30 Living Room Rug Ideas That Will Make Your Space Beautiful

What is the first thing you notice when visiting a friend’s house? In most cases, you look at the decoration and how the arrangements are made. As a homeowner, you are most likely to use rugs to add more decor. However, rugs increase warmth in your house. It keeps your feet warm and very comfortable. You can use rugs to cheer up your decor, separate rooms, and tie your rooms together. There are many types of rugs in the world today. As a homeowner, choosing what entices you the most is up to you.

What to Consider When Choosing a Rug Design for Your Living Room?

Are you stuck on what to consider when choosing a living room rug? The following strategies will help you make the best decision concerning your living room rug choices.

Size of Your Room: When choosing a rug for the living room, keep in mind the size of your room. You should ensure that the rug fits well. You do not want to buy a very big rug that cannot fit or a very tiny one. It is advisable that you first measure or ask for help from a professional. They will take the right measurements for you and advise you on the best size for your room.

Color of the Rug: The flowering mode in the living room says a lot about your decor. You can choose a patterned rug as it will add more color to your room. If your room is too colorful already, you can choose one or two colors from the decor to match your rug.

The Texture and Material of the Rug: We all have different tastes and preferences, especially regarding rugs. It depends on the feeling you want your feet to experience whenever you step on your rug. There are several material ideas you can consider when choosing the texture and material, such as:

1. Wool: Woolen rugs provide more warmth and softness to the room. Woolen rugs are often durable and easy to maintain. They are a bit expensive in the market, and when cleaning time comes, it is best to call a professional.

2. Cotton Rugs: Cotton rugs are mostly soft and casual. They are lighter than woolen rugs. Cleaning the cotton rug is easier thus, you can do it at home. They are most preferable for a summer living room feeling.

3. Hides: They are animal products such as cowhide. They make an excellent statement in the living room. The hide rugs last for quite a long time, thus giving you great service. The main advantage of hiding rugs is the low maintenance level.

The Comfort of the Rug: Consider choosing a rug that makes you happy and comfortable in your house. The rug should make your feet feel good and spice up the decor to a more comfortable style.

Maintenance of the Rug: Different types of rugs have different maintenance styles. Some need professional care, while others need personal care. For a home with kids especially, it is better to choose a low-maintenance rug.

Durability: Are you looking for a rug that will last for a long? Consider choosing a strong rug that does not wear out easily.

30 Living Room Rug Ideas That Will Made Your Space Beautiful

Here are 30 rug living room designs that can inspire your next design.

1. Rustic Eclecticism

Rustic EclecticismThe design best suites lakeside houses. It gives a cool breeze vibe. It goes well with the fireplace design as well. If chandeliers are available, they both supply a lot of warmth during stormy days.

2. Marble Mimicry

Marble MimicryMarble mimicry ensures that your luxurious apartment looks even better. The marble mimicry, best designed by Mendelson Group, will leave your apartment resembling marble under chic furnishing.

3. Farmhouse Feel

Farmhouse FeelWe all love farmhouse living room rug ideas. If you are heels over the farmhouse style, choose a neutral-toned rug. Mostly advisable are the sisal and jute rugs for a farmhouse feel. They will give you the best texture for your living room. The rugs last longer and are very easy to maintain. If the plain color seems boring, add a small colored mat to your sisal or jute rug.

4. Bird’s Eye View

Bird's Eye ViewJessie Lane introduced a rug that can remind us of history in a modern house. It has complementing colors and offers a lot of warmth to your house. The rug should have a couple of colors that almost look similar or go well with one another.

5. Circle of Influence

Circle of InfluenceThis design adds more life to your living room. It has a mixture of colors that brightens up the room. It goes well with white or cream walls and furniture.

6. Traditional Warmth

Traditional WarmthThe rug will bring an outcome of an earthly palette and classic look. When you enter a room with this design, you feel alive. It should be placed at the center with art hung over the sofa. Therefore, it will create a mirrored effect that brings out the best appeal of the room. It is best for a person living with friends or family.

7. Chase the Rainbow

Chase the RainbowThe rug is multicolored, just like a rainbow. It best works with a living room that has a fireplace. The multi-colors can match with any stuff in your room like curtains and sofa.

8. Coastal Character

Coastal CharacterThe rug should be elegant for this design. This rug will be the best if the living room has a creamy ivory background with a traditional pattern. The rug should be placed halfway down the bed showcase. Choose a boldly designed rug to up the character if the room is bright.

9. Double Trouble

Double TroubleThe rug adds warmth and texture to your living room. It is best for high-rise condos. The rugs are mostly basket weaved. It serves best for the Bloxburg living room.

10. Luxurious Champagne

Luxurious ChampagneIf you feel like your living room is somewhat boring, this is the best Bloxburg living room idea-the faux hide rug with shades of champagne. The shape of the rugs looks like natural hide and further adds warmth to your living room. The rug is cruelty-free and is one of the easiest rugs to clean. The natural hide may require a lot of scrapping to get rid of dirt; water and a bar of mild soap are enough for faux hide.

