Galaxy buds 2 pro: What’s all Hyped About? Is it Really Good?

Galaxy Buds Pro 2 is one of the most exciting earbuds we have waiting. Ever since it came to the market, we were excited for sure. Now we have it here. So, it’s time to review the product. We have used it for quite some time. So, there are a few things we can discuss with you. Its looks, affordability, sound quality, durability, and so on. There are a lot of things to review. Besides we will also show a comparison between galaxy buds 2 vs buds 2 pro. It will be worth your time to know these models.

Galaxy buds pro 2: Summary

Before getting into the details, we will give you a summary of Samsung galaxy buds pro 2. Rather than so many talks, it’s better if you just learn things in short. Here, we will mention the specifications, pros, and cons.


Galaxy buds pro 2 Specifications



  • Dual driver support
  • SBC, AAC, and Samsung Seamless Codec support
  • ANC
  • Waterproof Design: IPX7 verified
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • True wireless support


  • Battery life should be higher
  • The case isn’t scratches and nicks proof
  • No custom EQ
  • Too many Samsung-exclusive features
  • Fewer color choices

Galaxy buds pro 2: Review

Do you like anything from the short feature we mentioned? It’s time to review the Galaxy Buds Pro 2. We will start with design and get into other things. All the new features and sound quality tests will be there. We have some juicy news for you. One of them would be active noise cancellation. Our experience with its ANC has been pretty amazing. Let’s see how the overall performance is.


Nowadays, earbud design matters way more than anything else. We do appreciate the sound quality. But, the design is more important. We have moved from wired earphones to earbuds because of their ease of use. It’s easier to carry them and use them. There is no wire or any size trouble. Users like us consider comfortability.

This time, it has a matte coating with a soft finish. That makes it quite smooth to touch and use. Your ear skin will feel pretty comfortable. We didn’t get any irritating feelings even after a long time. Even more, it feels much better than the previous glossy finish. Besides, it is even smaller. According to the official site, it is 15% smaller! We love smaller earbuds. Honestly, the smaller they are, the better we can use them. So, galaxy buds 2 pro felt more comfortable.

Although, we have only 3 colors to pick up. That’s a bit of a letdown. Because galaxy buds 2 had 5 color choices. But it’s not a major fact for sure. But, you know what made us more fascinated? Galaxy buds 2 pro weight. It was already quite lightweight in earbuds 2. But earbuds 2 pro is even lighter. Previously, it was 6.3g. Now, it is 5.5g. We have used it for a long period, and the feel was amazing. The reduced weight really came to play.

Do you know what the most exciting thing we experienced is? Galaxy Buds Pro 2 goes along with your style. Its size and weight are lower. So, it is not even visible from a distance. Thus, your fashion will not be interrupted. Let’s get into the new features. Here, you can see galaxy buds 2 vs pro.

New Feature

Galaxy buds 2 pro Feature table

As you can see, we have mentioned the new features in the galaxy buds 2 vs buds 2 pro comparison. There are a lot of features. But, we will only talk about the unique things. We now have voice detection. It is a completely new feature. There wasn’t any version of it in the galaxy buds 2. It is pretty helpful if you love voice commands and similar activities.

Another new feature in Samsung galaxy buds pro 2 is 360 Audio. With this, we have to say that there is another new feature in this version. Our experience with 360 Audio was amazing. It is something you don’t feel unless you use it. We felt like the audio was surrounding us. It is a home theater-like feeling for music. This top-notch audio feature makes the earbud even more appealing. This might be a good reason for you to upgrade to it.

Now, listen to it. We have got an improved water resistance feature. Previously, it was only IPX2. Now, it is finally IPX7. A way better improvement from the previous version. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting wet or having a water splash. We tested and it was fine. Although, we hoped that it would be IPX8. But, it is a good upgrade compared to the previous one which was only IPX2.

Aside from this, there is a little upgrade with the Bluetooth version. Now, it is 5.3 while it was 5.2. So, you get better connectivity. The performance was noticeable enough. So, it is a good thing we have the latest tech support. But, wait a bit. We have something mind-blowing. This is the feature we have been waiting for. Losing earbuds is the most common issue due to their smaller size and extreme portability. Even though there is a box, we still lose them from time to time. But, no more losing. Now, we have SmartThings Find. So, you can track the earbuds. Are you feeling relieved? We are as well. Let’s get into the next feature discussion. We have a lot to talk about the sound quality and ANC.

