Green Tea Shot: Is It Just a Drink?

A fun and tasty shot for pre-game or a popular party shooter which is quick and easy to make! Yes, I think you can guess the name!

Yes, it’s none other than green tea shots, which are becoming one of the popular drinks among Americans, especially for those who love Jameson Irish Whiskey and something a bit fruity.

Though this awesome Irish whisky shooter is tasty, there are a few arguments regarding its real nutritional advantages. In fact, many people don’t know about the difference between green tea and this party shooter.

Moreover, you can ditch your confusion because, in this article, I am going to share what’s in a green tea shot, its recipe and how it’s different from green tea.

What is a Green Tea Shot?

A green tea shot, also known as a Jameson Green Tea, is made of a mix of Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, and sour mix. This party shooter tastes like a sweet-sour whiskey drink with a peachy twist.

Origin of Green Tea Shot

A company named Jameson whiskey mainly brought this popular drink for the first time. According to the company, this special drink was brought to add a unique flavor to their whiskey products.


Moreover, this shot got public attention in the US in 2011 when drinkers in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio started making this shot for the first time.

Besides the US, countries such as Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India seem to take a liking to it as well.

What’s in a Green Tea Shot?

Wondering what’s in a green tea shot? Well, as I said before, this party shooter contains a sweet-sour whiskey taste. Which contains several ingredients, including

  • Irish whiskey (1 ounce).
  • Peach schnapps (1 ounce).
  • Sour mix (1 ounce).
  • Splash lemon-lime soda (1 ounce).

Green Tea Shot Recipe

After reviewing the ingredients list, if you are thinking of making this popular shot on your own, then you can follow the following green tea shots recipe:

  • First, all you need to do is add all ingredients we have mentioned earlier to a cocktail shaker with a few pieces of ice.
  • Then secure the top of your shaker and shake it for about a minimum of 5 seconds.
  • Once the shaking is complete, then strain into shot glasses.

Additional Tips:

Moreover, if you want to add additional flavor to your green tea shots recipe, then you can follow our given tips:

  • If you are a cocktail lover, then all you need to do is double the green tea shots recipe and strain it into a lowball glass filled with ice.
  • In addition to that, unlike lemonade, you can use Sprite instead of it. But make sure that it should be left out of the cocktail shaker. Instead, after they are poured, add a splash to each shot.

Variation of Green Tea Shot

You can find several variation while consuming these Irish whisky shooter, such as

  • White Tea Shot
  • Tokyo Iced tea or Tokyo Green Tea
  • Green Tea Shot Cocktail
  • Green Tea Shot Mocktail

Difference Between Green Tea Shot vs. Green Tea

Interestingly, after seeing the first, many may think that green tea shot and green tea are the same things. But the reality is they are huge differences between these two.

Basically, because of its greenish appearance, the green tea shot is called a green tea shot because of its greenish appearance. Whereas, in the case of Green tea, the processing involves steaming the Camellia sinensis plant leaves, which helps you to lose weight.

In fact, its processing method is totally different from traditional fermentation processes used for making other tea.

Calories of Green Tea Shot

Well, before, jumping to the beneficial facts of Green Tea Shot, let’s see the nutritional facts of this party shooter.

Suppose the serving size of your green shot is 2oz; in this case, the total calories will be 280. In addition, the rest of the nutrition are

Table: Nutrition of Green Tea Shot

Nutrition of Green Tea Shot Table

Effects of Drinking Green Tea Shot

So, if you are a whisky lover, then this party shooter definitely helps you to boost your mood. Apart from its incredible taste and flavor, this party shooter may be healthy as you think.

In fact, if you check out its calorie list, it was found that it has 23 g of sugar. That means if you are overweight or diabetic, this particular drink may be healthy for you. What’s more?

A 2022 study reported that excessive sugar intake could increase the risk of cardiometabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, oral problems, and oncological and mental health conditions.

Besides sugar, 2oz of the green shot recipe contains 360 mg sodium, which is an excessive amount for adults, and which is responsible for increasing several risks.

According to one study, it was found that high amounts of sodium intake may adversely affect organs, such as the blood vessels, heart, kidneys, and brain.

Consideration While Drinking Green Tea Shot

Hey, not don’t think you are forbidden to drink this Irish whisky shooter. In fact, you can consider several tips to avoid green tea shots’ hidden risks, such as

  • Limit your drinking habits
  • After taking shoots, exercise daily, which helps your body to burn excess calories.
  • Check up on your body, including your sodium level, blood pressure, HDL, and LDL, to avoid any heart issues.


Q: Do Green Tea shots get me drunk?

If you consume too much shots at a time, it can get you high as the alcohol content in green tea shots is relatively high, at between 15% and 20% ABV.

Q: What is the best food pairing for Green Tea Shots?

You can try out recipes like smoked shrimp, deviled eggs, and crab-and-avocado toasts while drinking green tea shots.

Final Thoughts

Though this green tea shot is perfect for all Jameson drinkers, consuming too much may not be good for all always.

As it has a high amount of sodium and sugar, for those who have issues like diabetes, obesity or heart issues, this Irish whisky shooter may not be suitable.

That means, while having a party, it’s ideal not to consume this shot too much. So, are you still love to try some green tea shot recipes?

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