Biden Opens Up New Front in Covid-19 Vaccination War

President Joe Biden announced a series of new steps his administration will take. These are to try to vaccinate more Americans and slow the spread of the coronavirus. The new measures are in response to increased hospitalizations and deaths from covid-19 in the U.S. The vast majority of people with severe cases of covid-19 did not get the vaccine. For this reason, Biden opens up a new front in the COVID-19 vaccination war.

¨The administration announced Thursday other efforts to encourage vaccinations. Including extending paid leave for employees who take time off to vaccinate themselves and their family members. Biden said employers would be reimbursed¨.

The Biden administration failed to meet its vaccination goals. It had scheduled several vaccinations to be given by July but failed to meet the target. For this reason, they established incentives for people to decide to get the vaccine.

Another requirement Biden established is to encourage the vaccination of public employees. All federal employees will be encouraged to get the vaccine against covid-19.

Employees who did not get the vaccine “must wear a mask at work regardless of their geographic location—physical distance from all other employees and visitors. Comply with a weekly or twice-weekly screening test requirement. And be subject to official travel restrictions,” the White House said before Biden’s speech.

Federal Employees

Biden opens up a new front in the COVID-19 vaccination war. President Joe Biden announced a requirement that all federal employees and contractors get the vaccine against COVID-19. Or that these are subjected to periodic tests and risk mitigation measures. According to a source with direct knowledge of the matter.

The announcement came in a statement in which Biden expect to lay out a series of new measures. Including incentives in an attempt to stimulate vaccination as the delta variant spreads rapidly across the country. It will also follow the decision of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The decision to require your frontline healthcare workers to get the vaccine.

Federal workers would have to attest to their vaccination status or undergo periodic testing. The proposal will be more or less similar to the measures that New York City took. Additional requirements for the unvaccinated could be added as agencies push to vaccinate their employees.

For now, Biden will not require the U.S. military. However, he has the authority to do so. However, it likely outlines how the Department of Defense may try to address the issue in the future.

“We have a pandemic because the unvaccinated are causing enormous confusion. And the more we learn about this virus and the delta variant, the more we have to worry and occupy ourselves. And there is only one thing we know for sure. If those other hundred million people have got the vaccine, we would be in a very different world,” Biden said.

The administration’s decision to require vaccinations from V.A. healthcare workers is a powerful signal. Vaccination requirements may be necessary to convince those who are still reluctant to get the vaccine.

To bolster the case for vaccines, the administration is taking action—measures to define the legal bases that can require their employees to be vaccinated. Lawyers for the Justice Department have determined that federal law does not prohibit requiring a vaccination. Public agencies and private companies can demand vaccines against covid-19 even if the vaccines are only authorized for emergency use.

Masks Again

The reason for the increase in cases due to the Delta variant, Biden took new measures. Biden found himself between the ropes due to the number of people hospitalized. And as a consequence of the refusal to be vaccinated, Biden opens up a new front in the COVID-19 vaccination war.

The number of people infected with coronavirus grew in the United States due to the circulation of new variants. CDC authorities again recommended that people wear masks indoors. Although these are fully vaccinated, likewise, it is only for cities or regions with high rates of COVID-19 transmission.

Federal health officials still believe that fully vaccinated people represent an amount of transmission. Still, some may have higher levels of the virus. Speaking of what was previously understood and potentially transmitting the virus to others, they said.


That’s why the CDC reversed the tide of some masking guidelines Tuesday—recommending that even vaccinated people go back to wearing masks indoors. This will be in parts of the U.S., where the coronavirus is on the rise.

Many cities had already started requiring that even fully vaccinated people wear masks. There are exceptions for those who eat or drink while sitting in a restaurant or bar.

Last May, the CDC had withdrawn the chinstrap guideline for vaccinated people in the United States. But cities like Los Angeles and Philadelphia reinstated the mandate. Community transmission and personal risk levels are two factors to consider, according to experts.

Vaccines against COVID are effective against the disease that leads to hospitalization and death. But experts say that it is not the same for everyone. People must consider community transmission, personal risk levels, and risk tolerance in deciding what is in their best interest.

Delta Variant

According to an internal document from the United States CDC, the Delta variant of Covid-19 is more contagious than the others. For this reason, Biden opens up a new front in the COVID-19 vaccination war. It can cause a more serious respiratory illness and be transmitted by both vaccinated and non-immunized people.

However, those vaccinated are more protected from becoming seriously ill and dying from the virus.

Even in nations where immunization against Covid-19 has advanced, infections of the disease have increased again. Situation attributed to the delta variant initially detected in India. The epidemiological authorities of the United States also warn of this after their recent investigation.

