Fab CBD Review: High Quality Products Review

Fab has quickly climbed the ladder to become one of the best CBD suppliers in the market. The company is highly reputed, both locally and globally. It has gone to great lengths to ensure the quality and safety of its products. Furthermore, every Fab CBD review out there is a testimony of the company’s prowess in satisfying customer needs. Fab CBD has many years of experience in offering quality products hence its unmatched successes.

Additionally, it was one of the first companies to offer flavored full-spectrum CBD. Because of this, people who didn’t like the initial grassy taste now had an option. Recently, Fab CBD took their product a notch higher. They came up with high-potency products that contain up to 80 milligrams of CBD per millimeter. The option is for people who want quick results and with the intensity, they can handle.

Fab CBD Overview

Fab is one of the companies that offer the best CBD products globally. The company is renowned for providing third-party tested CBD products. Founded in 2014, Fab only offers non-GMO products. The company has never received an FDA warning letter, which means its reputation is quite good. Furthermore, no lawsuits were ever subjected to the company because of the quality or legality of its products. Fab CBD review have consistently given positive comments on the product.

Fab CBD is also known for unmatched transparency and quality. It has maintained a high standard because it chose to specialize in one key area – CBD. Besides, the extraction process used by Fab is public, thus an addition to its transparency. CO2 extraction is the method used to extract Fab CBD Body Salve. The CO2 method was chosen because it doesn’t need any solvents. Thus there are no dangerous products left in the CBD. However, this method of CBD extraction is thought by many to remove significant amounts of terpene from the product.

How we Reviewed Their Products?

We reviewed Fab CBD Products based on how we are used, pricing, and possible side effects and safety. A full-spectrum Fab CBD cream comes in 600 mg per 2. Oz. jar. However, the price varies with the potency of the product. Fab CBD chews, on the other hand, is an isolate-type CBD and comes in chews of 25mg. Additionally, the chews come in containers that carry 30 chews each. Finally, Fab CBD natural full-spectrum CBD oil, 1200 mg, comes in a 30 ml bottle and has traces of THC.

Fab gives its customers several options for choosing their product. Firstly, one can select the product according to how they want to take it. As a result, some choose to apply cream or oil. Also, some clients prefer Fab CBD chews and those would instead take it alongside other foods. Either way, Fab makes sure all its clients get all the CBD value in whichever mode they take it.
Secondly, people have unique needs and demands which they want the CBD to meet. For this reason, they choose a product with a potency that suits their requirements.

However, most users want the product to relieve pain and inflammation. Fab CBD cream meant for this purpose has average strength.
If you think the taste of the hemp bothers you, there are always options you could pick. That includes creams and oils. Moreover, edibles are flavored to suit you, more so naturally occurring flavors. However, most people are not bothered by the taste. Therefore, they take it in its natural form.

What Products Do They Offer?

The company’s products include CBD oil, cream, salve, gummies, vape pens, and dog treats. These products are unique, with the perfect blend of price, potency, and quality. In this Fab CBD review, we’ll discuss these six main kinds of CBD products provided by Fab.


The Fab CBD Oil helps in easing anxiety, pain, and improves sleep. Also, the product is mostly supplied in five flavors; natural, mint, citrus, berry, and vanilla flavor. Choose any that matches your taste. The product is only accessible in 30ml sized bottles. It is taken in 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg options depending on different health demands. If you require to start using the Best CBD oil, begin with the 300mg to test how you react to it. And then, you can take more robust options to acquire more health benefits.

Fab CBD Review: Fab CBD Oil

Additionally, the CBD oil contains MCT oil, which is regarded as a perfect oil carrier, thus efficiently enhancing CBD absorption and other cannabinoids. The oil is extracted using the CO2 method to ensure a quality that is beyond comparison is removed. This method is said to be the most efficient in extracting high-quality oils which may be considered as the best full-spectrum CBD oil.

Key Features

  • Full-spectrum
  • Many options
  • CO2 Extraction method
  • MCT oil

CBD Topical Cream

Users can apply topical CBD cream on their skin to relieve pain and inflammation. It is a good option if you don’t want to inject or eat the product. It contains roughly 600mg of cannabinoid. One of the products in this line, the CBD cream for pain contains aloe Vera and coconut oil that is perfect for skin use. These elements are rich in moisturizing effects that ensure that your skin does not make your skin dry up and eventually crack.

Fab CBD Review: Fab Topical CBD Cream

Additionally, the cream contains Vitamin E that works as an antioxidant, and gives nourishing benefits. Always make sure to only apply on the painful areas because the cream is easily absorbed into your body. The chamomile, cinnamon, and blood orange extract present in the cream produce a refreshing smell.

