Bosses Intend to Fire Employers Who Are Not Vaccinated

Being vaccinated has its advantages and disadvantages, but many people are avoiding the vaccine. Many people do not trust the vaccine, and they have enough reasons to do so with some people. But how is this affecting their professional life? Should the people who don’t want to be vaccinated be allowed to continue normally?

The private business world is different from the public, and other laws rule the stage. However, many legal experts claim that now with the Pfizer vaccine being fully approved by the FDA and the government, employers can legally demand their workers to be vaccinated.

Is This, Right?

One could argue that it is immoral or unethical to make someone do something or fire him, especially when the doing part involves doing it against one’s will. However, there are two sides to every story, and this is not the exception. The employer wants their employees to work all year long. Missing 14 days to be in isolation or quarantine is a loss of money. The vaccine is the solution for them, and if their employees have the vaccine means more productivity, they will use that.

Also, the vaccine has been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration, meaning that it is somewhat safe and many arguments against it are now vague. Corporate leaders need to go full throttle, they have already missed a year, and many cannot afford another year like that. These leaders have decided to use their power and freedom to choose the risks they are willing to take for their businesses.

It is hard to do; maybe risking too much could be a mistake, but risking less than you should be too. That is why unvaccinated workers have become an issue which many want to avoid. If people don’t get the vaccine and get infected, they might miss two or three weeks of work due to being infected or having close contact, which could hurt their work.

It is also true that bosses care about your safety and health, but they are not pursuing that. They are dealing with a challenging situation where they need to do whatever they can to have positive numbers. Also, if the nation is healthier, the economy is healthier, meaning more considerable earnings. So, the bottom line is that their motivation is not your well-being but the company’s earnings.

Over the last couple of months (during summer), bosses sent many memos to their employees about vaccination requirements. Employers are forcing workers to vaccinate to work fully. Other employers, on the other hand, demand that workers have at least one shot. There are different requirements, but companies and businesses are asking workers to get the shot to work. The situation, as mentioned earlier, is the case with many people working consumer face-to-face interactions jobs. Some jobs require employees to be in contact with customers. Jobs, where the customers and employees are in contact could put an employee’s health at risk.

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Necessity of Vaccination

There is no denying the fact that a vaccine against Covid-19 is a necessity. The Delta variant is more dangerous than the previous one. The world will defeat the Coronavirus when at least 70% of the population is vaccinated. Without reaching the 70% vaccination rate, the risk of the pandemic continuing will remain.

Desperately Fired Man Office Worker Employee Hands Her Employer

Now, the Coronavirus is threatening to send us into lockdown again. Many are not in a position where they can close again, so many businesses do everything in their power to avoid it. There has been a significant improvement in employment rates after 2020. In the whole country, the jobs are at 96% of their pre-pandemic levels. However, if the delta variant continues to hurt people, this number could decrease significantly.

What do People Say About It?

As you may or may not know, many people are in favor of the mandated vaccination. The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs made a poll where they found out that 50% of the workers favored and supported the idea of mandate vaccination. There is a 26% of people against the idea of mandated vaccination. However, both parties have reasonable arguments, and it will be difficult to change their minds. Changing jobs is an option and is being considered for most people who don’t want to get vaccinated.

There is a freedom issue. Many people argue that forcing them to get the vaccine is against their rights. Experts claim that the Covid-19 will become part of the regular vaccination curriculum. Companies and business owners are forcing their employees to take de vaccine. Here is a list of the companies that demand it:

  • Walt Disney
  • Ford Motor
  • Google
  • Goldman Sachs
  • McDonald’s
  • AT&T
  • Capital One
  • GM
  • Facebook
  • MGM Resorts
  • Johnson & Johnson

These companies and many more are trying to fight against the anti-vaccination group and end the pandemic.

The Bottom Line

Since there is a lot of hesitation about the vaccine, employers realize that their workers could be in quarantine and working from their homes again, like last year. And they are not willing to do it all over again. Companies lost too much money to afford another year in lockdown. And, to avoid it, the vaccine is the solution. The case exists where employees could start legal action against employers for forcing them to take the vaccine.

Factory owners and business owners seem to be bent on firing employees that don’t take the vaccine. By firing the unvaccinated, they are going to achieve healthy work environments and also more vaccinated people.

These are challenging times for businesses, and they simply cannot afford to waste another year. There might be legal or ethical issues, but they are doing whatever is in their hand to make it work and leave this pandemic behind. We hope for the situation to evolve and develop in a positive way for all of us.

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