Lionel Messi Join PSG for Two Years: A New Era Beginning

Lionel Messi passed the medical examination and visited the stadium where Paris Saint Germain (PSG) plays—at the same time, waiting for the signing of the contract that will bind him to the French club until 2023. It was a real revolution in the streets of the French capital where fans want to realize the dream of winning the first Champions League of its history with the Argentinean star.

The Argentine shows himself with a white T-shirt, “Ici c’est Paris” (Here is Paris). He waved timidly from afar to the fans shouting his name near the Parc des Princes stadium. They waited for him for more than five hours. But suddenly, “Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi,” was felt for several minutes after watching the car’s arrival at the facility. The rumor that Lionel Messi joins PSG is now a reality.

The Beginning Of An Era

Between tears and applause, Lionel Messi said goodbye to Barcelona. Of course, there is no need to say that he played in Barcelona his entire career and won everything in here. Although Messi assured them he did “everything to stay,” this intention was impossible. Because due to financial obstacles (financial fair play), he could not continue.

This news went around the world. But today, in a new day of Messi out of FC Barcelona, it is already known where he will play. Lionel Messi joins PSG. It is already a reality. Messi will join his friends Angel Di Maria and Neymar. He will try to bring the Champions League to Paris, something they have been looking for for a long time in France.

He has already successfully passed the medical examination and was greeted by a crowd in the Parisian streets. Shouting his name and with a shy smile or two, he greeted the fans. His family accompanied him at all times. Undoubtedly this is a new experience not only for Messi but also for his wife and children. After a whole life in Barcelona, he is moving from one day to another.

Final Thoughts

Lionel Messi

What seemed impossible one day became a reality. Lionel Messi joins PSG, and we will see him with another shirt. Many fans still can’t believe it. The truth is that people will have to get used to it. Because Lionel is now a PSG player, and the mystery is over.

Although many teams wanted to have the 10 in their ranks, PSG solved everything very quickly. Lionel’s friendship with Neymar and Di Maria added to the money that the owner of PSG manages made everything very easy.

Is it the most revolutionary signing in history? For many, yes. From one day to the next, without much mystery, Lionel Messi already posed with another shirt. Signs a 2-year contract, with the possibility of extending it for one more year. Let’s remember that Messi is already 34 years old, so he could play for PSG until he is 36.

He arrives with the illusion of lifting the Champions League again. Something that the French team has been looking for for a long time and has not achieved. Will Messi be the right one to bring her? Or will it remain elusive to the French?



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