Key Features

  • 600mg CBD
  • Organically grown Hemp
  • Full-spectrum CBD

CBD Salve

The Body Salve is a type of cream that specifically targets your skin problems and discomforts. And with CBD has shown some promising results in alleviating skin problems, Fab CBD has jumped in with their offering. The Fab CBD body salve is the answer to solving skin-related problems. Fab has been known to be a brand that captures the people’s demand quite well.  The salve is the answer to just that.

Fab CBD Salve

The full-spectrum hemp flower extract is the brand signature for Fab CBD. The same is true for the CBD salve. This cream mixes the CBD with essential oils and fragrance elements. The high-class CBD fights discomforts on the skin and has quite a soothing feeling afterward with the fragrance. Very good attention to detail is the inclusion of Vitamin E which is essential for proper skincare.

Key Features

  • Full-spectrum Extracts for full effect
  • Essential Oils mix
  • Fragrance added
  • Vitamin E for proper skincare
  • Solution for skin Discomfort

CBD Gummies

The Fab CBD Gummies are yummy hemp-infused edibles. They are the most comfortable dose of cannabidiol. Fab purifies this product thoroughly to remove certain plant parts that you may not be comfortable consuming such as the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Because this THC is said to have an intoxicating effect responsible for feeling high. Fab’s offering often considered by some as the Best CBD Gummies can be in doses of 25mg, 10mg, or 30mg. These doses depend on your preference, your body’s reaction to the CBD, and how strong the gummy is.

Fab CBD Review: Fab CBD Gummies

The company supplies its CBD products in different flavors, including; fruity flavors, a slight sour coating flavor, raspberry flavor for sleep, ginger flavor for recovery, and lime flavor for calmness. Health benefits of taking Fab CBD Gummies are; pain relief, reducing anxiety and stress, healthy functioning of the brain, and improving sleep.

Key Features

  • 25mg, 10mg, 30mg CBD per jar
  • Fruity flavors

CBD Vape Pen

We can’t exhaust our Fab CBD review without the FAB CBD vape pen. One can vape this type of CBDs straight into the lungs with the Fab CBD Vape Pen, hence flowing directly into the bloodstream. Thus it is the quickest way to absorb CBD into your body. This product provides a natural relief that lightens severe health conditions.

Fab CBD Vape Pen

The Fab CBD Vape Pen deals with health conditions like anxiety, pain, depression, aches, poor sleep, and stress. Vape pens are efficient and have a calming characteristic. Therefore, this product does not contain PG, MCT, or VG flavoring agents or additives. The available Fab CBD Vape is a high-quality hemp extract, a blend of unique terpenes, and a 500mg pure CBD.

Key Features

  • USA hemp source
  • 500mg of CBD
  • PG & MCT-free

CBD Dog Food

The Fab CBD Dog Foods do not contain soy, corn, dairy, or wheat. Consequently, the product is free from THC, which is unsafe for dogs. Also, the CBD dog food comprises other beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids. The product is available in three perfect flavors, including chicken, salmon, and peanut butter apple flavors. The CBD dog food helps your dog to relax, boosts its immune system, and smoothens the dog’s skin and coat.

Fab CBD Dog Treats

Key Features.

  • Non-GMO Hemp
  • Grown Organically
  • No Cereals

Other Non-CBD Product

Fab is known to stack several other non-CBD products, specifically Fab Nutrition Superfood. For instance, peace product helps in killing chronic pain, supports mental health, balances sugar level, and reduces aches and pains. Not to mention lowering headaches, offering antioxidant support as well as stabilizing blood sugar. Also, there is a CBD isolate. The product does not contain hemp components. Thus, there are no elements of THC. The CBD isolate is the best compliment without necessarily a dose of other cannabinoids. Still, the separated oil is offered in 20mg and 25mg strengths, depending on an individual’s health conditions.

Possible Side Effects and Safety

CBD products are natural and cause few or no side effects to the user. However, like many other chemicals, people can abuse and misuse CBD products. As a result, it may come with specific side effects. Additionally, people’s bodies react differently to the drug. Therefore, you could still experience the side effects without abusing CBD products such as the Fab topical CBD cream. People have reported diarrhea, fatigue, weight gain, or loss, as well as a change of appetite.

It is essential to know that CBD side effects are not life-threatening. However, one must not ignore severe side effects. Fab CBD warns its customers against using CBD alongside other drugs. The reason is that there might be a reaction that could affect you negatively.

The Bottom Line

Our thoughts in this FAB CBD review are to encourage you to use Fab CBD products. Again, all Fab CBD products are pure, clean because they are no chemicals, herbicides, or even pesticides. Also, researchers have conducted several lab tests and experiments on the compound to determine its general safety. All have shown that the effects are not life-threatening or harmful to the user.

As indicated in this Fab CBD review, the use of natural extracts makes it safe. Therefore, customers can easily access the products. At the same time, the products are pure, clean, and highly effective. Fab company not only offers crystal-specific products, but they also pay close attention to their customers’ needs and concern about the product.

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