Cannes Film Festival In 2021: All You Need to Know

Who does not know about Cannes? Well, we all know about the Cannes film festival. It takes place in southern France. The small town of southern France known as Cannes is booked for the festival every year. Celebrities from all over the world are invited and expected to attend the prestigious festival. The process of the Cannes film festival is a bit different from what we see today in other festivals.

The film festival of Cannes does not work like Oscars. Rather they are much more flexible. Anyone and anybody is allowed to submit their film to the Cannes film festival. Once the submissions are closed, the twelve days are reserved. Afterward, in these twelve days, people from the cinema industry gather together, view and judge the film. Thus, each film is given an equal chance to be selected and viewed for the festival.

When did the Cannes Film Festival Start in 2021?

The Cannes film festival took place back in 2019. After 2019, the pandemic happened, and we all know that for all the right reasons, 2020 Cannes got canceled. 2020 was a crucial year in social gatherings, but the Cannes film festival made sure to return in 2021. Usually, the film festival takes place in May every year.

However, this time around, the festival was delayed till July. So it finally kicked start on the 6th of July. We were able to see all the relevant and important personalities at the festival. The social distancing and covid19 SOP’s didn’t allow the management to host big gatherings. However, the event was still a breeze of fresh air for all of us, especially for the people who live in Cannes.

How the Cannes Film Festival Works

The Cannes film festival is of its kind. The Cannes film festival is a place for dreamers. However, Cannes isolates out its official choices into categories. The movies within the primary competition are qualified for the Palme d’Or, Terrific Prix, and the Jury Prize. There are two grants for best brief and acting, coordinating, and screenplay grants for the most competitive.

Introduced in 1978, the Un Certain Respect area could be a parallel competition that emphasizes non-traditional stories. The title can be interpreted as: “from a distinctive angle.” A monied Amazing Prix was included in this segment in 1998. Victors get this give to assist with worldwide dissemination. Supporters can get absent wearing commerce casual dress or shorts and a T-shirt, given shoes or shoes worn as footwear.

“Don’t wear flip-flops as a few of the humorless security goons have been known to require issue with these,” the location peruses. At night and for extravagant debut occasions, black-tie clothing is frequently a requirement. The festival is a place to meet the entire film entirety, whether they are media students of some film school, media powerhouses, or veteran actors. Thus, if one is into films and fashion Cannes film festival is a must to follow.

What is the Purpose of the Cannes Film Festival?

Cannes film festival is considered to be the number one film festival when it comes to diversity. Talking about diversity, the Cannes film festival is a bridge between international cinema and new filmmakers. The event provides great opportunities for talented young artists. Famous filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh were launched at Cannes. It is the event where you would find a next-level international celebrity and a new artist who is eager to show his talent.

This acceptance of diversity is the reason behind the popularity of Cannes. The diversity and chance to new talent is a purpose of the Cannes Film Festival. The festival allows people with dreams to come forward and test their luck. As the Cannes Film festival is a “melting pot of creativity,” there is a lot that goes under the sheets of the festival which empower a common person with the talent to grow.

On the other hand showcase of fashion and celebrities is also now an emerging purpose of the event. Cannes is considered to be the place where people with certain dressings can attend the event. The management makes sure not to allow anyone on the red carpet that does not fulfill the courtesy of its famous dressing. Celebrities on the red carpet show up and get pepped by the photographers and paparazzi.

What Makes the Cannes Film Festival Special?

The Cannes film festival is famous for focusing on” ‘keeping the boundaries blur” of cinematic art. The concept of blur boundaries goes back to 1939 when the leading film festival was the Venice film fest. The festival used to take place in Italy. At that festival, European (German and Italian) movies were given the award, and French movies got rejected. This hurt the sentiments of the French people, and they boycott the Venice film festival. When France thought of launching its film fest and for the first time in 1939, France hosted a film festival. From then onwards, the rest is history, but Cannes became the benchmark of pure talent.

The talent with no strings attached, where your nationalism, status, or personality would come afterward, and your passion for films would come first. Each year nearly 2000 films got submitted to Cannes. All those get viewed by the Jury. Only 50 of the feature films and 10 short films make it to the final event. Other several movies get “sidebar” screenings of international critic week and directors fortnight. Whereas it is a greatly huge bargain to win a grant at Cannes, there are other prizes to be had as well. The screenings themselves are a major angle of the celebration, a put for modern movies, modern craftsmen, and unused imaginative approaches to be seen by the individuals who matter within the film world.