11. Handsome Stripes

Handsome StripesThe design works best for a room with earthly space. The rug is hand-woven and comprises modern stripes that give your room a rustic, charming sense. If your room has accent pillows and throws blankets, the rug will enhance your design.

12. Authentic Style

Authentic StyleThe design goes well with an open living room. The rugs are made of animal hide in most cases. The rugs have a velvety and soft feeling that makes your feet warm and comfortable. The rug offers an easy to clean option for a homeowner. The rug is easy to manage and clean.

13. Modern Moroccan

Modern MoroccanA room becomes lovely when topped up with a Moroccan-inspired area rug. If your living room has a small space, it is the best rug design. It takes less space after placing the sofa. The rug’s edges are fringed, thus giving it a charming appeal. It also has a high low texture and geometric features. It can fit in modern rooms, especially in creamy and charcoal colorways.

14. Natural Beauty

Natural BeautyThe living room rug idea brings out the most eco-friendly rug idea. The rug is woven, whereas jute is made of long, silky plant fibers. It gives your room a natural vibe all way. The rug has a soft texture and is very eye-catching. Since the rug is made out of natural fiber, it lasts for a long and needs low maintenance. The rug matches most busy homes, especially those with kids who play all over the house.

15. Effortless Comfort

Effortless ComfortThe design serves a welcoming vibe that convinces you to sit down for a longer time. The rug has sand tones and dappled mist, giving your living room a relaxing mood. The rug’s colors complement each other with grey, white, tan, and deep blue. The idea is one of the easiest home decor ideas.

16. Global Inspiration

Global InspirationThe Bohemian rug works best in a variety of living rooms. The rugs possess geometric patterns and contrast black colors. It brings out the artist and a relaxing sense of a living room. The patterns on the pillows align with the jute rug, creating an easy path for movement around the living room.

17. Ruggedly Charming

Ruggedly CharmingThe design brings out an eye-catching appeal to the living room. The rug mostly possesses a black and white pattern with high contrast. They are highly recommended for people who love soft and rugged textures on their rugs. If your furniture is made of leather, it will complement the decor well.

Let’s Talk About the Future Ideas

Rugs not only serve as a method to add color, texture, and pattern to your living room design ideas, but they can also be utilized to offer structure to your room’s arrangement and make your furniture seem more grounded.

18. Island Living

Island LivingIsland living design rugs are basketweave mats. They should pair with light wood furniture and a tan wall to bring out the best decor. The rugs create a serene and breezy atmosphere in the living room.

19. Classic Black and White

Classic Black and WhiteBlack and white are one of the most classic collaborations that exist. It compliments each other well and has never gone wrong. With a black and white rug, your room has a dull and bright feeling.

20. Candy Cane Stripes

Candy Cane StripesThe rugs with this design should have several colored stripes. It brings out a fresh and sweet feeling in the living room.

21. Let The be Light

Let The be LightIf the room has top to bottom windows, there is a lot of light on a sunny day. A light rug with bright colors such as pink will complement the room. The rug gives the room a vibrant feeling and comfortable environment.

22. Easy Breezy

Easy BreezyEast breezy designs put out the bright living room with art and beloved books. The rug provides warmness and coolness, giving a serene environment.

23. Bright Side

Bright SideDoes your living room possess large windows? Then you are aware of how much light is let into the living room. The cozy living room needs a geometric area rug that neutralizes the room and makes it look lively.

24. Eclectic Method

Eclectic MethodThe design requires a rug with colors such as purple and yellow. If your wall has some paintings, the rug will go very well.

25. Blue Hues

Blue HuesBlue signifies calmness and coolness. A blue rug gives a cooling comfort to you and your visitors. The choice of blue rugs can go well with other colors in your living room. It mostly goes well with velvet couches in the sitting room.

26. Cube Out

Cube OutThe rugs are cubed in shape. You can have several of them to fit your living room area. You can choose to have multiple colors or one color for all of the cubed rugs. It is mostly recommended that you match them with your throw-away pillows.

27. Drama Queen

Drama QueenMost people love black and white decor designs. It is one of the most used home decor ideas globally. If most designers are asked, they advise on that combo. Any fluffy rug will go well with the design of the house.

28. Green House

Green HouseGreen rooms give you a connection with the outdoor feeling. Most people can use green rugs to give them a natural feeling even when in their houses. The design can suit farmhouse living room rug ideas for the best outcome.

29. California Casual

California CasualThe rugs are designed in mustard yellow, navy, and white colors. They try to warm the tones of the coaches in the living room. The rugs also highlight your bright coffee table.

30. Modern Family

Modern FamilyThe rug is designed for big family living rooms to ensure space is left to take center stage. The rugs are neutral chevron and should be matched with a cozy pair of ottomans.

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Living room rugs spice up your decor and provide more comfort in the room. The choice of a rug varies for different reasons. Before getting a rug, it is important to consider some points that can change the whole decor of the house within a minute.

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