Sound Quality & Noise Cancellation

Sound quality and ANC has some new feature additions. As you can see, galaxy buds 2 pro has better sound support. It supports 24-bit Hi-Fi audio. So, the audio is even deeper than before. That’s the sweet spot. We have tested and the audio is even better than buds 2. So, this new feature is really worth consideration.

Next, we have a better ANC. We have been using the regular ANC for a long. So, it was a bit boring for sure. Now, there is a new version for even more performance. This is a great feature to try. It has 3 high SNR microphones. That enhances the ANC performance quite a lot. We are happy to have it and you will be as well.

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro App Experience

Galaxy buds pro vs galaxy buds 2

Samsung galaxy buds pro 2 App Experience is something we have to share. Sadly, the app is only available for Android users. iOS users can connect the device through Bluetooth. But, they don’t have a dedicated app for it. Besides, it connects faster with Samsung devices. It is a bit of a letdown for iOS users. Regardless, how was our experience with it?

Here, you get all the feature controls you need. Firstly, it gives you the option to try the earbuds. You can check if the device is working correctly or not. Then, you get all the latest audio features. ANC control, Voice detection, and Ambient sound are all there. Here, you also get the new spatial audio control known as the 360 Audio feature. This app allows you to set up a few built-in touch controls. They are pretty distinct but useful. We are very fond of this feature as it allows you to do a few things quickly. Besides, you can also set up a few pretty cool widgets.

Further down, you get more advanced control. The Equalizer (EQ) has a lot of functions to customize the sound output and its usage. Aside from that, you have a few more extra settings. We are skipping those things. You can easily understand what they offer. Just go through the app and you will get them. But, the thing that we expected more is the Equalizer (EQ) customization. Sound quality is the most appealing thing for any sound device. We expected that it will give us a lot of customization options to try. We could do so much with this function. But, it is limited to only 6 presets. On top of that, they are not customizable. You can just keep them in default as we did. Aside from these, galaxy buds 2 pro app is pretty simple and nothing extraordinary.


Like any other galaxy earbuds, pairing your galaxy buds pro 2 is easy. In fact, if you have connected this ear buds previously, then it will auto-connect for the next time.  Moreover, you can review here, which will provide you with a detailed guide about connecting any galaxy earbuds, including your new galaxy buds pro 2.


Galaxy Buds Pro 2 price is one of the best earbuds for sure. The only thing that makes it not better than the previous version. Currently, Galaxy Buds 2 is available in a price range between $111 to $130. Considering that the samsung galaxy buds pro 2 is quite expensive. Its lowest price tag is around $154 at the Samsung store. The price goes as much as $199 on Amazon. Well, that’s not the end. Other sources would cost around $227.

Even considering the base price, we expected it to be around $150. So, we think it is a bit over-priced. Don’t get us wrong. The features are great but none of them are beyond imagination. Many of those features are already known to us through other models or brands. So, we expected it to be more affordable. Besides, the battery backup remains pretty much the same. Thus, we expected a similar price tag with this version as well.


How to Use Galaxy Buds 2?

You just have to connect the earbuds with the app and pick it up. Watch official instructions to pick up and put perfectly into the ear.

Can Galaxy Buds Pro Connect to Multiple Devices?

Yes, it can automatically switch between two Bluetooth-paired devices.

Should You Use the Galaxy Wearables App for the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro?

If you have app support, then why not. It has multiple customization options.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think about our galaxy buds 2 pro review? Have you already used it? If so, how was your experience? We have been using it for quite some time. Our experience wasn’t too bad. Rather, it was pretty amazing. Why wouldn’t it be? It has new audio support, a double drive, better ANC support, and more. On top of these, it also has a tracking option. So, we don’t have to worry about losing the device at all. Even more, you have so many bonus features as and Samsung user. It’s like a feature one after another. This is just perfect.

It is even more lightweight and smaller. That goes with any fashion we have tried. It’s the best possible thing we can ask from a set of earbuds. Although, we expected its price to be a bit lower and the battery backup to be higher. It was something we really felt while using it. May be upcoming gen would have a keen upgrade on the battery backup. For now, we are happy with galaxy buds 2 pro and looking forward to its daily performance. It is by far one of the best galaxy earbuds on the market.

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