Cannes Film Festival

Who Selects the Films That Screen at Cannes?

There are eight core jury members of Cannes. The members of the Jury are either French or foreign. The jury members are chosen based on their contribution to the world of art. Along with the jury members, there is a president. As the movie gets submitted, the jury members vote for it. The vote is either against or in favor of film in the secret ballot box. Each year, the Cannes Film Festival board of directors chooses a different jury from a wide range of international artists.

In 2020, American filmmaker Spike Lee was announced as the jury president, the first person from the Africa diaspora to hold the position; the event was suspended before the Jury was announced. In 2019, the jury president was Mexican writer-director Alejandro González Iñárritu. You can see the complete list of last year’s jurors here. The process of Cannes film screening is pretty fluid and convenient.

The movies at Cannes are either competing for price or are at the finalized stage of selection, or they are out at screening, and you can watch it after purchasing the ticket. But those are just the awards given by the official juries. The famous sidebars, The Directors’ Fortnight and International Critics Week (Semaine de la Critique) give out their awards. Both have different criteria for selection, showcasing works from emerging directors and art-house cinema. And the winners of these awards are just as hotly discussed and debated.

Where does the Cannes Film Festival Happen?

The Cannes film festival was originally called the international film festival. It is after 2002 the management changed the name. The name change took place after Cannes helped the film festival in gaining massive popularity. The film festival takes place in France. Southern France has a small city called Cannes where the film festival is held every year. Each year Cannes film festival is held in May.

However, in 2020 the festival got canceled due to covid-19. The 2021 final Cannes festival took place in July instead of may due to some delay in the schedule. Even though the celebration isn’t open to the open, the city is still a goal for cinéphiles worldwide. Parallel screenings that shadow the most celebrated, known as sidebars, have tickets accessible for buy.

For those doing trade, going to the celebration may be a must each year. And for producers, specialists, and on-screen characters, the event may be a put to find unused ability and the most recent patterns. Cannes may be a put to come and encounter the aggregate of the film world: film school understudies, a craftsmanship house cinema, experienced producers, and industry powerhouses.

How Can You Attend the Cannes Film Festival?

The Cannes film festival is not open to the general public. The members of the film industry and professionals of filmmaking are granted special accreditations for entry. The people with the invitation are allowed to enter by the management. Indeed in an ordinary year, most people can’t go to the official choices for the film celebration. Cannes confines get to its official scenes, with most of its offerings not open to the common open.

As it were, certain bunches can apply for “accreditation,” which in celebration speech implies get to to the official offerings. These are isolated into a few categories.

For illustration, film experts can apply to forget to occasions at all the celebration scenes. Workers of film companies can apply to the Marché du Film, a film advertisement that will be put online this year in June. Other tracks exist for industry experts, counting a Maker’s Arrange, industry workshops, and a brief film corner.

However, suppose you are a filmmaker and looking to get into the Cannes film festival. In that case, we can help you understand the procedure. The following procedure would help you to know how you can submit your film to the festival. Once submitted, you might enter the prestigious film festival of France. So the process of submission includes:

  • Comply with the Pre-selection Conditions.
  • Fill out the online Passage Form.
  • Upload your film online (for brief films)
  • Send your film (including movies) to the address demonstrated at the foot of the Section Form.
  • If your film is chosen, you must comply with the Festival’s Rules and Directions.

On the off chance that you happen to live in Cannes, the celebration permits inhabitants to apply for Cinéphiles accreditation. This category gives to get to official determinations and sidebars at select settings, as well as a few screenings within the Palais. Cinéphile organizations and instruction bunches can apply for this accreditation as well.

The Bottom Line 

Cannes Film festival is a festival which is not very usual around. If one has a passion for filmmaking or loves fashions and wants to know about recent trends, this one is a must to follow. The red carpet looks of celebrities, prized movies, and screened movies are phenomenal. The sidebars are open for the public to purchase a ticket and watch the screened movies.

If you are passionate about filmmaking, this festival can be a breakthrough in your career. Submit your film here if you want to make it big in the filmmaking industry. The film would not only get the desired recognition, but at the same time, it would allow you to meet with international filmmakers and filmmaking professionals from all over the world.

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