How to Build a Backyard Golf Green

Ah, Summer, the best season of the year! Nothing but sunshine, ice cream, going to the pool, and relaxing. But sometimes, summer can get boring. What are you supposed to do with all that free time? Well, a great project to try out is building your very own backyard golf green! Golf clubs can be costly, which is unfair since everyone should be allowed to play golf! And now you can!

This enjoyable project is relatively easy to do and will help you make tons of great memories with your family or give you a nice place to relax and play some golf. Interested? Then keep reading to find out more!

Artificial or Natural

This is the essential question every golfer must ask themselves before starting. While natural grass may seem like the most intelligent choice since grass is pretty inexpensive, costs can add up over time. According to Aaron Patton, a golf expert at the University of Arkansas, “using real grass requires the right conditions — including ample sun exposure, airflow that is not blocked by nearby buildings, and good drainage.”

If you don’t currently have any of these things in your backyard, then you’re already out of luck. And while the grass may seem inexpensive, you can’t just get any kind; you have to find the specific kind of grass suitable to your climate zone. So, if you buy grass from Milwaukee and put it in the scorching Mississippi heat, it’s going to dry up faster than you can imagine!

There’s also the trouble of upkeep. Natural grass requires real hard work to put it in the right conditions for playing golf! That means cutting it three times a week, getting fertilizer, and watering the area as soon as it turns purple as a sign of drought.

All this without mentioning the costs of pesticides! According to Entertainment Weekly, this can run you up to “$375 a year in upkeep,” which is a cost that is just too high for a lot of families.

Thankfully, men created artificial grass so that you can skip out on all those problems! Artificial grass gets a bad rep for like a cheap carpet. Still, synthetic grass these days is very sophisticated and designed to look and behave like natural grass! It doesn’t require that much upkeep, only a light leaf raking every couple of weeks.

As for costs, that depends on whether you want it done by someone else or you want to build it yourself! DIY is the cheaper option since you can get synthetic grass rolls for as low as $1.50 per square foot, and the installment process doesn’t require an engineering degree! So if you’re looking for a project this summer, it’s worth giving it a try.

How to Build a Backyard Golf Green: Step by Step Guide Explained?

Now we’re getting to the fun part! Here’s a quick guide explaining all you need to do to install your very own golf turf!

Firstly, Take The Tools And Materials You’ll Need

Any project requires suitable materials to start with. Here are some of the ones you’ll need:

  • Synthetic grass (if you’re going for that option)
  • Grass seeds
  • A rake and hoe
  • Paint
  • Tape measure
  • Drawing material

Choose a Perfect Location

According to grass turf expert Steven Joy, “natural grass needs an open area that gets a good amount of sunlight.” So, whether you’re going natural or artificial, it’s best to choose a big open space.

Get Ready the Soil

This part is essential. Grass needs to grow on soil that is sandy and breaks apart easily. However, it is a pretty resilient plant to grow in all kinds of soil.

Add Drainage to Your Green

This step is crucial to having a healthy turf. Digging trenches around your green is the best strategy since any excess water will go there.

Separate Your Green

Use a plastic lining to separate the turf from the rest of your garden so you can prevent weeds from growing there!

Place the Hole Where You Want

Cut out a small hole that is the size of a golf ball wherever you sit fit! You don’t need to add a cup yet; the hole is just a guide to help you know where to place the rest of the things.

Plant Your Seeds in a Perfect Way

Plant your grass seeds carefully and with care. If your neighborhood has many pesky birds, add some sand in so the grass can have some protection!

Fertilize, Water, Mow, Maintain

These are the most critical steps in building your golf turf. The grass will sprout within ten days, and you need to apply both water and fertilizer in the meantime. Once it grows, you should mow it three or four times a week.

Build a Backyard Golf Green

Best Golf Swing Tips Any Golfer Must Know

Well, once you’ve built your fabulous backyard golf green, it’s time to learn how to play some decent golf! Here are some tips from experts:

Improve Your Golf Grip

According to golf champions Piers and Andy, “the most important part of the golf swing for beginners is the grip.” Remember to hold your club from the side and not underneath since it can cause problems. You can check that you’re doing it right by getting into your golf posture and then clapping your hands.

Remember to place the club in the correct part of your hand, running from the bottom of the index finger in your dominant hand under your hand’s heel pad.

You can check that you’ve got the correct grip by trying to see if you can hold the club and support it just using your index finger.

When you put the club down, you should be able to see the tops of your knuckles and the logo on the glove you’re wearing (if it has one) from where you’re standing. If you can see them, then that means you now have complete control of your club!

Make Sure the Clubface is Open on the Backswing

What this jargon means is that the tip of your club should be pointing away from you. As you move and strike the ball, the clubface should always be directed towards your target. Then as you hit the ball and finish, the club should point behind you.

Many golfers make the mistake of having their golf face looking at the ball all the time. This is because most people know that they need to hit it straight, which is not true. The ideal thing is to hit it from the side, giving you more control over the ball.

The same thing happens with the backswing. Instead of straight-up, the swing should make an elegant arch up your body and then down that curve. The wider the curve, the better!


Sounds easy, right? This is a simple trick you can use at home to practice your golf skills. You can practice it without the golf club, so you can do it comfortably in the living room without smashing anything!

Here’s how it works. Get yourself in your golf position and put your arms across your shoulders. Staring at an absolute golf ball would be ideal, but an imaginary one will do if you don’t have access to one. Then, turn in your backswing so your back is facing the target. Once you’ve done that, shift your left leg. Finally, turn so your chest is facing your target.

You can practice this effortless routine as much as you want, and it trains your body to remember precisely how to do each step so that once you’re out on the field, it’s easier.

The Bottom Line

Well, we hope that you learned a lot throughout this article, from learning how to build backyard golf green to the best tips and secrets athletes know so you can beat your boss the next time he invites you to the country club!

Just like everything, building a turf green is a process. It will require you to make many decisions like figuring out whether you should go for artificial or natural grass, what kind of climate you live in, where you want it, how to drain, etc.

However, when you put the work in, great things can happen! You could end up with a lovely outdoor space where you can go to practice by yourself or teach your kids how to play golf!

The most important thing, though, is to have fun and enjoy this summer by spending time with the people you care about, making memories that will last a lifetime.

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