How to Take CBD Oil: A Beginner’s Guide

CBD or cannabidiol keeps increasing in popularity. However, the popularity of CBD is not surprising at all. After all, CBD is a very safe and very versatile drug, therapeutically speaking. This is currently available in the markets even though CBD does not have psychoactive properties.

Because it does not have THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it is crucial to figure out How to Take CBD Oil because the dosages vary depending on how the person chooses to consume CBD.

Anyone who desires to learn How to Take CBD Oil effectively needs to look at this guide. Here, they will find information also on how to take CBD oil for different health ailments. Also, they will find a dosage guide in how much CBD oil they should take a day. Of course, information on how often they should take CBD oil a day is in here as well.

How to Take CBD Oil?

There might be a solution for anyone who currently suffers from seizures, insomnia, or anxiety. To find relief, anyone who suffers from these kinds of ailments should take CBD oil. They may also know CBD as cannabidiol.

Even though there is not much evidence available currently to prove the benefits of consuming CBD oil, there is evidence to prove that the consumption of CBD oil helps with some forms of epilepsy. Nevertheless, scientists continue to research this topic.

Anyone can find CBD oil in the cannabis plant. This generally comes from hemp. Even though CBD is one of the components of marijuana, CBD oil will not get the consumer high because it does not contain THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Therefore, it does not have psychoactive properties.

Nowadays, several areas allow people to sell, use, and buy CBD oil. However, this depends on the different areas. This means that anyone who wishes to start consuming this must check the laws in the area.

Several different ways exist to consume CBD oil. A person may use edibles, tinctures, or capsules, among other forms. Regardless of the administration method, the effects of the chemicals remain the same. But it may have a different effect on how they affect the consumer.

Before anyone starts consuming CBD oil, they must consult with their medical practitioners. The same goes if they have any side effects or if they are treating seizures.


9 Best Ways to Take CBD Oil Effectively

As it was stated before, there are many ways to take CBD oil. But people want to know which way is the most effective. That is why any person can check here the nine best ways to take CBD oil effectively.

From tinctures to capsules, smoothies, coffees, salad dressings, inhalation, sweet treats, tropical rubs or balms or creams, to cocktails. Take a look at the differences between the best different ways to take CBD oil effectively.

CBD Oil in Tincture

CBD oil in tincture is helpful to take the cannabidiol sublingually. This means putting the CBD oil under the tongue. The consumer simply needs to put some drops under their tongue.

Then they must hold it inside their mouths for thirty seconds before swallowing. This method is quite discreet and provides calmness and a feeling of well-being as well. It also allows the person to control the amount that they take. However, it does take a longer time for the person to feel its effects.

CBD Oil in Capsule

CBD oil in a capsule is a relatively easy and convenient way to consume it. The label on the capsule container provides information on what the recommended dose is. The label also informs the consumer on how to take them. The person will probably be able to feel the effects around thirty minutes after the consumption.

The foods that the person consumes when they take CBD oil may affect its absorption. They are pretty easy to take and carry around. But they do not provide relief as fast as other delivery methods. However, taking capsules allows the consumer to take the same dose every time.

CBD Oil in Smoothie

There are specific CBD oil blends that have a somewhat earthy, pungent taste. Not everybody likes that. Therefore, some try to cover its flavor with other ingredients. Some people like to add half a teaspoon of CBD oil to their morning smoothies. This will give them a calm start to their day.

CBD Oil in Coffee

Several CBD coffee brands say that they are infusing their coffee beans with CBD. Because they say that this helps diffuse the anxiety that comes with consuming caffeine. Another option would be to utilize milk that is free of dairy and that is infused with CBD. That allows the person to control easily the dose of CBD that they are taking.

CBD Oil in Salad Dressing

Another easy way to take CBD is to incorporate some CBD oil into their daily cooking. A lot of health benefits can come from this without having to put a significant effort into it. The consumer can add two teaspoons of CBD, 3 or 4 olive oil tablespoons, some lemon juice, pepper, and salt. That will make a very nutritious and delicious salad dressing.

CBD Oil in Inhalation (Vapes & Pre-Rolls)

One of the safest ways to consume CBD is by inhalation. The CBD will go directly into the consumer’s lungs and bloodstream. The person can choose to vape or smoke it.

If the consumer decides to vape, they will need a vaporizer pen. This will give the person the maximum effect the CBD can cause. But they won’t need to suffer through the harsh feeling that comes from the smoke on their lungs and throat. However, it might give the person a higher dose than the one they intended to take.

