CDC and FDA Warn Against Delta-8 Cannabis Products

Delta 8 cannabis products are available in the form of Gummies and vape cartridges. The products are now famous, and perhaps you are wondering about what they are all about. The article will give you insights into the delta eight cannabis and why the CBD and FDA recently issued a warning.

Cannabis products do not have an FDA regulation and may expose you to some adverse effects. You, therefore, have to be careful about the delta eight cannabis products because they belong to the cannabis family.

According to the recent reports from FDA and CDC, consumers should be worried when consuming the Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)due to its adverse effects.

Delta 8 is among the compounds available in cannabis plants and causes a less potent high, resembling delta 9. It is the bit of research existing about the products that make all the advertising and marketing practice to be questionable. Furthermore, many emergency cases are implicating Delta 8 cannabis products.

Why are Delta Eight Cannabis Products Questionable?

A report from December 2020 and January 2021 confirms that FDA received over 22 statements concerning the delta eight consumers who had emergency issues. In addition, 14 more people within the same period ended up in hospitals after taking Delta 8 products.

From a global report, poison control centers have received over 600 calls, raising concern about delta eight exposure from January 2021. The information about the kids under 18 propelled the FDA and CDC to take such an action.

Ingestion of a large amount of Delta 8 will cause issues with lethargy, slurries of speech, and changes in the heart rate. The ingestion of a large amount of delta eight will also cause cases such as sedation, coma, and increased heart rate.

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Is The Delta Eight Cannabis Legal Like CBD?

It depends on the nation that you are coming from since some states legalize Delta 8 products. According to FDA, delta’s eight products are legal, and they are ranked as cannabis products.

Furthermore, they share the same market as CBD products. You should, therefore, check with your countries regulations to confirm if the products are authentic.

There are issues about the labeling of the drugs because they might not be clear. The brands will label the products like hemp, and you may not even realize if they are taking delta eight products. FDA does not approve hemp or cannabis due to the risk. They are worried about the marketing strategies, yet they have a high concentration.

The Agency is concerned with the marketing strategies that may make the products appealing. Yet, they can pose serious health issues to the consumers. They are delicious-looking gummies that may entice kids to take them.

Delta 8 products follow a different manufacturing process, while hemp has a minimal delta 8 THC. You will need additional chemicals that will convert the cannabinoids into hemp.


Delta-8 is out there, and despite marketing claims that it only produces a slightly high, it can have real psychoactive effects, according to the CDC. It could also be poorly labeled, causing users to unknowingly eat delta-8 (and take a higher dose of psychoactive substances than planned). Delta-8 items should not be in a place that kids can access because they can cause harm to them. Lactating parents should be concerned about the potential impacts of delta-8 products. It is advisable to consult a doctor in such cases.

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