How to Make CBD Oil at Home: A Step by Step Guide

Undoubtedly, finding some good cannabis products online can be pretty tricky. There are thousands of cheap, ineffective options on the net. This happens because the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD products. In turn, this promotes mislabeling CBD goods to sell more and increase the retailers’ profits. However, perhaps not everything is lost. We might have an alternative.

If cheap CBD tinctures have harmed you and expensive ones have let you down in the past, why not do your own? Today we’ll teach you how to make CBD oil at home. CBD health benefits abound, and a DIY approach might be the best way to enjoy them. We’ll learn what tools and ingredients you need to make hemp extract at home throughout this article. Moreover, we’ll take a look at the benefits and risks. So, join in if you want to have your own homemade CBD oil and amaze your friends!

Why Make Your Own CBD Oil at Home?

You might be wondering, “why should I make my own CBD oil if I can just go buy it?”. The CBD oil market is vast, and there is a sea of options to purchase. So, it makes sense to think it is pointless to make your oil. Why bother? I am here to prove you wrong and show you what you are missing out on.

Finding a CBD oil that perfectly suits all your needs is quite challenging. Instead of spending countless hours going through all the websites, following your personalized recipe is a much better option. Everything can be customized to meet your requirements, from the cannabis strain to the oil or alcohol base.

Choose the Best Cannabis Strain to Make Your Own CBD Oil

To concoct an excellent CBD oil, you need to pick the right cannabis strain. Do you want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without getting high? Then, it would be best if you choose a cannabis strain that has low THC levels and is high in CBD. It’s imperative to be aware of this, as there are strains bred to have high THC and low CBD levels. Both kinds of strains are suitable options. Whichever you end up choosing depends on your preferences.

We can give you a piece of advice to try smoking or vaping a little of the strain beforehand. This will allow you to see whether you like it or not before committing to the strain. If you try it out and get adverse or undesirable effects, they will wear off in a couple of hours. Whereas the effects of cannabinoids ingested orally take up to eight hours to go away.

The Different Ways to Make CBD Oil at Home: The DIY Guide

Though it sounds tricky, we can promise you learning how to make CBD oil is not rocket science. With a lot of research and just enough patients, your CBD oil will turn out perfect. There are many different methods and ingredients to choose from. Here you have an in-depth explanation of the most popular ones.

How to Make CBD Oil with Oil Method

There are several reasons why you might choose to use oil. First, CBD bonds well with oil. Besides, it has a high bioavailability. “You can use common oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, ghee, and even butter.” ¹ It is essential to consider that the taste and texture of your final product will depend on the kind of oil you use. If you are looking for a more neutral flavor, it is best to use MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride). Now, without further ado, let’s learn how to make CBD with the oil method!


  • Approx. 28g hemp flowers
  • Approx. 450g carrier oil (hemp seed and coconut are best, but olive oil or any edible plant-based oil will also work)

Equipment and Supplies

  • Double boiler
  • Baking tray
  • Parchment paper
  • Herb grinder (or knife)
  • Cheesecloth, coffee filter, or something similar
  • Glass jar with lid for storage


Step 1

First, grab your grinder and use it to render the hemp flowers to a fine consistency. Be careful not to end up with dust-like flowers. The final result should be even minor pieces. What’s that? Do you mean to tell us you don’t have a grinder at home? Fret not, for we have the solution! A knife will also get the job done. However, with a knife, it takes longer to cut the flowers. Also, it is harder to make all the pieces even. Why is it so important for the pieces to have this fine consistency? This will allow for maximum CBD extraction.

Step 2

Next, cover the baking tray with parchment paper. Spread the ground-up flowers onto it. Heat the oven to 110ºC (225ºF). Put the tray inside the oven and bake for an hour. This decarboxylation process is essential. The low heat and lengthy baking time allow the inactive CBDA to convert into active CBD without losing terpenes. How do you know when to take them out of the oven? Wait until they are lightly brown and crisp.

Step 3

Let the extraction process begin! Mix the flowers with the oil and place the blend on the top of the double boiler. Fill the bottom container with some water and simmer it. It is important not to let the water boil. If it gets hotter than 150ºC, it will evaporate the terpenes. Let it cook for 2–3 hours. The end product will look brownish-green.

