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Merge Mansion is a popular mobile puzzle game developed by Metacore where players use their creativity and problem-solving skills to renovate and decorate a mansion by merging various objects. Each year, Merge Mansion holds a special event to celebrate Easter, one of the most widely celebrated holidays worldwide. The Merge Mansion Easter event is eagerly anticipated by players looking forward to a fun and exciting challenge with new Easter-themed decorations, characters, and rewards. This limited-time event typically features special quests or tasks that players must complete to earn exclusive items and bonuses for their mansion. This article will look closer at the Merge Mansion Easter event, its gameplay, and its rewards.

Merge Mansion Easter Event: A Detail Guide

Merge Mansion is a mobile puzzle game where players merge objects to renovate and decorate a mansion. While celebrating spring events, during Easter time, Merge Mansion often has a special event where players can earn rewards by completing Easter-themed tasks or challenges within the game. These events typically feature special decorations, characters, and game mechanics only available for a limited time. The specifics of the Easter event may vary from year to year, but they usually involve players collecting Easter eggs or completing quests to earn rewards such as coins, gems, or exclusive items for their mansion. Moreover, in this 2023 Easter event, you can gain Easter Decorations for your Mansion through an amazing egg hunt. So, let’s look at how you can play this seasonal event.

How to Play Amazing Egg Hunt

How to Play Amazing Egg Hunt

This game needs Level 12 to participate in. To access the Event Garage, you must be Level 12 and finish the first assignment. Once the event is unlocked, you can access it through the Door in your regular Garage. On the map screen, the event button can also be used to view it. decorations for your garden’s Grand Drive and Gate sections. If you have finished the chores to clean up that space, you can only access some decorations. While the Main Garage will receive the Set awards for the Easter Collection, the Event Garage will receive the awards from the progress meter. You must complete Tasks to earn Holiday Points, which you can use in the Easter Collection Shop to purchase Holiday Décor for the Grand Drive.

While participating, merge mansion easter egg hunt. remember that egg items like chocolate eggs are nonresourceful. That means it’s ideal to avoid Fluffy Bunnies Level 5 and the Fleamarket Level 1. Besides that, pay attention on unlock more items like Toad’s Life, Bike Parts with Basket, and Lost Clothes Level 6 Laundry Surprise. You can buy an amazing egg hunt or items through coins and gems. Remember, you can buy items within a limited number of times. At any given moment, you can see 6 items on sale, which can be reset every 12 hours where Easter Garage Shop is accessible via a button on the lower right-hand side.

Event Progress items Merge Mansion: Easter Event Mechanics

Like other merge mansion items lists, in the case of Amazing Egg Hunt, you need to unlock several items to level the game. Such as:

Table: Amazing Egg Hunt Item list


How to Reach Easter Garage Shop?

When in the Valentine’s Day event garage at the merge estate, use the icon on the bottom right side to enter the Easter Garage Shop. For CoinsCoins and GemsGems, you can purchase things for your Easter Garage here. There are six products that are always on offer. Only a certain amount of each object may be purchased. Each object undergoes a 12-hour restart. Packs containing Coins, Gems, and Event Items can be purchased for real money.

Additional Tips While Playing Merge Mansion Easter Events

Sure, here are some additional tips to help you make the most of your Merge Mansion Easter event experience:

Check in daily: Merge Mansion’s Easter event likely includes a daily login to Merge Mansion on your Windows PC or Mac or mobile to get a bonus or reward like many other mobile games. Be sure to check in daily to claim your reward and make progress towards event-specific goals.

Focus on event-specific tasks: During the Easter event, there may be special tasks or quests that you can complete to earn exclusive rewards. Focus on these tasks as much as possible, as they will likely offer the most valuable rewards. Besides that, focusing on daily task gives your extra benefits for game progression.

Be strategic with your merges: As with the base game, merging objects in Merge Mansion’s Easter event is key to progressing and earning rewards. Be strategic with your merges to maximize your progress and efficiency.

Save your gems: Gems are a valuable currency in Merge Mansion that can be used to purchase premium items or speed up processes. During the Easter event, you may be tempted to use your gems to progress faster, but it’s usually better to save them for exclusive event items or rewards.

Join a community: Merge Mansion has an active community of players, and joining a community can help you get tips, share strategies, and make progress faster. You can join the Merge Mansion subreddit or Facebook group to connect with other players.

Upcoming Seasonal Events of Merge Mansion

Besides Merge Mansion Easter event or egg hunting, you can focus other exciting seasonal events including Merge Mansion Hopeberry Events, 4th July Events, Ursula’s Birthday Party, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas holiday and Winter Holiday. Seasonal events take place all year round, allowing you to get decorations to decorate your house according to the season.

Events have a limited opening period and are frequently replicated afterwards. The Calendar Button in the top left corner provides access to them. The Event Garage Button, located just above the Garage Button, makes the Event Garage accessible after it has been launched. Only one Event may be played at once.


Are there secret areas in Merge Mansion?

The Secret Entrance is rewarded for completing the first 4th of July Task and can be placed in the normal garage.

What is the upcoming event in the Merge mansion after the Easter event?

There are several events are there in merge mansion, such as

  • Hopeberry Festival, 20.05.2023 to 30.05.2023 (10 Days)
  • 4th of July, 23.06.2023 to 07.07.2023 (14 Days)
  • Ursula’s Birthday Party 12.08.2023 to 28.08.2023 (16 Days)
  • Halloween 2023 21.10.2023 to 31.10.2023 (11 Days)
  • Thanksgiving 17.11.2023 to 01.12.2023 (14 Days)
  • Winter Holiday, 16.12.2023 to 02.01.2024 (17 Days)

Final Thoughts on Merge Mansion Easter Event

Players can enjoy the Easter holiday and actively participate in the game by participating in the Merge Mansion Easter event, which allows players to gather special decorations and accouterments that are only accessible during the event, fostering a feeling of exclusivity and enthusiasm.  Moreover, this Easter event for Merge Mansion is a great addition to the game overall because it keeps players interested and amused.

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