COVID-19 Vaccines Distribution in the U.S. By State

The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world. With a presence in 192 countries and territories, it continues to add infections and claim lives. However, the start of vaccination has helped to reduce the numbers in recent weeks. A handful of countries have set very clear targets for their vaccination campaigns. This is not an easy process, and you need to have some resources to make good campaigns. The United States is one of them, with the Biden administration making vaccination a priority.

It is no surprise that the United States is more advance with vaccination than others. The vast resources of the United States make vaccination much easier. Unlike many other countries, the United States has a large stockpile of COVID-19 vaccines. So much so that it has the ability to donate vaccines to create diplomatic ties.

Three COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed in the USA, one from Pfizer-BioNTech, one from Moderna, and one from Johnson & Johnson. On May 10, the FDA licensed Pfizer’s vaccine for use in children 12 to 15 years of age. Pfizer’s vaccine is the only vaccine licensed for children under 18 years of age in the country.

Approximately 56.8% of people in the United States have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine. Around 49.1% of people got the vaccine. These may seem like very large numbers in comparison to other countries. But we must also take into account the number of inhabitants of the country. Let’s see a general overview of how things are.

Everything was great for the United States a few weeks ago. The ones who got the vaccine were allowed not to use the mask, for example. But in the last few weeks, the picture has changed a bit.

The Joe Biden Administration pretended that 70% of citizens over 18 years get the vaccine of age (one dose). This goal was not achieved due to the high retention of young people. Similarly, 15 out of 50 states already have 70% of adults inoculated.

It has been six months since the United States launched its Covid-19 vaccination campaign. The country has more than 65% of its population over 18 years of age with at least one dose. And nearly 56% of that same group has already got the COVID-19 vaccine. That seems like a big number, but the “anti-vaccine” crowd is still concerned.

Vaccination In The United States

The U.S. coronavirus vaccination plan began to move forward rapidly. However, all indications are that it has now stalled. Although many U.S. states launched incentives for their citizens to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the country is struggling. Population still fighting with COVID-19 vaccines. States, like all countries, prioritize people at risk. Along with those at risk, the country also intends to vaccinate doctors, teachers, and essential persons. The country applies vaccines everywhere. In public places, in stadiums, shopping malls, and even in pharmacies.

We can see significant differences from state to state. Some states with smaller populations in the Northeast are leading the way. While some states in the Southeast and Midwest are lagging. This has a lot to do with the population density of each. By April, the number of people that get the COVID-19 vaccines per day was two million. If this rate were maintained, the United States would have met its target by July. Unfortunately, however, the number has dropped considerably. Today, the government is doing all it can to encourage the population to get vaccinated.

Joe Biden expected 70% of the adult population to be fully vaccinated by July 4. Today, the number of vaccinated is approximately 50%, 20% less than expected. These numbers correspond to approximately 160 million people fully vaccinated. Because of these numbers, Biden urges Americans to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

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With more than 20 million of its adult residents fully vaccinated, California becomes the most advanced state. Texas follows with more than 10 million people vaccinated. Close behind is New York, with just over 10 million as well. Another state that is relatively advance with vaccination is Massachusetts. It has already administered about 7 million vaccines.

The United States is ‘losing time’ in the vaccination race as the delta variant becomes ubiquitous. Covid-19 vaccination rates have dropped, and cases are increasing. COVID-19 Vaccines are available to most Americans for months, but only 48.2% of the country has got the vaccine.

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Final Thoughts

The United States has sufficient resources to vaccinate its entire population. But the problem in the country is not a lack of vaccines. This can be seen in poorer countries. The big problem in the United States is the people who do not want to be vaccinated. This refusal to vaccinate may be due to a lack of confidence in them or simply on a whim. But the reality is that these people are putting Joe Biden on the spot. The White House administration wants more than ever their population to get the COVID-19 vaccine. We all know that the U.S. is one of the countries that suffered the most from the pandemic. The country has a very high number of deaths.

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We will if the rest of the population finally decides to get COVID-19 Vaccines. What is certain is that the resources are there, but the only thing missing is the will to do it. There are so many resources in the country that they also donate vaccines to other countries. This further exposes the U.S. population. Although the government uses them as a diplomatic weapon, what is essential is that people get them. The government’s wish is to beat the pandemic and do so, and they need people to get vaccinated.



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