COVID-19 Cases Growing in The U.S.A: The Reasons Revealed

COVID-19 cases are growing in the U.S. considerably. Cases are increasing, and concern is growing in all central states. Officials are awaiting further updates to take action. U.S. health officials said the contagious Delta variant has quickly become the most dominant strain of coronavirus in the country. Amid warnings that authorities could restrict the full reopening of the U.S. economy.

Several cities are asking immunized people to resume wearing masks in public places. Experts warn of profound resistance to vaccines in some areas of the country. The concern is growing over the spread of the Delta variant in the United States. A doubling of coronavirus cases has been reported in the last three weeks; people believe that the leading cause lies in the increased contagiousness of this strain.

Specialists also attribute the increase to the resistance to vaccination in specific sectors and the Independence Day celebrations. There was concern within the White House about the Independence Day celebrations. But the fact is that nobody considered the possibility of canceling the main event in Washington.

But only guests were advised to attend the festivities after a negative PCR test was performed. The other factor involved in the increase in cases is the profound resistance to vaccines. The five states that evidenced the most significant jump in infections are those with the lowest vaccination rates.

Missouri, 45.9%; Arkansas, 43%; Nevada, 50.9%; Louisiana, 39.2%; and Utah, 49.5%. More than 99 percent of people who died of COVID-related causes in June did not get the vaccine. Approximately one-third of Americans do not have to get the vaccine, and they are at risk against the Delta variant.

Delta Variant

The covid-19 pandemic caused this week in Europe and the United States a dramatic increase in cases. Due to the presence of the Delta variant, according to official data from different countries. However, the number of diagnosed cases only reflects a fraction of the actual number of infected people. And comparisons between countries have to be made with caution as testing policies vary from one country to another.

Not even in the countries with the fastest vaccination campaigns does the Covid-19 pandemic give no respite. The United States is one of the countries with the most excellent access to and availability of vaccines. They are suffering from the new acceleration of cases due to the Delta variant. Which is spreading especially among the non-immunized population. President Joe Biden expressed his concern about the high percentage of residents who refuse to get the vaccine.

Europe is not exempt from this problem. The Delta variant is the majority in almost all countries, as is the case in Spain. It mainly affects young people who have not to get the vaccine. More than half of the Spanish population has already got the vaccine.

If there were a race in the United States between the Delta variant of Covid-19 and vaccines against the virus, the variant would be winning. According to the latest CDC figures, this type of Covid-19 already accounts for 83% of newly detected cases.


The problem is that a large segment of the U.S. population does not want to be vaccinated. CDC data confirm that the percentage of new Covid-19 cases caused by the Delta variant is higher than 83%. This data is in areas of the country with lower vaccination rates.

¨According to Wednesday’s report from the World Health Organization (WHO), there were nearly 3 million cases of coronavirus last week. A 10% increase–accompanied by a 3% increase in deaths. The most significant number of cases were in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom¨.

The agency said in its report that the Delta variant is already present in 111 countries. Also, this variant will become dominant globally in the coming months because it is highly contagious. It seems that the COVID-19 cases growing in the U.S. is because of this Delta variant.

In addition, the WHO warned that more transmissible versions of the virus could emerge. They also anticipated that due to “the relaxation and inadequate use of social and public health measures,” as well as “greater mobility and social mixing,” many countries will record a more significant number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths shortly.

Back To Masks

Due to the COVID-19 cases growing in the U.S., health authorities in Los Angeles, California, and St. Louis, Missouri, are asking immunized people to resume wearing masks in public places.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Illinois, authorities announced yesterday that travelers who don’t get the vaccine from Missouri and Arkansas would have to stay at home for ten days or have a negative Covid-19 test.

Despite the recent increase, U.S. cases have not approached the quarter million per day peak recorded in January. In terms of deaths, meanwhile, there are fewer than 260 per day on average, after more than 3,400 during the northern winter, figures that demonstrate the effectiveness with which the vaccine can prevent severe illness and death.

The policy recommending facemasks in enclosed spaces has come back into effect in the United States. The CDC’s decision comes when the country is experiencing a significant increase in cases of covid-19.

¨The situation has become particularly alarming in states with low vaccination rates, mainly in the country’s southeastern part. For regions with a high level of infection, the CDC makes a new recommendation. They recommend people to wear a facemask in enclosed spaces even if they are vaccinated¨.

They also recommend that students wear masks when returning to school. The use of masks has been a controversial issue in the U.S. and has been politicized since the pandemic. So this new recommendation opens a new front of debate in the country with more cases and deaths from covid-19 globally.

Although vaccinated people “are at lower risk” of becoming infected, becoming seriously ill, or dying from covid-19, the CDC indicates that there are new “worrisome” studies that indicate that they can be transmitters of the virus, particularly of the Delta variant.

The viral load of this variant in a vaccinated person is similar to that of an unvaccinated person. However, they are not at the same risk of becoming seriously ill or dying. Mask use is also particularly recommended in all settings for people who are immunocompromised.

Also, they have conditions that aggravate the transmission of covid-19. It is also recommended for unvaccinated persons and children. So the CDC now recommends its use in schools, which will resume face-to-face activities in the coming weeks.

A Divisive Issue

Last May, President Biden said the U.S. had reached the “big day” of lifting the recommendation of masks for fully vaccinated people. But it is the state authorities who have the power to issue their rules on mandatory or non-mandatory use of masks, so the policy is not general across the country.

Both authorities and citizens in certain states have criticized the “imposition” of guidelines. Guidelines are related to the use of masks, social distancing, and vaccination against covid-19. COVID-19 cases growing in the U.S. may be a determinate issue at this point.

Conservative states, where vaccination rates are low and infections are on the rise, have resisted mandating the mandatory use of masks. Even Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Vermont have issued laws prohibiting schools from requiring facemasks. The opposite has occurred in California and New York, where mandates for their use have been issued.

Obligatory Vaccination, The Solution?

President Biden told reporters Tuesday that he is “considering” requiring all four million federal employees to be vaccinated. New York Governor also announced Wednesday that all healthcare workers in contact with people must be vaccinated by September. The measure responds that, in recent weeks, about 97% of patients were admitted to hospitals.

So far, only 49% of the U.S. has already got the vaccine. Far short of Biden’s target of 70% vaccination by this month. It appears that the Biden administration may consider implementing measures to encourage people to get the vaccine. This is a scorching topic in the country. COVID-19 cases growing in the U.S. play a challenging role in this decision.

Final Considerations

The Delta variant is wreaking havoc everywhere it goes. The United States is no exception to the rule. The country is in a period of suffering due to the increase in cases. COVID-19 cases growing in the U.S. is because of this variant. U.S. authorities are awaiting further updates to take action.

In some states, the return to school seems to be against new cases, but it depends on each state. The new CDC recommendations also play an essential role in the country. There are many new recommendations, but the only thing that seems to be stable is the increase in cases.

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