Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate: The Difference Explained

CBD is a cannabis derivative that has revolutionized the wellness industry. More people across the world are adopting it for various ailments. While more research is necessary regarding CBD (cannabidiol), it helps users manage various health conditions. For example, it alleviates pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, and seizures. However, manufacturers make three types of CBD. Below is a guide on Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate cannabidiol to make things clear.

What Are Cannabinoids, and Why Do They Matter?

Cannabinoids are substances that aid your body in handling various conditions. Your body naturally makes its own cannabinoids that keep your system in homeostasis. However, plants such as cannabis contain cannabinoids too that support different bodily functions. Cannabis has over 100 cannabinoids, but the most popular and studied ones are CBD and THC. Unlike THC, which makes users feel high, CBD does not affect your brain’s normal functioning.

Note that industrial hemp is rich in CBD and contains 0.3% THC only. Such an amount will not get you stoned. Nonetheless, marijuana also has cannabidiol but higher levels of THC, as much as 40%. That is why it makes people high and is a controlled substance. Most manufacturers use hemp in making various CBD products. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp and its derivatives are legal as long as they contain 0.3% THC.

However, marijuana is legal in some states. Therefore, when making purchases, ensure you check the type of cannabis plant a brand uses. CBD products made from marijuana will probably make your high.

That being said, why do cannabinoids matter? They interact with the endocannabinoid system in your body to cause various effects. The system has receptors all over your body and keeps your body in balance. It regulates bodily functions such as pain, mood, sleep cycle, appetite, immunity response.

For THC, it makes you high as it interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body. On the other hand, CBD does not directly interact with the receptors. However, it works in a manner that benefits your well-being in various ways. It helps in reducing pain, seizures, anxiety, soreness, and stress, among other benefits.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate

As mentioned in the introductory section, the wellness market offers three types of CBD. Continue reading for more about the difference between Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate.

CBD Full Spectrum

What is Full Spectrum CBD? It is cannabidiol that contains all the cannabinoids present in hemp, including CBD, THC, CBN, CBC, and CBG. It also incorporates terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. The cannabinoids work together to provide what experts call the entourage effect, which enhances CBD’s effectiveness. Studies have shown that CBD works better to relieve pain if used along with THC. Therefore spend money on Full Spectrum CBD oil or topical to ease backaches and muscle soreness. Remember, you will not get high due to the 0.3% THC available in Full Spectrum CBD.

CBD Broad Spectrum

However minimal, if you do not want any amount of THC in your body, buy products that contain Full Spectrum CBD. It has everything present in Full Spectrum CBD except for THC. Therefore, you still get to enjoy the entourage effects, but without tetrahydrocannabinol worries. This type of cannabidiol has terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids in addition to the other cannabinoids.

After manufacturers extract the Full Spectrum from hemp, they process the extract further to get Broad Spectrum CBD. CO2 is the safest extraction method, as it does not involve using any harmful solvents. It uses carbon dioxide, which provides clean cannabidiol without any residues.

CBD Isolate

If you need details on what CBD isolate is, it is simple. CBD isolate contains cannabidiol as the only cannabinoid, nothing else. It is 99.9% CBD and ideal for users who want high concentrations of CBD. When comparing CBD isolate vs. Full Spectrum, note that the latter has every component present in hemp.

However, the former has only one component, CBD. Note that cannabidiol isolate takes a crystalline form that looks like powder. Nevertheless, the market offer CBD isolate for sale in other forms such as oil.

Manufacturers add a carrier oil such as MCT or hemp seed oil to CBD to develop CBD oil. However, you can also buy CBD gummies, creams, capsules, or e-juices.

What Type of CBD Should You Use?

The type of CBD you should use depends on your preference and needs. You already know the differences between Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate. If you are in pain, consider using full-spectrum cannabidiol, as THC improves CBD’s efficiency at handling pain.

When you want the entourage effect without having to take THC, Broad Spectrum CBD is for you. It contains other cannabinoids along with CBD and has terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial components.

Are you new to CBD? CBD isolate would be a good place to start. It contains cannabidiol only and no other cannabinoid, not even THC. Later, you can try out broad-spectrum products before starting on Full Spectrum formulations. CBD isolate for users who want to use CBD in its purest, most concentrated form. It is ideal for those sensitive to THC and other cannabinoids.

You can use several CBD products at a go. For example, you can use CBD oil, cream, and gummies simultaneously while adhering to the right daily doses. Therefore, it is possible to use the three types of CBD in your everyday wellness routine.

CBD Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate: Pros & Cons

Each of the three types of CBD comes with pros and downsides. Let us look at the Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate pros and cons.

Full Spectrum CBD allows you to consume cannabidiol in its natural form. It contains all the beneficial hemp components, including all cannabinoids, fatty acids, and terpenes. It undergoes fewer processing stages, and your body does not miss any helpful hemp ingredient. Besides, you also get the entourage effect that boosts the performance of CBD in your body.

On the downside, this type of CBD contains 0.3% THC, which some users may not want. Therefore, Full Spectrum CBD blocks out some consumers. It may also have a strong, natural odor and flavor unless the manufacturer adds flavoring.

Broad Spectrum CBD gives your body every element in hemp except THC. It offers the entourage effect in your body. Nonetheless, some users would also like to benefit from the minimal THC levels. Besides, the other cannabis plant components may cause a strong odor and smell.

As for CBD isolate, it provides you with pure cannabidiol that does not have any other component. It gives your body the highest amounts of CBD to help ease different symptoms. Besides, it is odorless and tasteless. You can add it to food and drinks without altering their flavors. Anyone can take the isolate, but unfortunately, it lacks the entourage effect.

CBD Types

Which Is the Best Form of CBD?

There is no best form of CBD for you to utilize. All of them are excellent purchases. Besides, they all have pros and disadvantages, which we have already discussed. With them, you can determine which type of CBD to use.

However, all the CBDs contain significant amounts of cannabidiol to benefit your body in several ways. Nonetheless, if you were to select one CBD from among the three, Full Spectrum would be a good choice. Why? It has all the beneficial components of hemp in it. Besides, the 0.3% THC should not worry you, as it cannot leave you stoned.

Will I Fail a Drug Test After Using These 3 Types of CBD?

After covering the differences between Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate, one question remains. Does CBD show up on a drug test? Earlier on, drug tests were checked for THC in samples provided. However, with CBD gaining popularity, today’s tests check for all cannabinoids. Therefore, the answer to will CBD make you fail a drug test is yes. With that in mind, if you were aware of a drug test coming up, it would be prudent not to use CBD products.

Besides, CBD can metabolize in a manner that gives a false positive in tests that look for THC presence. Nonetheless, doctors are today prescribing CBD for various health conditions. If an issue arises, you have a way to defend yourself. Besides, more people have come to know the health benefits of using CBD and the act that it does not make users feel high.

The Bottom Line

Whether you opt for a Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate, they are all beneficial. CBD helps with pain, muscle soreness, anxiety, seizures, and stress. While broad and Full Spectrum CBD offers an entourage effect, they do not provide CBD’s purest form. Cannabidiol isolate does. CBD isolate does not have other cannabinoids besides CBD. It does not have terpenes, flavonoids, or fatty acids either. However, it offers your body high CBD concentration.

Cannabidiol might show up in a drug test, but it is a safe product that can alleviate various symptoms. You will not get high from using CBD. When buying the three CBD types, ensure you buy formulations made from organic hemp and use the CO2 extraction method. Enjoy the benefits of CBD in the form of oil, capsules, edibles, or topicals.

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