If the consumer decides to smoke the CBD oil, then they need an oil rig. The consumer will have to heat the nail. After that, they will need to place the CBD oil into the nail. They will need to use a dabber to do this. All of this will produce the smoke that the person then has to inhale.

Otherwise, the consumer can roll a join of high CBD marijuana. This is the quickest way to consume CBD oil due to its high concentration. The consumer can also easily track how much they consume. Yet, using this method entails consuming THC as well. However, smoking does have a harsh effect on the lungs and throat.

CBD Oil in Sweet Treats

Taking CBD oil in sweet treats is very easy to consume and transport as well. The consumer can choose to bake CBD oil into any sweet treats like brownies, cookies, or candy. However, some baked goods could need some refrigeration storage to maintain the freshness of the CBD.

CBD Oil in Topical Rub or Balm or Cream

One of the easiest ways to consume CBD oil is using a topical rub, balm, or cream. The consumer will not need any kind of knowledge or tool to make use of it. The person has to check the dose they need and apply it to the required section of their skin. This method works best for skin conditions, migraines, and sore muscles. If applied to the temple, it can alleviate the pains that come with migraines.

CBD Oil in Cocktail

The person can consume CBD oil in a cocktail without any significant issues because CBD oil can be mixed with any food and drink.

How to Take CBD Oil for Different Health Ailments?

CBD oil can help with several different health ailments. But the consumer needs to figure out how to take it. So here are some guidelines for that.

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

There are three ways to take CBD oil for pain relief. The person can take it orally, sublingually, or topically.

CBD Oil for Sleep

To help the consumer sleep, the best option would be to use tinctures. This will help them relax and find sleep.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

To calm anxiety, the consumer can take CBD oil in 5 different ways. The person can use a sublingual spray, edibles, oil, capsules, cannabis flowers, or vaporized oil.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take A Day? Dosage Guide

A CBD oil dosage can be pretty hard to calculate. The main reason for this is that the consumer needs to consider many things. One of the most important ones is the person’s weight. The same goes for the strength of the CBD oil that they wish to take. Every person has a different endocannabinoid system. Therefore, different amounts of CBD oil might be needed to get the same desired effects.

Before changing the amount that a person intake of their supplement, they need to consult their medical practitioners because they might need less or more CBD, this will depend on what they are battling, whether it is cancer, seizures, anxiety, pain, sleep deprivation, or other issues.

It is pretty hard to provide exact serving size and dosage recommendations for CBD. The reason behind this is the variation in the effects that CBD oil may have on different people. That is why the best suggestion would be to check a dosage calculator. That should better indicate to the person how much CBD oil to take.

After the person finds out their Reference Daily Intake (RDI), the new consumer should begin with the minimum dose recommended. Once they prove that it is not enough, they can slowly start increasing the mg CBD dose that they take. They will eventually find the balance that they need to get the best results for them.

An essential thing to notice is that overdosing on CBD is possible. Even though overdosing on CBD won’t cause a fatality, it can cause other side effects. The adverse side effects are few, but they still exist. These include diarrhea, nausea, temporary drop in blood pressure, upset stomach, lethargy, and drowsiness.

However, the exact dose that can lead to having a side effect is not known yet. So that is the reason why any new consumer needs to start with the lowest dose. Then they can go up from there until they get the results that they want.

How Often Should I Take CBD Oil A Day?

As previously mentioned in this text, a CBD oil dosage can be pretty hard to calculate since the FDA or Food and Drug Administration is yet to establish a formal nutritional guideline for this. The FDA is also yet to establish the health benefits that come from taking any CBD product.

Therefore, there isn’t an RDI or recommended daily intake yet for CBD oil. Even though the companies establish on their product’s labels serving suggestions. The companies themselves come up with those serving recommendations. That means that they are not following any standard guidelines or any official research.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the person who wishes to start consuming CBD oil needs to know how to Take CBD Oil properly. That is if they want to achieve the best results. Along with this text, several ways to consume CBD oil effectively have been mentioned.

Here, explanations are available on making tinctures, capsules, smoothies, coffees, salad dressings, inhalation, sweet treats, tropical rubs or balms or creams, and cocktails. Therefore, the future consumer can take a look and decide which one they prefer.

Arguably, how much CBD oil should the person take a day is just as important as how to take it. Because, after all, the person does not want to consume too much to deal with unwanted effects. No one wants to consume too little. Because that would prevent them from getting the desired effect, so choose wisely.

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