Biden Wants To Leave The Afghanistan Debacle Behind

The U.S. was able to end the Afghanistan war, which lasted 20 years. Therefore, now Biden wants to leave the Afghanistan debacle behind since it was so tumultuous. This is so that they can focus more on the Covid-19 pandemic and his administration’s legislative agenda.

Even though there are lingering doubts on how Biden executed his plan to end the war with Afghanistan, people within the White House believe that the American citizens will eventually understand the withdrawal from Afghanistan as a difficult but necessary act.

In this article, you will learn more about the reasons that led Biden to make this decision, where the focus is being placed to move forward after the debacle, the opinion of the people, and the advice of his closest advisors.

Time To Rebuild

Nowadays, the main priority for Biden’s administration is to deal with Covid-19 as well as with infrastructure. Since now, the Afghan war is no longer an issue for the U.S.

Even though Biden decided to pull the U.S. troops from Afghan territory, there were casualties. A terrorist attack that occurred last week left 13 U.S. service members dead.

This also led to a chaotic withdrawal. This, in turn, caused more than one hundred American citizens to be left behind. All of this causes frustration within the Democrats. Because it could lead to repercussions, that is why the Democrats are separating themselves from the current president.

Recent polls suggest that Biden no longer holds as much favoritism as before. This started a little bit before the Taliban was able to take over Kabul. However, Biden’s administration, as well as other people, say that this fall is temporary.

They believe in the ability of the president to rebuild his infrastructure. Also, the political viability of the Democrats will be determined by his social spending plans. He will do this through Congress.

Americans left Afghanistan

Hard Choices

It is no easy feat to be the president. He needs to make a lot of decisions that will affect a lot of people. Nevertheless, Biden is trying to develop solutions for every crisis that arises as soon as possible. He has been doing this since he started his presidency.

Now that the U.S. troops are no longer in Afghan territory, the news has shifted. During this weekend, the news mostly covered the hurricane that is currently battering Mississippi and Louisiana.

Also, there are a lot of children who are going back to classes. So, the mask mandates controversy needs a solution. Meanwhile, after the holiday weekend, Congress will return.

Therefore, Biden’s agenda within the U.S. territory will have a renewed focus. His administration hopes to succeed further in this area.

The Return Of Congress

However, it will not be easy to get Biden’s plan approved during the next month. His legislative agenda could suffer several complications due to this because Congress could very well deny his propositions. That is why Cleaver said that these are pretty delicate times.

This administration needs to deal with several fronts. Not only with the fallout from the withdrawal from the Afghan territory. But also with the legislative battles that are coming next.

This administration still needs to come up with a solution for the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 has resurged again. More deaths and hospitalizations continue to occur all over the country.

There Is Still Room To Breathe

Even though the challenges keep mounting up, Biden’s administration still believes that they have time. Since the midterm campaigns won’t start for another year. There is still time to speed up a campaign for people to get their vaccines.

There is also still time to dispel any worries as regards inflation. Also, if they come to fruition, they will be able to message all of their legislative wins.

In the end, the voters are going to decide whether Biden’s administration was good or not. They are going to decide on all of Biden’s decisions. On working families’ assistance, job creation, and economic recovery.

Also, they will decide how good or bad Biden’s administration handled the Covid-19 pandemic. Biden’s administration believes that the Democrats will have an excellent narrative to give to the American citizens. Anzalone believes that it is always hard to see the results while in the middle of a crisis. However, now there is a whole party working actively to come up with solutions for all of this.

Inevitable Risks

They need such a chaotic and bloody withdrawal from the Afghan territory to avoid the continuous headlines. Otherwise, this strategy could be at risk. The Republicans have been all over social media, putting the competency of the current president into question.

Many congressional committees are led by Democrats who swore to scrutinize this. The fiascos that provoked such a deadly exit from Afghanistan. Also, Biden needs to deal with having to resettle the refugees from Afghanistan. This is already causing pushback from the Republicans.

Thirteen service members lost their lives in the attack that occurred in Kabul. That caused a lot of raw emotion within Laredo. One of the service members was from there. Henry Cuellar is trying to provide them with a complete history of what happened during the war.

As well as the involvement of other presidents. That includes the negotiations that former president Donald Trump conducted with the Taliban because those negotiations are the ones that spearheaded such a deadly exit.

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The President’s Advisory

Cuellar believes that the Independents are the ones in charge of allowing them to win. So, losing their support could prove insufficient for the current administration. He does not believe that the president is advised correctly. Many questions still need proper answers.

However, the current president is still pushing for his political agenda. They are counting on the public siding with the president’s views. Domestic problems need a solution right now. It’s the most important thing right now.

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