Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Allegations: What will Happen Now

Cristiano Ronaldo will make his second debut for Manchester United this weekend. After having completed his £19.8 million moves from Juventus last month.

The Old Trafford crowd saw him score 118 goals in 292 appearances and win a string of significant honors at United before leaving for Real Madrid in 2009. They will give him a warm welcome.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has only enhanced his status as one of the greatest players of all time. Since then, he has been winning four Champions Leagues during his time at Madrid.

However, a few years ago, Cristiano’s image was attacked when Kathryn Mayorga, 37, accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape. The model alleges that the footballer raped her in a hotel in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) in 2009. The Portuguese player vehemently denies all the accusations made against him.

Criminal charges were not filled, as prosecutors confirmed that Mayorga couldn’t prove anything more than a doubt. Mayorga’s lawyers have explained that the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment inspired her to speak out. Here is everything you need to know about the Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegations.

Court documents unveiled by The Mirror newspaper claim that the alleged rape took place in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009 after they met that same night at the RAIN nightclub. The model provides a list of witnesses her legal team wants to see testify. This one includes former British star Jasmine Lennard, 35. Here is everything about Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape allegations.


What are the Accusations Against Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal dispute against a woman who accuses him of raping her while she was in the Portuguese player’s suite at a Las Vegas resort more than ten years ago is working in the state of Nevada (USA).

In July 2019, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas, USA, terminated the prosecution against Cristiano Ronaldo. After a lengthy investigation that ended in a statement that there was insufficient evidence on whether he raped model Kathryn Mayorga in 2009.

Now, a U.S. district judge had reopened the case to decide on Mayorga’s mental health when she signed a confidentiality agreement in 2010. This dramatically complicates the Portuguese soccer player’s situation.

The Manchester forward was accused by Mayorga of raping her in his Las Vegas hotel room on June 13, 2009. The former teacher and model signed a secret agreement with the 35-year-old Ronaldo’s representatives a year later. Who paid the woman $375,000? In 2018 Mayorga decided to break her silence and file a lawsuit for bribery and extortion. Which she finally withdrew in May 2019.

Now Judge Jennifer Dorsey will hear arguments and decide whether Kathryn Mayorga was mentally competent to sign that agreement. Suppose the complainant manages to prove that she was not mentally well when she received the money. In that case, the Manchester striker will have to sit in the dock again, charged with the crime of rape.

New Accusations

New information about Mayorga’s demand is here. This woman was the one who denounced Ronaldo for rape. According to her, the soccer player sexually abused her 12 years ago. Finally, in 2019 the case was nothing due to lack of evidence, and the model withdrew the lawsuit. But now, the model is claiming compensation for the damages suffered.

The case came to light in April 2017 and in 2018 lived its most intense moments. The model sued the footballer accusing him of rape and that he had sexually assaulted her. After that, the model and the footballer secretly agreed to pay USD 375,000.

Regarding that agreement, she explained before the courts that she was “mentally incapacitated” when she signed it. But then, the plaintiff dropped the lawsuit in June 2019. Later the case was closed for lack of evidence, and everything was left up in the air.

According to documents accessed by the British site Mirror, Mayorga claims financial compensation commensurate with the consequences she suffered: the model wants 18 million euros.

The striker has publicly denied the allegations. He never appeared in court but left the case in the hands of his lawyers. They want to be famous by naming me. It is part of my job. It is normal. Everything is fine,” he had declared in September 2018.

This article will attempt to expand on previous allegations Cristiano has faced concerning alleged abuse and address more recent ones.

The Bottom Line

The event occurred on the night of June 13, 2009, in Las Vegas. Her job was to be a presence in bars and nightclubs in the city.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was about to sign a millionaire contract with Real Madrid for USD 100 million, spent at least a week in North American. He stayed at the Palms Casino Resort in a suite with a jacuzzi cost around 6,300 euros per night.

One of those nights, the Portuguese decided to go to the VIP section of Rain. This is a nightclub at the Palms Casino Resorts. It was there where he met Kathryn Mayorga, along with other models.

In 2018, the German newspaper Der Spiegel made public the photos of that night. According to the woman, the party moved to the suite of the former Manchester United player. It was there when he took her to another room where the abuse allegedly took place.

Later, according to her word, Ronaldo and his lawyers offered her an out-of-court agreement to keep silent. The amount was 375 thousand dollars. She accepted for fear of any retaliation against her and her family.

This is everything you need to know about the rape accusations against Cristiano Ronaldo. The United striker hopes to resolve this as soon as possible to continue to wreak havoc in the opposition net. United fans are hoping for the same to enjoy the striker to the fullest as they did before.

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