declining. These notifications are important because they help you understand your weight loss journey and what changes you need to make to attain your goals.


Motivation and support are necessary if you need to attain any life goal. Most of these weight loss applications offer access to a community of other like-minded people. Here, you will get the necessary support and motivation that you need to reach your goals.

How Much Do Weight Loss Apps Cost?

The good thing is that some of these weight loss apps are free to use. Others will charge you a minimal fee to download them. All the same, such apps are limited as far as their functionality and features are concerned.

In most cases, you might be needed to make some in-app purchases so that you can proceed to access the premium features of that app. What happens is that most apps give yearly or monthly subscription fees that range from 3 to 45 US dollars each month.

The costly weight loss apps give more customized options, personalized feedback, and even access to fitness and workout experts.

Weight Loss Apps: Customer Reviews

Generally, the apps mentioned above have proved to be effective for most customers. These weight loss apps are made with sophisticated features that make food planning and weight loss tracking easier and convenient and even though they have some downsides, they are more than 70 percent beneficial in helping users attain their wellness goals.

Final Thoughts

In the market today, you will find so many apps that you can use to achieve your weight loss goals. Most of them rely on tracking tools that help them to easily monitor an individual’s weight, exercise habits, and food intake. Others will offer guidance regarding making healthy choices when eating out or shopping for your groceries.

You will also appreciate that most weight loss apps come with features that aim at increasing your motivation towards achieving your goals. These include community support, the points systems, and tools that easily record the progress you make over a certain period.

Even though there are tons of benefits as to why you should use weight loss apps, some of them have their opposing sides. For instance, some people find the apps very time-consuming, problematic to use, and overwhelming for their well-being.

Getting the best weight loss apps from the flooded market is not an easy task. This is why we have reviewed the leading apps in the market to help you make an informed decision.

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