Everything You Need for an Ultimate PC Gaming Setup

Do you love gaming? It’s a gamer’s dream to have the ultimate gaming pc. But, many gamers don’t really have extensive knowledge of pc components. Now that’s an issue as you need to buy the best gears for the right price. So, what do you need to build the dream gaming pc? A graphics card, powerful processor, durable motherboard, and many other things are on the list. So, what will you know from us? Everything you need for an ultimate pc gaming setup! Building a powerful and efficient pc is not the easiest thing to do. But, our decorated steps will make it easier for you. Let’s get into them.

What to Consider Before Buying Things for Gaming PC?

Now, what are the things you should analyze and check while buying different gaming PC parts? Some might say performance or price is the most important thing. Here, both of these features are relative. You need to compare the performance across different brands and models. The same goes for the price as well.

As an example, you want to get a graphics card. It can be entry-level or expensive. But, you can get a better overall performance depending on the brand like MSI, ASUS, and so on. Even though the major GPU producers are Nvidia and AMD, the overall performance depends on the brand and their offered models. They might have a better cooling system, durability, and similar bonus attributes. So, you get the comparison concept, right? We will mention these details in the later sections.

The Essentials You Will Need to Build a Dream Gaming PC

Let’s talk about the things you are going to see on the list. We mentioned that our list would contain everything you need for an ultimate pc setup. So, we will suggest different picks like complete pc choice or individual parts. Although, you would need assembly for separate purchase. Besides, we will give you ideas on picking the best product among so many options. Ready to start? Let’s check them out.

An Amazing Pre-Built PC

An Amazing Pre-Built PCEven though we love gaming, most of us lack in pc component knowledge. If you buy different components and gears separately, you must assemble them. Although, most shops do offer free assembly. However, just get a pre-built PC if you don’t want to go through all the hassles.

Usually, pre-built ones are offered by the shops. Although, some brands do offer pre-built pc setup as well. Now, what is different in a pre-built pc? You can get them at a cheaper price because there are less selective or customizable options. You need to make sure that the specification has at least 16GB ram, a powerful gaming processor, a decent graphics card, and a good power supply.

Besides, you also need an HD monitor to enjoy the performance. Moreover, you need a durable motherboard and CPU cooling system to balance the workload. Gaming does require a lot of power and workload. So, you get the idea. Check out the best graphics cards for gaming and the best gaming processors to explore your options.

A Modern Monitor

A Modern MonitorGamers often ignore the importance of having a top-class monitor. No matter how good a pc you have, it is impossible to enjoy it without a great monitor. While gaming, you count the performance/smoothness through the fps you are getting. Even if you have a super expensive CPU, you can get as much FPS as your monitor supports.

An entry-level HD gaming monitor starts from 60HZ(60FPS). There are expensive options like 75, 120, 144, and 240HZ. In addition, it should have a mount, rotatable stand, and several other stability features. So, you better look for the best gaming monitors beforehand.

A Stable and Reliable Keyboard

A Stable and Reliable KeyboardProfessional gaming requires the best response. Even a single second can determine your outcome. Such intense gaming requires the best movement and action control. So, you can’t use a regular keyboard to do so. You need a durable and fast responsive gaming keyboard. In other words, you better use a mechanical keyboard for gaming.

A Graceful Mouse

A Graceful MouseWe mentioned that you need the best movement response in gaming. Every professional gamer uses one of the top 10 gaming mouse. Shooting or royal battle games like PUBG, CS: GO, Apex Legends, and COD require more mouse movement. You miss a move, you lose. A powerful gaming mouse has precise tracking that allows you to get pinpoint shots with fast movement. There are popular brands like Razer, Corsair, Logitech, Ironcat, HyperX, and so on.

A High-Quality Mousepad

A High-Quality MousepadYou need a mousepad to support the mouse movement. It is extremely essential. Your mouse will not be able to move precisely without a mousepad. Moreover, you should get a premium quality mousepad to get the best movement precision.

A Virtual Reality Headset

A Virtual Reality HeadsetDo you want to experience the most lucrative form of gaming? It’s VR, for sure. Nowadays, a lot of games support VR. You can experience the full thrill of those amazing games via a VR headset. They are not expensive. You should get one along with other pc components.

An Xbox Game Pass

An Xbox Game PassPC is not the only gaming platform. You can go for consoles as well. Xbox is one of those popular platforms. You can enjoy some exclusive games along with many other unique features. It is good to have an Xbox game pass as it requires a game pass. You can also get a free pass for 3 months on many occasions. Make sure to have a look at them.

An External Hard Drive

An External Hard DriveWhile getting a pc, you need a hard drive to run it. There are HDD and SSD hard drives. Remember that you need an SSD for dedicated gaming. As you can use multiple hard drives at the same time, it is a good idea to get both HDD and SSD. Installing the games into SSD will give your game much better smoothness. Even more, installing the windows into SSD will give you a much faster overall experience.

A Fantastic Video Capture Card

A Fantastic Video Capture CardNow you don’t want to play all the games yourself, right? You can also share the moments with others. One of the best ways to do so is by sharing your gameplay life or through recordings. In that case, you need a video capturing card. There is much game-capturing software as well. But, the cards have a higher dedicated performance. It will also help you to interact with multiple sharing platforms with the highest performance.

Amazing Speakers for Higher Immersion

Amazing Speakers for Higher ImmersionA major part of gaming depends on its sound performance. Besides, you need the precise sound output to play the games perfectly. Enemy detection and game environment truly shine when you have a precise sound system. In that case, buying a dedicated sound card and speaker is the right solution. Don’t forget to check out some of the best gaming speakers and sound cards.

A Relaxing Chair

A Relaxing Chair

Most gamers spend a lot of time playing different games. Some might even go for hours without taking a break. It can cause several physical issues like back pain. As a solution, you can take a professional gaming chair to feel relaxed while doing all the work.

And Some Amazing Games

And Some Amazing GamesNow, gaming isn’t complete without games! No matter how expensive or professional your gears are, you need games to play with. There are so many games from different categories. You can try open world, RTS, MOBA, Battle Royal, Strategy, and many other game categories. You can check out the best games in 2022 to enjoy the latest games. Don’t forget to explore all the best gaming platforms like steam, Riot, and so on.

Other PC Build Tools

Other PC Build ToolsOther essential you need for an ultimate pc gaming setup is not an expensive item. There are some external tools to build your pc. You can still use the pc without them, but having them will help you more. Mouse bungee is one of them. Moving it around is pretty problematic if you are using a wired mouse. The tool will come in quite handy. Another one is the monitor mount. If you want to set up the monitor on a wall, the mounting tool will be pretty amazing. Webcam is another useful tool for building your gaming pc. If you want to do online sharing, then it will be handy.

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The Bottom Line

We have mentioned everything you need for an ultimate pc gaming setup. A pc requires a processor, motherboard, ram, power supply, monitor, mouse, graphics card, and a few other things. These are major components. We have also mentioned some supportive components later on. Gaming requires so many things to get the best possible performance.

Precision, durability, and performance are all necessary. If you are a dedicated gamer, try to grab the best performance over anything else. It might cost you a bit more, but the satisfaction will be there. If you are a budget gamer, compare the price/price graphs. You can easily track those performance graphs from different gaming pc reviews.

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