Covid 19 Test at Home: Accuracy and Authorization

As we all know, the world is now in chaos because of a vicious pandemic. Covid 19 virus is the ultimate cause behind it. Day by day, the number of affected people is growing even more. It is spreading at a maximum rate, and there is no assumption about its cure. But, the virus itself is not the only reason behind such a massive pandemic situation. People were pretty ignorant about its serious capability and didn’t follow proper social measures. But things are getting more disciplined as everyone has started to realize its influence. To ensure everyone’s safety, a covid test is essential, even if there are any minor symptoms. But, getting outside or passing through a crowd may turn the situation backward. So, Covid 19 Test at Home is the perfect solution to maintain proper safety.

It is even more critical because of the lockdown period. Today, we are to talk about covid, test from home, and its potential accuracy. Not to mention, we will talk about the procedures and authorizations as well. Let’s get into the discussion.

Here’s How Covid 19 Home Test Work

In the early covid-19 situation, people only thought about testing covid in the hospital. It is pretty reasonable as every disease needs to be checked up by specialists with proper medical equipment. It is not possible to go from one place to another because of covid’s spreading factors. Public transportation is also a crowded place that is not entirely safe to go through. So, the global health organizations are offering the latest Covid 19 Test at Home procedures. Thus, a person can quickly test their covid 19 conditions along with keeping others safe.

The procedures may be different depending on the provider or country. You can either ask for a volunteer group to help or hire a personal expert to do the job. First, you have to contact the lab or administration team and get an appointment. You may have to go through an online survey or F2F conversation. After confirmation, you have to complete the fee payment. In most cases, any local payment option is allowed. They will provide a sample collection procedure with proper safety instructions.

You will get a sample collection kit that usually asks for a nasal swab or saliva as a sample. Collect the sample maintaining the instructions. Hand it over to the collecting team and wait for the test result. It takes a couple of days to a more extended period depending on the lab facilities and communication availability. You are likely to get an online result when the test gets done.

The Different Types of At-Home Tests That You Should Know

Moreover, there is no distinct duration on how long does coronavirus lasts. It can be a couple of weeks to months. So, identifying the factors is pretty essential for the covid test. Depending on their test mechanism, there are two available procedures for now. Either antigen or molecular. Some may use different mechanisms as well. The initial causes of covid-19 are nausea, fever, minor pain, cold, fatigue, and more.

Not all the available tests are fully authorized and experimented with, but the pandemic worsens day by day. So, private agencies are offering these tests to expand the civil health service. Let’s have a look at some of the famous and authorized at-home services for covid testing.

Abbott’s BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test

It is one of the fastest covid testing procedures. Although, it gets done a couple of times accordingly to ensure the result accuracy. The FDA has accepted it for quite a time. Not to mention, it is one of the most successful ones as well. It takes only 15 minutes to complete the test. People with no covid symptoms can also collect the necessary equipment and do a regular check-up.

Cue’s COVID-19 Test for Home and Over the Counter Use

Unlike most regular tests, this process follows a molecular check-up. Because of such a testing mechanism, it provides more accurate results. Also, it requires only a tiny portion of the genetic sample to use as a test object. This test is yet to be available globally but pretty promising already. It takes about 20 min to complete each Cue test.

Ellume’s COVID-19 Home Test

This test procedure is the first one to get authorization. It uses an antigen technology that needs viral protein to complete the test. The government has spent more than $230 million to improve its commercial availability. Usually, it cost around $30. Not to mention, the test duration is pretty fast as well. The test can be done within 15-20 minutes.

Quidel’s QuickVue At-Home OTC COVID-19 Test

Another popular antigen test procedure is pretty similar to a pregnancy test. The result comes through color paper. You can test this one once every 24 hours. It takes 2-3 days with multiple tests to confirm the accuracy.

Lucia’s COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit

It is another famous molecular covid 19 test at home. The accuracy is pretty good on this one. Thus, the cost is higher as well. It costs around $50. It is available to several test providers. But mass production is still under development. Hopefully, it will be available pretty soon.

What Home Covid 19 Test Should You Use?

There are many covid 19 tests available from different health service providers. Depending on their accuracy and test procedure, the cost also goes up and down. Among many tests, the molecular test would provide more accuracy. But they are also a little bit costly.

So, an antigen test would be more cost-effective. Abbott’s test is fast and pretty accurate. Although, availability is an issue. If there is any service provider in your area, then try to grab them. On the other hand, Ellume’s is the best option because of its massive availability. It costs around $30, and most providers offer this test as well.

Moreover, different local test providers may offer certain government-issued test facilities. You can take any of them comparing the affordability and test accuracy. Make sure to take only if they have complete license papers.

How Accurate is the Covid 19 Home Test?

Accuracy is the most essential part of a Covid 19 Test at Home. If the accuracy is below average, then it will cause more trouble than raising awareness. However, most test results come through FDA authorization to get commercial acceptance. Even though the lab’s experimental results are pretty high, it does not match actual results. Lab experiments show that the accuracy rate is over 80%, but practical results are below that level. Even so, the results are not that bad either. They are pretty above average.

