How to Increase Strength: The Easy Ways That You Need to Know

Are you one of those who have understood the value and importance of strength and now looking to gain some strength yourself? Well, as a beginner, it may seem very hard to do strength training. The weights, exercises, managing your body weight, and many cramps that come in the early days are no joke.

All these can make your motivation go low, and you may have to try harder to hit the gym. But we assure you that if you stay committed, you will only come out happier and stronger. The best part about strength training is that it shows measurable results within a couple of weeks. That means if you stay put on your regime, you will realize how fruitful it is.

Once you get hold of the exercises and move, we assure you that you would start enjoying them all. So right now, if you are struggling to understand where you should start, keep reading.

Why Body Strength Should Be Increased  & Its Benefits

Increasing body strength and working on your muscles can help you much more than just clicking good pictures for the gram. Yes, a photogenic body is a big plus point, but strength training has other significant benefits.

Strength training or resistance training keeps you fit and healthy for a long time. Combining strength training with a special diet plan can help you lose weight as muscle activation causes more burning of fat.

Not to forget, with a healthy body, you also have strong muscles now. As the muscles get strong, they can prevent you from a lot of injuries.

Weak muscles are more inclined towards injuries. So, as you age, the strength of your muscles becomes much more beneficial. It helps you improve your balance, reduces the risk of falling, and, most importantly, builds bone density.

The best part about strength training is its helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That means, once you get the desired shape of your body and muscles, you can hit the gym for three days a week, and it would be enough to keep the shape intact.

How to Get Trained to Increase Your Strength

As you are aiming to increase your overall strength in the body, understand that one exercise regime may not do the job for you. To gain a significant amount of strength, you can start with a combination of movements.

As a starter, you can add bodyweight exercises. The bodyweight exercises like pushups, squats, and planks can help you strengthen your muscles of both the upper and lower body.

Further, an exercise like plank can strengthen your core. Once you get hold of the bodyweight regime, then maybe add a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells in your regime.

You can do some squats with extra weight or maybe add any deadlift form in your regime. The extra weight would help you to maintain balance and will make your muscles strong.

Some other examples of strength training exercises include squats, standing overhead presses, pushups, dips, bench presses, barbell box step-ups, and glute bridges. Common pulling exercises include rows and pull-ups.

Provide yourself two-five minutes of rest between sets to permit adequate recovery for your apprehensive framework and muscles. Otherwise, another set will enormously get affected.

You may not be able to maximize your exertion and concentrate on the ensuing set. This may sound like a part of rest on the off chance you’ve utilized to take after other programs. Still, it’s reasonably standard for a workout that’s centered particularly on picking up quality.

Lastly, perform one to three sets per exercise if you’re a beginner. Perform three to five sets for each movement as you become stronger.

Allow 48 hours of recovery (that is, no other heavy lifting of those muscle groups you worked) between workouts.

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Best Exercise to Increase and Maintain Your Strength

If you are looking to start strength training, maybe we can guide you on where to start and what exercises you should do in the beginning.


Squats are one of the best lower-body movements. The movement activates the muscles of the hips, thighs, and calves at the same time. It is a good bodyweight exercise for the beginner.

Once you get hold of this exercise, you can add some extra weight like a dumbbell and then perform squats while holding weight. Holding a barbell, you can do back squats or front squats. Exercise is the best movement, especially if you want to work on your lower body.

Single-Leg Moves

Whether you are doing a single-left deadlift or single-leg step up, understand that single-leg moves help maintain balance in your body. It strengthens the muscles of your legs.

A lot of core balance is required to make single-leg moves. So it helps in the movement of the core as well. Start with this movement if you aim to balance the body on one leg and make your legs stronger.

Bent-Over Row

This exercise can be a great indicator of strength. For this movement, you would need a pair of dumbbells. Once you have your dumbbells, understand that the exercise aims to strengthen your upper body.

It activates the muscles of the chest, biceps, and shoulders. For this specific movement, you also need to place your legs and hips in a certain position. Thus, it puts a bit of pressure on the lower body as well.


The exercise does not require you to hit the gym or have fancy equipment around you. Rather it is just your body weight providing you with strength. Pushups can be tricky and difficult at the start.

However, an easy way to perform them as beginners is to place your hands on a chair or a bit upper surface than the floor. The more your hands would be placed high. The easier pushups would become for you. The movement focuses on your upper body, chest muscles, triceps, and arms.

Gluts Bridge

Bridges target one of the biggest muscles in the lower half—the glutes. They’re also a major contributor to the development of power from the legs and core stabilization.

So if your aim is towards making the body that has abs, or you aim to have a significant amount of strength in your lower body, this movement is for you.

Furthermore, for this movement, you would need a pair of dumbbells that you will place on your upper thighs while the elevation of your hips.

Hollow Body Hold

This movement is primarily focusing on strengthening your core. It teaches you how a simple body movement can create tension in your body muscles. If your core is strengthened, it can help you a lot with other movements such as pushups and deadlifts.

So this is one of the most important movements in strength training. As a beginner, if you cannot hold a traditional hollow body, you can modify it by bending your knees or moving your hands forward instead of overhead.


The deadlift is the best exercise to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. This is also a strength training exercise that you can measure. As you get hold of the exercise, you can always increase its difficulty level by adding weights to your dumbbells.

As you are standing in a firm position, it does not only help your back. It can strengthen your shoulder and chest muscles because the dumbbells are in your hands.

Moreover, it can also place a significant amount of pressure on your calves and hip muscles which can help you build your lower body. So as a beginner, we recommend you add this exercise to your strength training regime.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we can say that now you know where you should start. The above reading provides complete guidance for a beginner-level trainee. Understand that staying committed and consistent is the key.

If you are aiming to build muscles and strength, you need to stay firm. As a beginner, try to perform the above regime at least four to five times a week. Once you see your muscles’ differences and growth, you may hit the gym for three to four days a week.

As a beginner, you may find strength training very difficult. To make the training easy for you, modify the difficult movements a bit. As you get hold of the exercises, you can return to the traditional way of those specific movements.

We recommend you to do them with an instructor who can guide you best according to your body needs and individual requirements.

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