Memorial Day 2021 in the US: Why Do People Celebrate This Day

There is always a history about every event, and Memorial Day 2021 is not an exception. The origin traces its roots back to the late 1860s. Many US soldiers lost their lives after a civil war. The even is now famous, and it often comes on the last Monday of May every year. The Americans will be ready to commemorate the event memorial on Monday, 2021. The world is looking forward to seeing how the Americans will be doing it with the ongoing pandemic.

The commemoration day for the fallen men and women who served the US army was not a Memorial Day, But rather a Decoration Day. It was not until 1971 when it was declared an official Holiday as an official federal holiday. Americans will be commemorating the event by doing many activities that focus on remembering the Death. They visit the cemeteries and memorial services, but Most families will hold a family gathering. The parades will be very common during such a Memorial service. Its importance is not well defined by the US citizens who believe the memorial service marks the beginning of a new summer.

The History of Memorial Day

The memorial service 2021 will see over 37 million people traveling during the day, considering how the US government has vaccinated 40% of its total population. This statistic reported by CNN implies a lot about the way Americans are happy with the event. Despite the COVID 19 restrictions still being in place, a large population will still be out to commemorate the day.
It is worth understanding the history of Memorial Day and focusing more on the relevance of it. The day was Decoration Day because it was an event of the specific families and people who lost their loved ones during the civil wars in the 1860s.

Americans were yet to face the civil wars, and during world war 1, it led to more loss of lives, and many soldiers did not manage. The Major conflict that the US faced led to an increased loss of lives. The Holiday then had to get a new name because the Americans started celebrating the military personnel who died in every war. The number of civil wars was increasing, and they had to make it a universal practice to commemorate all the US military army who died in all wars. It is vital to remember that Americans participated in several civil wars like World war II. There were also other wars such as the Vietnam war, the Iraq and Afghanistan war.

It is now an annual event that happens on the last Monday of May. Notably, Memorial Day was on May, the 30th day, every year after general Logan’s speech. The speech led to Americans decorating the graves for the fallen soldiers. The memorial was in place until a congress in 1968 where they passed a uniform Monday Holiday act. It was the birth of Memorial Day, where it happens on the last Monday of May. The federal employees can now enjoy a 3-day weekend following a uniform Monday law. The change was later affected in 1971, and it was on this day that marked the declaration of Memorial Day as a Federal Holiday.

The Observance of Memorial Day During the Old Days

The loss of many lives after a civil war in 1865 was a big surprise to the US military, and they had to find ways of burying the dead soldiers. The end of spring-summer in 1865 was the saddest day in the US military which necessitated the need to establish a National cemetery. There was no official cemetery before until 1865, after a civil war.

It is prudent to note that Memorial Day was after a declaration in 1971! The practice was there even during the early to late 1880s. Families who had lost their loved ones to the civil wars had started commemorating the day by decorating the graves and taking flowers to such graves. They could also recite some prayers to show love to the fallen heroes. It could be correct to say that Memorial Day is an initiation from some few groups, who believed it was virtuous to commemorate such an event.

The history has it that the first Memorial Day gathering was held in 1865 when a group of former slaves at Charlestown held it, one month after the surrender of the Confederacy in 1865. Charlestown should have been the official birthplace of the Memorial town, but the Federal Government later declares Waterloo in New Yolk city as the official birthplace. The declaration of waterloo as the official birthplace of Memorial Day happened in late 1966, 100 years later after the first lot of people celebrated Memorial Day!

The controversy of declaring waterloo as the official birthplace of Memorial Day is that, on May 5, 1866, all business was closed, and an annual event was held. Waterloo hosted an event that attracted thousands of people, and all the residents in the areas participated in decorating the graves of the soldiers. They decorated the graves with flowers and flags to commemorate the loss of lives.

But, What About the Decoration Day?

Memorial Day 2021 be an eventful day for Americans. They will be visiting gravesides and decorating with flowers. They also extend this love to their homes, and they will do decorations to mark the day. The Decoration Day traces its roots back to May 5, 1868, when General John A. Logan led the Northern Civil wars, called a Nationwide day, where the Americans were to remember the lives of the fallen heroes.

It was a declaration from the general where the day was only for decorating the graves of the soldiers who fought in the war dying in the process. It was during the late rebellion that many US soldiers died while in a line of duty. Their bodies lie everywhere in the US, and you won’t miss a single grave in US villages, yards, and lands.

Logan declared the date knowing that it was no an anniversary of any particular battle, and therefore, it became a Decoration Day for graves. Notably, during the first Decoration Day, when General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National cemetery, over 20000 graves were decorated by over 5000 participants who attended the event.

Other Nations country-wide were also commemorating the day. By the late 1890s, it was a national event, and all residents were engaged in the event, and it was the birth of the Decoration Day for graves with flowers. Southern states were also active in commemorating the dead, but it was not until World War I when the federal government made it a national event.


So, What are the Traditions for the Memorial Day?

Memorial Day 2021 will be an eventful day. The culture is still there, and many Americans will celebrate the day doing several practices that happen to be the Memorial Day traditions. Many cities and towns will be commemorating the day, and it will involve people, military personnel, and the members of the Veteran’s organizations. The Americans cherish the day. It gives them a chance to show love to those who gave up their lives for their country.

Big cities such as Chicago, New York, and Washington DC will witness major parades and events. The Americans will be flocking the cemeteries to decorate the graves using flowers. The primary reason for the visit is to decorate with flowers as it was during 1860 while it was then a Decoration Day. Other Americans will be involved in memorial services, and there are types of attire that they will have for the day.

Some Americans will often wear red Poppy during the day in remembrance of the fallen soldiers. The origin of red Poppy traces the roots back to the day when world war I began. There was a world war I poem that often inspired the military. The Americans will have a red Poppy while they are engaged in other activities such as the parties and Barbecues if they are not participating in any memorial or parade events.

The Memorial Day 2021 will be on May 31, 2021, being the last Monday of May. The day was declared official in 1971 by president Richard Nixon. The day will be commemorated in every city every last Monday of May to pay respect to the fallen men and women who served the US army during the wars. Many communities now hold this special celebration in cemeteries, monumental clubs, and other places to commemorate the soldiers. It no longer a practice to commemorate the fallen US soldiers alone.

The Americans now take the opportunity to remember their families and friend who may have lost their lives. The day is now an official day for the Death in the US, and it happens in churches, cemeteries, and family gatherings. The US president or the vice president will commemorate the day by laying wreaths on the tombs after a speech. The members of the armed forces will then shoot the rifle salute to the air.

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The Bottom Line

The Memorial Day general becomes a reflection day, and it marks the beginning of summer with the hope of good things as the summer begins. The three-day weekend is sufficient for the working US class to relax. They can reflect on the past and what to expect in the future. It is a day that makes the people from all manner of work and cultures come together and in solidarity to commemorate the fallen soldiers who died protecting their nation.

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