Among many test procedures, antigen and molecular tests are the most popular ones. An antigen test is an affordable and popular system where molecular is still rising in the market. Regarding that, antigen does not provide a pretty high accuracy score. Research has shown that it misses many symptoms other than exact covid 19 symptoms. On the other hand, molecular tests use more profound genetic identification. Thus, they have higher accuracy than antigens. You can go for any of them but make sure to do a couple of tests to justify the result and its accuracy.

At-Home Covid 19 Test

The At-Home Covid 19 Test That You Don’t Need to Be Sent to a Lab?

A Covid 19 test at home can be done entirely at home. There will be no need to send samples to the lab. If you do a manual test where the lab requires a sample, you have to send them. Else, a home test kit does not require sending samples. It can be done fast enough without worrying about time and place.

Among our mentioned tests, several verified ones are already available for commercial usages. Among them, Abbott’s covid-19 test and Quidel’s test can be done at home. Abbott’s test result comes out with a bit of a device that is as small as a credit card. On the other hand, Quidel’s test is like a pregnancy test that shows results through color-changing paper. Lucia’s test is another one that comes with a complete package but costs a little. Usually, it costs around $50.

There are a couple of other tests that will show the result at home. Moreover, a new testing kit is expected to be available in the market. They would be efficient and easy, just like a diabetes checking kit. Until then, these two test procedures are the most trustable ones for complete home checking.

The Future of Covid 19 At-Home Testing Look Like?

Surprisingly, the new testing devices will come to the market shortly. As for now, Covid 19 Test at Home is yet to be entirely successful. Most of the kits are still not good enough. They are decent to do the job, but the accuracy or work efficiency needs an upgrade. Many service providers and researchers have given ideas along with possible upgrade information.

They stated that more test kits with more profound working power are going to be introduced. Their factor consideration, symptoms identification, and verifying test subject accuracy will be up to mark. So, all we can expect is more affordable and powerful covid 19 test kits for home usages are coming shortly. If the vaccine comes in time, you may get the Covid-19 vaccines along with the test kit as a complete package.

Are Covid 19 At-Home Tests Available Yet?

Yes, it is. Even after authorization, many test procedures are still out of commercial debut. Moreover, Covid 19 Test at Home needs a complete package to get the result rather than a partial sample test. Depending on the local allowance, the test variants will be different. Also, private test providers may offer different global kits. But, make sure to get a review on the test kits. Most of them cost a good chunk of money.

So, stay at home because of lockdown rules or safety measures. You can get a test kit from the local dispensaries or test service providers. They are available at an affordable price. If possible, try to grab a molecular test over an antigen test. Molecular tests have higher accuracy that will help you to get a good look at your situation. If you go for an antigen one, then verify its authority and accuracy rate.

Does the FDA authorize COVID-19 Home Tests?

Talking about authorization, it is a bit complex for a Covid 19 Test at Home. The home test does not require any distinct rules or policies. As long as it does the job, the FDA accepts it. As a rule, stated, every covid 19 test has to be verified by the FDA. Without satisfying all their terms and policies, a test will not get verification. Some tests may get recognition, but they have to maintain specific standards to get commercial authorization.

Regarding that, most of the commercially available tests are authorized by FDA. If you check their license statement, then it will be there. Although, many private service providers are offering custom and personal test procedures along with kits. Not all of them are authorized by the FDA. They may seem reasonable enough in some cases, but there is always a potential risk of scams and piracy.

FDA has the authority and sufficient tools to give a verdict on a test kit and its effectiveness. So, it is necessary to get verified by them. Check out every test’s license document to make sure of their verification.

Final Thoughts

As Covid 19 is getting more effective every day, it is necessary to take necessary safety measures. Moreover, it should be done before getting too late to react. The Covid-19 Vaccines are yet to be discovered. Millions of people are affected, and the number is increasing along with time. So, health safety comes first. To do so, keeping distance and avoiding crow is the very first step. Because of that, people are staying at home and out of close contact.

In such a situation, people may still get it from minimal contact. If there are any symptoms of Covid 19, a proper test is necessary. In that case, a Covid 19 test at home is the only available solution. Manual testing is likely not possible because of the large number of cases.

As for the home test, there are many providers. They may offer different types of tests. We have mentioned some of the globally known tests. Although, the fundamental factor is their accuracy and kit availability. Not to mention their authorization. Without verification, there is no guarantee of its effectiveness or performance. You have to make sure to check their FDA license.

The next thing is accuracy. Among many test variants, antigen and molecular tests are the most popular ones. While antigen is affordable and easy to get, it has less accuracy ratio. But, a molecular test has comparably better accuracy. Although, both tests are fast and suitable for a home result. There is no need to send samples for a manual lab test. So, try to follow reviews from others before getting one.

Moreover, keep a test kit right away and continue to check regularly. Even if you have Covid 19, a proper health schedule may save your life. Follow the rules, keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

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