Justin Trudeau Wins Canada’s Snap Election But Falls Short of Seats

According to CNN(Montreal) reports, Canada’s liberal party will form the next government following their narrow win against Erin O’Toole’s rival party. Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party won the election despite garnering fewer seats necessary to form the majority government.

The reports from CNN show that the liberals had garnered 157 seats while their close competitors had 122 seats as of 2 am ET. The results herein depict the position after 95% of the polls across the country. The remaining seats are to be shared by the Quebec-based separatist party bloc and the new democratic party.

What Made Justin Trudeau Win?

Trudeau called the election in mid-August, just two years into his minority administration, hoping to gain a majority by exploiting his pandemic management. It was after O’Toole’s conservative party efforts that reversed the Liberals’ plans. Over the past few days, the tracking surveys were strongly pulling to the tier, leaving the liberals with no options.

While Trudeau was addressing the supporters from Montreal on Tuesday after the win, he was confident that they were ready to take Canada through the Corona period. He agrees that the citizens of Canada were sending them with a clear mandate. Trudeau agrees that the citizens are ready for a progressive plan following the millions of voters who trust them. Despite the foreseen division during the campaigns, the results were proving otherwise, according to Justin.

2021 Canadian federal election, Montreal, Canada - 21 Sep 2021

Mandatory Credit: Photo by ERIC BOLTE/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (12455188k) Canadian Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau (2-R), standing next to his wife Sophie Gregoire (L), daughter Ella Grace (2-R) and son Xavier (R), addresses supporters as he celebrates his election victory in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 20 September 2021. Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau retained his position as Canadian prime minister in the federal election but will be forced to form a minority government. 2021 Canadian federal election, Montreal, Canada – 21 Sep 2021

Despite Trudeau capitalizing on the issues affecting Canadians, some experts do not find the snap election unnecessary. They cite the Covid-19 pandemic to justify their reasons by claiming that many voters cannot identify a transparent ballot box to justify the snap election. Trudeau had issues such as handling Covid-19, working on climate change, controlling the guns, and affordable housing as the critical areas on his manifesto.

Was O’Toole Wrong on His Perception?

O’Toole might have been wrong on his campaign plan, where he had capitalized on criticizing Justin. His campaign was solely on the perception that Trudeau was only after his political ambition rather than leadership. O’Toole was not happy with the results terming the snap election as a “quick power Grab.”

While addressing the supporters on Tuesday, O’Toole had no good words for Justin Trudeau. He castigated Trudeau’s comments that a minority government was unworkable. H further narrates that after spending 600 million dollars in a snap election, Trudeau is willing to form the same government. He sarcastically says the Canadians were unwilling to give Justin a majority mandate but rather a minority characterized with divisions.

During the campaign, O’Toole seems to disagree with Trudeau in a way uncommon in Canadian politics. O’Toole believes Trudeau’s self-interest was the reason for holding an election amid pandemics. He argues that they are always looking for a number one position, terming the election as expensive and unnecessary. O’Toole believes that such actions are unnecessary, and it was the utmost show of poor leadership.

While Trudeau was responding to O’Toole’s attacks on his perceived character, he committed to serving Canadians. His robust comments seem to incline that O’Toole belongs to the group he terms as proxies and anti-vaxxers movement. He says that they are the gun lobby group that never gave people the freedom of choice.

Issues That Raised Controversy, and the Final Thoughts

The focus on cultural ideas, abortion rights, and Gun control seem to create more polarization in the US. Despite the candidates trying to engage on significant issues, voters tend to find a way to cause a separatism agenda. A small and fierce group opposes the Covid-19 protocols, such as the Vaccines and masks mandates. Some voters even expressed a grave hostility towards Justin Trudeau by throwing gravels to express their dissatisfaction with handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, Justin will form a minority government after failing to attain the threshold voter capacity to acquire 170 seats.



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