Movies About Pandemics and Viral Diseases: Our Top 5 Listed Movies

A new way of living has been unveiled by the coronavirus pandemic. Almost all individuals still long to go back to the pre-COVID way of life. For example, a survey shows four out of five people miss going to the theaters to watch into cinema halls once they open. You can obsess over a somtricky riddle until you fit all the pieces together and finally see the big picture. So, on the following list, we will be looking at 5 thriller movies about pandemics and viral diseases that will make you rack your brains. That is a total foreseeing of prospects of quarantine pandemic situation.

This spring, the pandemic disrupted the theater industry as quarantines have closed cinemas and other entertainment venues worldwide. People have settled in to entertain themselves at home by watching streaming services such as Netflix, Disney plus, amazon prime video.

Therefore, in times of uncertainty and social distancing, to slowing the spread of the virus and lessening the impact and pressure on our hospitals and health care centers, just about everything is closed, from sports arenas to music halls to bars and restaurants, and movie theaters.

To sum things up, we all will spend a lot of time at home now. And, of course, we could perhaps try to convince ourselves that we’re going to spend that time getting around to the cleaning projects we’ve been putting off, learning a new skill, or talking to our quarantined family members. Still, the reality is we’re going to streaming and binge-watching the ridiculous number of movies over the next couple of years or at least a few months.

5 Movies About Pandemics and Viral Diseases

1. Quarantine (2008)Quarantine

One of the first suggested pandemic movies on our list is Quarantine. A mysterious virus takes over a plane. When the aircraft lands, it is placed under Quarantine. Without giving anything away or any spoilers, it was filmed in a big dark federal prison. Hence, it’s quite freaky at times. However, there were surprises, so it keeps you focused; take it out from the traditional prison and apocalypse movies status and put it into a more original and more in-depth idea.

Character development is enjoyable, and the dialogue is spot on. Were there times it was too slow, too predictable; yes! that being said, it was a solid, well-acted movie? It was pretty well produced and dressed. There are scenes when you might feel the film quality is off, but all is revealed by the end. So, all said and done, we totally recommend this fantastic pandemic movie.

Grab the popcorn, a glass of your favorite drink, and the remote. You won’t be sorry. But remember, this is not an action/adventure film; it’s a pretty thoughtful apocalyptic independent no-budget thriller film. Well, do not expect a blockbuster with enormous special effects. Well done story with quite an ok acting and decent production values for a 0 budget. It is very well-paced with lots of action and medium gore, but it is much better written than a typical zombie movie. Some fresh twists with the excellent movie set in a prison and post-apocalyptic worlds.

2. Flu (2013)Flu-(2013)

“Flu” is a medical disaster virus spread Netflix pandemic movie that offers a transfusion of harrowing tragedy, government hypocrisy, and dripping sentimentality, showing a provincial “World Z” without zombies. A medical disaster film portrays how a South Korean city is becoming ground zero for the “H5N1” outbreak. Fully reflecting the unexpected and unforeseeable essence of modern pandemics such as SARS.

All the characters are very relatable and useful, very dramatic, very compelling. Overall great movie. Often movies with subtitles feel like it takes you away from the movie. One spends all the time reading instead of enjoying the movie, but Something different about it. You will love it from start to finish, even with reading subtitles.

The only critique of the movie is that the chaos should have slowed gradually, and the ending could have been better instead of an abrupt stop. Other than that, you will like every bit of it.

3. Contagion (2011)Contagion (2011)

Contagion is one of the most realistic pandemic movies in the Netflix virus outbreak film “Contagion,” a virus outbreak caused by a bat. Steven Soderbergh was its very praiseworthy director. This will take us to 2020. There is much resemblance between “Contagion” but a less dangerous virus than the COVID-19. A deadly virus quickly spread across the world with horrific impacts.

Enter the deadly coronavirus outbreak! It’s related to disaster films but with a disturbing viewpoint. Weeks ago, it was recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Some scientists believe that it’s precisely started, like in the “Contagion” film, from animals and then jumped to humans.

If the Coronavirus has a playbook, this movie would be it!

In late January, the Netflix pandemic 2011 thriller, which also stars Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow, rocketed into iTunes’ top 10 movie rentals chart and became among the most popular films on Amazon Prime and Google Play. It is a very realistic depiction of what would occur if SomethingSomething like this happened. What Burns sees as most similar to what is happening today is the depiction of uncertainty and fearmongering. There have been allegations on the director of being part of the Illuminati, “I always knew this was coming,” Burns said. Therefore, it stands as one of the best movies on our list.

4. Outbreak (1995)Outbreak (1995)

Like the movie contagion, which recently jumped to the top of the iTunes movie charts, despite being nearly a decade old, Outbreak follows the threat of a nasty, quick-spreading virus. In leading roles, the film stars Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, and Morgan Freeman, combating the deadly spread of an Ebola-like sickness. Although a sinister military threat closes in Creek, California, the movie is based on Richard Preston’s bestselling nonfiction thriller, The Hot Zone.

Compared to the Coronavirus’s reality, the drama of Outbreak is both better (there’s an adorable monkey involved) and worse and your overindulgence (Kevin Spacey is there). But if the world is going to end, isn’t now the perfect time to watch or recatch this classic pandemic horror movie.

The 1995 film “Outbreak” was Frida’s ninth most successful overall title on Netflix in the United States. It’s not the only deadly virus movie that is becoming famous during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Outbreak is more of an action thriller and less of a real-world account of disease transmission. It’s confined to mostly one fictional California small town. The monkey sneezes wetly right into Dempsey’s mouth in one iconic scene, infecting him with Motaba. From there, the virus spreads into a small inland town, and a virologist from USAMRIID, played by Dustin Hoffman, makes it his mission to find a cure. And Probably soon, he and his ex-wife, a CDC scientist played by Rene Russo, will be back.

5. Pandemic (2016)Pandemic

The planet is being thrown into a state of chaos after a catastrophic virus outbreak. And humankind is losing its survival grasp. The only hope is to find a cure to keep the sick ones confined.

First, it’s not “The Walking Dead.”

Second, you will like it if you like Rachel Nichols and some of the other actors/actresses are praiseworthy.

Though, the tactical gear stuff was not done well. If you like First Person Shooters or POV filming, you may like this more than the others. Some will find those scenes annoying, but luckily, they are only about 15% of the movie. Typical zombies Que pandemic scenario. Not nearly as bad as some make it out to be.

In the beginning, you might hate the first-person view. Still, after a while, it turns into a horror flick that will make you feel like you are part of this fantastic Netflix pandemic movie. By way of plot, sets, and costumes. The actors were good and commendable. Read here for full details of another top pandemic film.

The Bottom Line

So, to help your social distancing go as entertainingly as possible, here’s a list of 5 BEST thriller movies about the pandemic and viral disease that will give you a massive reality check on the current pandemic situation. from a deadly airborne respiratory disease to stop an unknown virus that ignites a global pandemic. Not just thrillers but one with the spice of Action & Adventure will keep you hooked. Much to everyone’s surprise, who knew a monkey could be harmful and cause a virus outbreak. You can currently find all these movies on Netflix.

So, sit home, stay safe, and look out, everyone there; we’re in this together. And suppose we do this right, in this list of the 5 best Movies About Pandemics and Viral Diseases. In that case, we’ll pick out numerous favorites of ours for you to check out.no 3 is best amongst all and is the one in our personal favored position.

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