Step 4

Lastly, remove the pot from the heated water. Place a cheesecloth over the opening of a jar and pour your blend into the container. The idea is to extract as much oil as possible from the filtered-out hemp. Afterward, you can throw the flowers away. Now, the only thing left is to seal the jar and store it in a cool, dry place. “It won’t be as potent as that made using an alcohol solvent, but you don’t have to worry about hazardous leftover chemicals, and it’ll likely taste better too.” ²

Make CBD Oil at Home

How to Make CBD Oil with Alcohol Method

If you want some CBD tinctures instead of CBD oil, you’ll need to use the alcohol method. CBD tinctures are produced using the decarboxylation and infusion method. In contrast to CBD oil, CBD tinctures are alcohol-based. When using this method, you should pick the alcohol carefully. So, try using a high-quality and food-grade alcohol brand and make sure it’s safe for human digestion. Also, consider that the higher the alcohol content is, the easier it’ll be to dissolve the cannabis resin/CBD isolate.


  • Around 30g ground buds or 60–100g ground dried shake or trim
  • High-proof, food-safe grain alcohol

Equipment and Supplies

  • Mixing bowl
  • Baking tray
  • Parchment paper
  • Grinder
  • Fine filters, such as a piece of cheesecloth or a sieve
  • Catchment container
  • Double boiler (a set of two fitted saucepans/pots stacked together with space between them)
  • Wooden spoon
  • Spatula
  • Funnel
  • Plastic syringe


Step 1

To begin, grind your plant matter up until it has an even fine consistency. Cover the baking tray with parchment paper and place the plant matter on it—Preheat the oven at 110ºC (225ºF). Afterward, put it inside and cook for 1 hour. This process will ensure your buds are decarboxylated.

Step 2

Put your cooked buds into the mixing bowl and add enough alcohol to submerge them completely. Mix it with a wooden spoon for 5–10 minutes. The goal is for the alcohol to pull out the desired constituents, such as CBD and terpenes.

Step 3

Next, pour your blend through a piece of cheesecloth or a fine sieve into a bowl. This will separate the CBD-rich alcohol extract from the plant matter. The strained alcohol will have a dark green color to it. Repeat the process with fresh alcohol a few more times until it starts coming out clearer in color. At this point, the material is spent.

Step 4

To your double boiler! Oh, you don’t have one? An easy makeshift option is to fill the bottom of a saucepan with water. Then put a stainless-steel bowl into the saucepan. This bowl has to fit snugly, but don’t touch the bottom of the pan.

Now that we provided you with the easy fix, pour the alcohol extract into the bowl or top of your double boiler. Apply gentle heat. High-proof alcohol is highly volatile, which means it evaporates at a low temperature. At this point, the temperature of the heat is critical. Keep it down and, when necessary, turn it on and off. Stir for 15–20 minutes. This will allow the alcohol to evaporate. The result should be an incredibly dense mixture.

Warning: Carry out this process away from any naked flames. If you have an extractor fan, turn it on. If you have the possibility of working outside, then do.

Step 5

The final consistency of your product should be thick tar-like. To make it easier to store and administrate, throw it into a large syringe or multiple smaller ones while it’s still warm. After that, your work here is done.

How to Choose Extraction Methods to Make CBD Oil at Home

There are two main CBD extraction methods. As it happens with most things in life, the method you choose depends on what you’re looking for. Conversely, the CO₂ extraction method is excellent for extracting all the cannabis derivatives from the seeds. Therefore, it’s the method you should use if you want full-spectrum CBD oil. On the other hand, the alcohol extraction method is perfect for making isolates. This is because the crude oil it produces “is transformed into vape cartridge oil, gel caps, edibles, tinctures, sublingual drops, and topicals.” ³

The Benefits of Making CBD Oil at Home

Do you obsess about what ingredients are in your product? Let’s face it, even though everything is labeled in the bottle. We don’t understand most of the terms. By taking a DIY approach, you can rest assured your oil will contain exactly what you want. Moreover, another perk is that your very own CBD oil will adjust to all your tastes and needs. With homemade CBD oil, you can avoid all the additives and refined oils.

The Bottom Line

As we’ve seen, there are several benefits to making your own CBD oil at home. However, there are some catches you should consider to get a high-quality hemp extract. Getting hemp seeds is essential, but so is following production steps to the letter. That’s why using a scale to get exact measurements and having the right equipment is essential.

However, despite how difficult it might appear, doing your own CBD oil has many benefits. You will be using the best possible hemp you can find and avoid any harmful ingredients and residues commercial brands have. So, stop looking for excuses and start doing your own CBD oil at home today!

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