Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test? A Detailed New Guide

The question that people are always asking themselves is, does CBD show up on a drug test? CBD products that are derived from hemp are federally legal. This is because they have deficient levels of THC, which is required by law. Even though some products will claim to be free from THC, contamination might have happened amid manufacturing. Also, some products might have incorrect labeling, which means that THC can be present. All the same, the question remains, does CBD show on a drug test? Keep reading to understand if CBD can show up on the drug test.

Overview of CBD and Drug Testing

What is CBD, and does CBD show up on a drug test? To make sure that we understand this clearly, it is good to understand CBD and its relation to drug testing. CBD is a naturally-occurring compound that is found in cannabis. This is a plant that has a vibrant history as far as the health industry is concerned. Nowadays, the medical benefits of CBD are under scrutiny from doctors and scientists all over the globe. It has been related to several medical benefits, unlike THC, which is known to bring high feelings. All the same, both of these are required to work together to achieve your desired benefits. However, THC comes in tiny amounts of 0.3%, which not enough to get you high.

Now that you have understood what CBD is, the question remains, does CBD show on a drug test, and what is the relation between CBD and drug tests? To answer this question, we have to understand what a CBD drug test is in the first place. From a generic point of view, drug tests offer a technical analysis of some biological specimens. This helps to determine the presence of particular drugs and their unique metabolites. Different methods of testing can be used in detecting different substances. In this regard, employers will choose a viable technique to achieve their objectives.

When performing the drug tests, they won’t screen for cannabis. Instead, they screen for THC, which is known to cause “high” feelings. Most employers will use the urine testing method, which is believed to be the best. The reason for that is that it has the ability to detect so many compounds and substances. Apart from that, it delivers results within a concise span of time. So, does CBD show on a drug test? As we just mentioned, these tests screen for the presence of THC, as opposed to CBD. Low-quality CBD products might, however, make you fail drug tests. That is because they might have higher THC content than the recommended. In this regard, choose CBD products from reputable brands.

How Do Drug Tests for Cannabis Work?

According to reliable sources, drug tests through urine target substances like alcohol, cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and benzodiazepines. Among the most diagnostic tests for cannabis will be the urine test. The urine screening of drugs use antibodies that are designed to latch on specific drugs and their metabolites. When the antibodies screen a drug, they will produce a signal to show that the test is positive. When one tests positive, they might be needed to undergo some follow-up tests.

The confirmatory tests like gas chromatography or mass spectroscopy are more accurate when detecting any drugs and their metabolites. Doctors must also be cautious when analyzing the results since there is a high chance of false negative or positive. Individuals who unexpectedly get positive test results on the urine drug tests must speak with the doctor.

Will CBD Makes You Fail a Drug Test?

The short answer to this question is that it is not likely, but it is actually possible. There is a potential for CBD to give a positive result on drug tests. For instance, recent cases were when employees were fired after failing a drug screening despite using CBD only. You need to keep in mind that urinalysis, which is commonly used for screening drugs in a drug test, will not only search for CBD. These tests will find traces of THC, which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

CBD can contain THC traces, likely to appear on drug screening tests, as you might already be aware. As we explained above, however, the chances that this is likely to happen are very slim. Speaking from a general point of view, CBD consumers should not worry about drug tests. This is especially for cases where they are using CBD from reliable companies.

Does CBD Show on a Drug Test

How CBD Can Cause You to Fail a Drug Test

There are some conditions that the use of CBD can make you have a positive reading after a drug screening test. Below, we highlight some of them;

Using THC products is among the main reasons you will have a positive reading on a drug test. In his case, you can be using a poor-quality product that has THC in it. You should always be cautious about mislabeling since this is the source of all problems. CBD oil that claims to be free from THC is likely to have been sourced from marijuana.

Cross-contamination- it is likely that THC from the source of CBD might get into the final product. This is likely to occur in CBD oil that has been manufactured in locations that handle cannabis, like dispensaries.

CBD breaking into THC after consumption- this can happen even though its occurrence is still under debate. A study conducted in 2016 discovered that CBD was likely to break into THC after being exposed to acidic environments. Gastric acid found in the stomach is likely to make this happen. All the same, a study was done in 2017 disputed the finding. This is why we say that this is still being debated.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD effects are likely to last for up to one and a half hours to so many hours in your system based on how it was consumed. The body turns the CBD into CBD-COOH, which is a byproduct, in hours. After that, it will stick around for at least some days. That should not, however, worry you since there will be no employer screening for CBD-COOH.

CBD vs. THC: What’s the Difference Between Them?

CBD and THC are all cannabinoids that are derived from the cannabis plant. All the same, they are different in several ways, which can influence your purchase. A simple approach to it is that THC is often defined by the feeling that cannabis brings you. On the other hand, CBD will never be felt. The main difference is that CBD will never intoxicate, which is not true for THC.

CBD also has the ability to block different intoxicating effects brought about by THC. After binding with the cannabinoid receptors, it keeps THC free from the activation of these receptors. This, therefore, means that there will be less psychoactive effects. In this regard, products that combine CBD and THC in tiny amounts will be good for starters. You also need to note that CBD alone cannot offer effects. On high doses, CBD will produce a relaxing effect.

Is CBD Legal?

Before sourcing answers to the question of, does CBD show on a drug test, is CBD legal where you reside? Even though the hemp-derived CBD is legal under federal law in the US, it is essential to keep in mind that different state laws are fluid and dynamic. Individual states can enact their laws concerning the distribution and legality of hemp-derived CBD. Depending on the CBD laws in your state, it can affect CBD products available online or in the stores. For this reason, you need to familiarize yourself with the local laws before buying or traveling to other states with the CBD.

The Bottom Line

Does CBD show on a drug test? We hope you got answers to this question as of now. Drug tests will never screen for CBD for the simple reason that CBD does not cause intoxicating effects and is not a controlled substance. However, people using CBD might still fail drug tests. This is possible because products with CBD might be contaminated with the THC or come with improper labeling. Other drugs can interfere with the urine drug screening results and lead to a false positive reading. If you are therefore looking to prevent that, you need to buy CBD products from reliable sources that can ascertain that their products have no THC.

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