How to Watch Disney Plus on Switch

Disney Plus on Switch sounds like a romantic phrase, but it’s true! You can now stream all your favorite movies and TV shows. Even on the same device, you used to play ‘Breath of the Wild’!

But how can this be possible? Well, for those unaware of the technological revolution that we’re living in, Disney has recently put all of its content. Meaning movies, TV shows, and music videos (plus extra original content), all on their streaming app, Disney Plus!

On the other hand, the Nintendo switch has exploded since its release a few years ago. The sleek design coupled with its portability makes this a highly desirable item for anyone out there, whether gamers or not! But is this real, or is it too good to be true? Keep reading to find out more!

Can You Stream Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch?

The short answer is no, not yet. The Disney Plus app is not yet available for the Nintendo Switch. But you can still access the streaming site with your switch through other means. So, you can expect to see the Mandalorian on the front page of your console very soon! In addition to this, Disney has already hinted at including Disney Plus on the Nintendo switch in an upcoming update. But if you just can’t wait, let’s talk about how you can get Disney plus on your Nintendo Switch right now!

Disney Plus TV

How to Get Disney Plus on the Nintendo Switch?

How can you fast-forward into this wild and desirable future? Well, here’s how! This is what every switch owner wants to know. There are many ways to do this, from installing a VPN and watching it through the Express VPN media streaming website to installing it as another app. We’re going to cover all those different ways right now!

How to Get Disney Plus on Switch Via VPN?

One of the best ways to get Disney Plus on your switch is through a VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPNs are a safe way to do all sorts of different things like protecting your data from malicious hackers, tricking your computer into thinking you’re in Switzerland so you can watch Swedish TV shows without having to get a plane ticket, and also watching your favorite Disney franchises on your switch!

The only minor inconvenience is that currently, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a VPN set up or app, but not to worry, Express has you covered with their Med Streamer website!

Here’s How to Use It:

  • Get a laptop and go to the Express DNS page and login or create an account if you don’t have one
  • If you haven’t verified your e-mail yet, then get it verified by entering the verification code on your e-mail
  • Go to IP Address Registration, then choose ‘Register My IP.’
  • Switch on automatic registration of your IP address
  • Go to the Express Setup Page and sign in.
  • Once you enter the verification code, you’ll see the Media Streamer DNS IP.
  • Launch your switch and go to your system settings
  • Select Internet Settings and click on the network you are connected to.
  • Change Settings and Manual from DNS Settings.
  • Enter the earlier Primary and Secondary IP addresses.

How to Watch Disney Plus on Switch?

There you go, you’ve done it! In just ten easy steps, you’ve managed to turn your switch into a portable television! The steps we did earlier were to get a reliable VPN connection on your console. Now all you have to do is go to the Disney Plus website, and you’re done!

Best Things to Watch on Disney Plus

Of course, we couldn’t give you all these steps without some recommendations! Here are some of the best things to watch on Disney Plus right now

Best Shows

For Kids:

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: This great show teaches children critical thinking skills through games and puzzles. A great way to engage your child’s mind while they have fun, too!
  • Dr. Stuffing: If your kid is scared of doctors’ appointments, then this is the best show for them! Dr. Stuffing is an upbeat and funny show about a young girl who becomes the number one doctor for toys in her town! It also has excellent POC representation, which is essential for kids to absorb significantly since being exposed to minorities from a young age can help them so that they’re not disarmed by the idea of diversity later in life!

For Teens:

  • Gravity Falls: This is a fantastic, animated show with lots of adventures, fun characters, and mysteries! Because the show is extremely clever in its writing and storytelling, it’s great for kids who are getting too old for ‘little kids shows’ and want something more challenging.
  • High School Musical: the series’: This is an excellent show for kids and teenagers. Along with having great representation, it also features excellent songs and intricate storylines that teens fall in love with!

For Adults:

  • The Mandalorian: A journey into the limits of outer space, with complex characters, outstanding set design, and a cute little green monster to tag along!
  • Wanda Vision: Great for marvel fans and fans of the fifties and sixties sitcoms. This show combines superheroes with classic sitcom tropes to make an exciting blend of comedy and action!

Best Movies

  • The Sword in The Stone: A charming jewel from the seventies, this early Disney classic is a must-watch for adults and children alike!
  • The Little Mermaid: Another great Disney classic, this movie is riveting in its storytelling and exposition of complex characters
  • Guardians of The Galaxy: With an eighty’s soundtrack and Chris Pratt rattling off one-liner to a crazy raccoon, you can’t go wrong with this movie!

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The Bottom Line

Disney Plus is one of the few streaming services that still care about offering great content, and it’s a shame that you should have to miss it because your laptop is above you in your carry-on. Getting Disney plus for your Nintendo switch may be a bit of a headache for the uninitiated. Still, it is worthwhile since you can watch all the content you love in a comfortable position!

You can now take your switch on a plane in this fantastic timeline that we find ourselves in. Or even watch the original Lion King movie without having to check if it’s offered by the airline! Or stroll around your island in Animal Crossing.

In addition, some shows are only available on Disney Plus, and it’s a shame that either you or your kids should have to miss it because you don’t have enough devices to go around.

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