How To Install Dash Cam In Your Vehicle: DIY Guidelines

Dash Cam is one of the most popular gadgets for drivers. Especially, a driver with a good driving record should always keep it. If you don’t know, a dashcam is a camera that is installed in the windscreen or dashboard.

Automatically, it tracks the road ahead and records any accidental situation into the memory card. Not only it helps to track any robbery or stealing but also any kind of accident.

In addition, those recordings will help you to clean any false acquisition while driving. We are going to talk about how to install a dashcam step-by-step.
Even though the process is quite easy, people mess up things pretty often.

So, if you are thinking about getting one, then make sure to follow our guidelines. It will help you to get the setup done effortlessly.

How To Install Dash Cam: The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Let’s talk about the dashcam installation process. Certainly, following a guideline will make things easier for you. The setup tools, position, and usage procedures will be in our discussion.

Besides, the procedure may vary a bit depending on the car model. So, additional steps are necessary as well.

Determine The Place For Your Dash CamDeiermine you place for dash cam

For the installation, the very first thing is to choose the dashcam placement. Apparently, most dash cams come with either a suction or semi-permanent adhesive. Either way, you will not get more than a couple of shots to try out the placement.

Although, you may try multiple times for a suction mount. Moreover, you may face some sticky elements for mounting, so be careful to do so. As for the placement position, you need to place it as center as possible. That will give you the best wide-angle view to capture any incident.

Thus, there are two popular positions for it.

  • Behind the rearview mirror
  • Near the dashboard/windshield

Between these two positions, behind the dashboard is the popular one. But, you can choose any of them or even both of them.

Aligning The Dash Cam To Horizon

While setting up the dashcam, you need to place it in a perfect horizontal and vertical position. Without a proper alignment, the viewing angle will not be as good as it should be. The better alignment, the better view you will get. Although, you can try the position multiple times for a suction mount.

Else, it would help if you did it within a few tries. Although, if you have a smartphone control that allows auto-alignment, the work will be much easier.

Install With a CLA

If your dashcam has a CLA connection, you will set it up through the CLA port. It is as easy as you may think. Just plug and play. After the alignment is done, connect the adapter through the CLA port. Make sure to hide the wire through the connection line. You can attach the wire through the headliner and pillar.

Hardwire Dash Cam Into The Fusebox

Installing dash cams with a fuse box is one of the most popular processes. It also allows you to use the parking mode as well. Because you will get a constant power supply. To do so, you need to find the fuse box first. Usually, it is underneath a covering. Follow the car’s manual to find it. Next, you need to set up the wires. Usually, there are 3 wires. One goes to the constant fuse, one goes to the ignition-switched fuse, and the last one goes to the metal ground bolt.

Follow the manual to locate each port and how to attach them. Possibly, you may get it done by an expert. You also have alternative options like the Add-a-Fuse kit. The Add-a-Fuse kit has two installation steps.

  • Crimp the hardwiring kit with the Add-a-Fuse kit. Later, use tape to secure the connection.
  • Connect The Add-a-Fuse Kit With Perfect Orientation.
  • After the fuse connection, you need to set up the ground wire connection. It also has three easy steps to get done.
  • Choose a pure metal bolt or nut and loosen it a bit with the tools.
  • Now plug your ring/C connection of the hardware kit under the nut/bolt/screw.
  • Make sure that the selected nut or screw is not painted and bare metal.

Now test the dashcam to see if the connection is working. Try it multiple times to ensure the connection. If there is any issue, then check the connection and match it with the guideline.

Install With an OBD Cable

OBD connection is one of the easiest and most supportive dashes cam connections. It is also suitable for older dash cams as well. Mainly, they are mostly suitable for any IROAD and Thinkware dash cams. Its setup only needs two simple steps.

Connect the OBD cable to the OBD port. Usually, it is under the dashboard, left side of the steering wheel, or under the steering wheel column. Turn on the ignition power and test your dashcam. If it works properly, then you are ready to go. Make sure to hide the cable and attach it through the headlining of the car. Use the trim tool if necessary.

Install With an Internal Battery Pack

People often set up a dash cam with an external power source like a battery pack. Surprisingly, it ensures all-time safety for your vehicle. You can unlock constant recording, GPS, and some other facilities through it. It can be done in several ways. Let’s learn about them.

Firstly, you can set up a battery pack connection with manual hardwiring. It is the same process as our previously mentioned hardwiring method. As usual, start the connection with the fuse port. Later, you will have an additional power input hardwiring cable. Use it to connect with the battery pack.

In the second method, you can use the CLA process. Just use the battery pack as the power source. Make sure to make a setting that turns off the battery while the vehicle is off. Else, it will consume all the power from the vehicle’s battery. At last, check the dash cam if it is working well.

Install With Lighter Socket Or USB Port

Using a lighter socket or USB is the easiest and trendy solution to set up a dashcam. Nowadays, most cameras come with a USB port. You can easily connect it through the vehicle’s USH port, and the job is done.

Although, you need to find a route to hide the wire. Use recommended trimming or tap accessories to stick it through the lines.


Dash Cam is a necessary gadget to secure your vehicle’s safety. If you have insurance, this little tool will help you out of a lot of inconvenient situations. Robbery, accident, or any crime can be solved through a dashcam. Its recording will get the moment that may help to learn the situation or even catch the culprit.

Moreover, you can also use it to track your driver. Any incident about your vehicle is safe because of a dashcam. Considering such facilities, you may want to set up one right now. So, how to install a dashcam? We have all the possible dash cam setting procedures on the review.

While USB setup is the easiest one, there are other impressive procedures to do so. Just follow our guidelines and do it with safety. If it is hard for you, then make sure to hire an expert. As for durable dash cams, check out a few popular reviews on the best dash cams.

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