Likewise, the investigation asserts that there is a greater risk of hospitalization and death in the face of the new strain. This is among the older age groups compared to the younger ones, regardless of the inoculation status.

The CDC report notes that fully immunized people can transmit the virus to other individuals. A factor that changes the equation.

The document indicates that a vaccinated person could become infected. But the same sources emphasize that those who have received the immunization table are much more protected. It also considers that infections among those immunized are relatively low.

Furthermore, the research underscores that the unvaccinated are three times more likely to contract the virus. And ten times more likely to become seriously ill or die.

Against this background, the document of the U.S. health authorities recommends prevention measures. They include making vaccines mandatory for healthcare professionals and returning to the universal use of masks.

Taken together, the data collected by the CDC calls into question the country’s plans to return to offices and schools this fall. In addition, they revive questions about virus tests and other precautions that citizens are hoping to be left beside.

The data and studies cited in the report were vital in the recent health recommendations of the country. The CDC had pointed out that immunized people no longer needed to wear masks.

They reversed their guidelines when they asked that all citizens, vaccinated or not, wear masks. They did it when the document that explains the new panorama was not yet public. This raised questions among the population.

That same day, U.S. President Joe Biden urged local governments to pay people to get the vaccine. And to establish new rules that require federal workers to present proof of vaccination. Or get regular tests for the virus, as we already mentioned. As well as rules on the use of masks and travel restrictions.

Republican Resistant

Some of the most prominent figures in the Republican Party are resisting the government’s new recommendations. Among them, the use of face masks to prevent COVID-19 infections. Biden opens up a new front in the COVID-19 vaccination war, but Republicans resist the new front.

Republican leaders responded hostilely with a defiant tone to the new recommendations of the health authorities. They say that even immunized people should continue to wear masks.

The fierce reaction reopened the “culture war” around restrictions associated with the pandemic when efforts to convince people to get the vaccine to seem to be paying off.

Encouraged by Donald Trump, the response reflects the resistance of many Republican voters to restrictions. Restrictions designed to contain a virus that they believe represents minimal risks. In passing, the party exploits the growing frustration over the marches and countermarches of the health authorities.

However, resistance to wearing a chinstrap has real consequences in a country desperately trying to put the pandemic behind. Outside of vaccines, there are very few tools other than masks and social distancing. These are to prevent infections of the delta variant of the virus, which according to studies, is much more contagious than the original strain.

Many Republican leaders, however, block preventive measures. They are complicating efforts to prevent outbreaks in conservative communities. At least 18 Republican-ruled states take steps to ban vaccination “passports.” Or to prevent public entities from requiring proof that a person has got the vaccine. Some prohibited schools from requiring students and teachers to wear masks or to get the vaccine.

In announcing its recommendations, the CDCs mentioned alarming data. Immunized people can pass the delta variant to others, just like those who have not been vaccinated. They also recommended that teachers, staff, and students wear masks inside schools, even if they have been vaccinated. The reaction of the Republicans was immediate.

Biden Achieves Vaccination Goal

With a month’s delay, the U.S. reached Biden’s vaccination goal. Due to this delay, Biden opens up a new front in the COVID-19 vaccination war. Will it be late?

The United States reached the goal announced by President Joe Biden for the coronavirus vaccine on Monday. At least with a dose to 70% of the country’s adult population, almost a month after the date set for it.

Biden had set the goal for July 4 last, Independence Day. This was the target date to have 70% of the adult population vaccinated. But the decrease in the rate of vaccination led to the postponement of the goal. The vaccination rate declined, particularly in the politically conservative southern and midwest regions. As well as among the youngest population, the lowest income, and racial minorities.

On the other hand, a rebound in the vaccination rate was observed in the last weeks in the most affected regions. Regions affected by the latest wave of coronavirus, driven by the much more contagious and deadly delta strain.

Final Thoughts

The Delta variant appears to be why Biden opens up a new front in the COVID-19 vaccination war. This variant is affecting all the countries of the globe. The variant is much more lethal, requiring stricter measures.

It seems that the only solution is vaccination, and the United States is looking for that. Biden believes that with a prompt and comprehensive vaccination, the problem will be solved. But the younger generation and the Republican regions seem challenging. Time will tell if the incentives will help the United States vaccinate sectors of the opposition.

What is true is that Biden’s new measures are here to stay, and it will be a matter of time to see if they worked. The United States is one of the countries most affected by COVID-19.

Everything seems to be improving, but the problems came back. The return to the masks and the monetary incentives to get the vaccine are the measures adopted. Could the incentives beat out Republican political interests?

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