Oura Ring for Fertility: Best Ring for Birth Control?

Health tracking has become quite easier thanks to smart devices. Smart devices like watches, bands, or phones are enough to track common health issues. But fertility tracking isn’t as easy as others. Thus, some unique smart devices like the Oura ring are more demanding. So, does Oura ring for fertility work? There are a lot of rumors about it. Some say it is super reliable, and some say it is yet to get 100% accuracy. So, we need a proper review before buying one of them. Let’s find out the effectiveness and how exactly the Oura ring works to detect fertility.

What Are Oura Rings?

Oura ring with box

Before anything, it’s better to learn a few words more about Oura rings. Most people don’t even know that there are smart rings on the market. Smartwatches for fitness trackers are mostly popular for health tracking. A new and innovative alternative is the Oura ring. Oura Health Oy company is its only provider, and this ring is its only product.

So, what is Oura ring? In simple terms, it is a smart ring that looks great and supports health-tracking features. It can track daily activities and several health metrics. For example, sleep condition, blood oxygen level, step count, movement tracking, heart, and recovery rate. Well, that’s not the end. There is more to explore. Body temperature, respiratory rate, calorie burn, and so on.

The ring uses these biometrics to highlight the user’s health condition. Thus, it can also predict the menstrual cycle. The user can view all this info through a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The previous gen rings had some issues. But, the latest third-gen ring feels comfortable just like any other ring. Now, it is an amazing two-in-one ring for style and health support.

Recently, it got attention from the public once it got FDA clearance. This smart ring is compatible with Natural Cycles, the first FDA-cleared birth control app. This FDA-cleared birth control app is considered the first contraceptive app which has gone one step further by utilizing temperature trend data from the Oura Ring, providing women with an innovative and effortless experience to plan or prevent pregnancy without hormones and induce women’s fertility awareness.

So, how good is it for fertility? That’s the main discussion. Let’s find out.

Oura Ring For Fertility

As mentioned, oura ring fertility tracker focuses on different biometrics, and one of them is temperature tracking. It is the second most efficient way of predicting fertility. Thus, it’s not always correct. But, its accuracy is quite commendable and mostly reliable. Regardless, it has the best result out of all the other smart devices for fertility. But why is it better? Just because it tracks temperature efficiently? No, that’s not the case. Let’s talk about the 3rd gen Oura ring. That will clear up the questions. Besides, learning their algorithms is also important. It will explain how oura ring for fertility tracking mechanism works.

All About Oura Gen 3

Oura Gen 3 is in hand

Oura ring gen 3 is the main focus of the discussion. It is the latest Oura ring which has improved and has a lot of new features. One of them is detecting fertility. Basically, it predicts the menstrual cycle. But, the mechanism has improved quite a lot. Everyone has a different pattern. So, it’s a bit tough to figure out the correct value. But Oura ring is really a promising one to do so.

Although, the previous gens were not so bad. Surely, they were not as promising as this one. But, the performance was quite mind-blowing, considering the release period. However, there were complaints about the charge and accuracy. So, the 3rd gen is the improved version that is currently online. This one provides more insight into our body and mind. Now, it is possible to track daytime heart rate, blood oxygen level, daily activities, menstrual cycle, and so on.

How Does New Algorithm Detect Fertility?

Video Source: Oura Official YouTube Channel

So, how it works for fertility? The Oura ring algorithm collects different biometric values and predicts the menstrual cycle using the NC database. So, it is also quite popular for fertility tracking. Simply, the fertility period is highly connected to body temperature change. Although, it is not 100% accurate. But, pretty decent for usual fertility tracking.

Oura ring gathers regular temperature changes, heart rate, respiratory rate, and similar values. Using them, it runs through several algorithms to precisely identify the possible fertility period. It’s natural to know that the fertility period has different health conditions than usual. So, Oura ring predicts this condition. Based on the relevancy of the NC database, it assumes the best fertility period.

Sometimes, the cycle is a bit random. But, it follows a pattern for each user. Oura ring smart algorithm tries to adapt to the pattern for the best possible result. Some people might question how this ring can generate a better result than smartwatches or bands. It requires a bit more understanding of the algorithm and the latest hardware capabilities. Let’s talk about them.

Oura Ring Accuracy

a man wearing Oura Ring

It is pretty known that fertility tracking is quite hard because of random natural conditions. But, Oura ring is quite reliable as the brand claims. So, why is it more accurate? First of all, Oura ring collects data more frequently than other devices. Just as mentioned, it uses temperature and several other conditions to predict the cycle. So, taking body temperature once per minute gives a deeper chance to analyze health conditions. That makes it more reliable than other smart devices. Besides, it works in real-time to capture nocturnal finger skin temperature.

Kriegsfeld Lab did a study at the University of Callifornia, collaborated with Precision Analytical, and Oura found in their result that by evaluating trend data from the Oura ring for the first 1-2 weeks of the menstrual cycle, they could anticipate the LH surge days in advance for 100% of participants. And after conducting this research, they conclude that this fertility tracking ring can detect changes in heart rate variability (HRV) and daytime skin temperature that signal an upcoming LH surge or ovulation occurrence.

However, this isn’t enough to describe the accuracy. Amazingly, the device can capture such metrics and analyze them. It tracks the temperature changes overnight and between different menstrual cycle phases. Then, it compares them with relevant skin and oral temperature. This is where the accuracy comes from. Using these comparisons and predicting the fertility period increases the correct prediction possibility.

Surprisingly, the brand is also working on a few beta features related to fertility. An example, it can also evaluate the temperature during pregnancy. So, the user can check the temperature changes and guess their pregnancy condition before visiting the doctor. Besides, it is also approved by the FDA. So, there is no need to worry.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Oura Ring For Fertility

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Oura Ring

Now, this is a hot debate. Apple Watch Series 8 has one of the most accurate and sensitive sensors. It can collect temp data every 5 sec. So, it can track even a minor temp change in your wrist. Thus, they are also working with the temp and analyzing it. Here comes the twist. Many reviewers claim that Apple Watch Series 8 can also be used as an alternative to the ovulation tracking ring.

But, there is no official claim like that. They are suggesting that you may predict your ovulation while tracking the overnight temp changes in your body. This method is still behind the Oura ring basal temperature mechanism. Thus, it confirms that they are yet to come up with an algorithm that can help with fertility tracking or anything closer to that. Besides, they are not cheap at all.

On the other hand, Our ring is now collaborating with Natural Cycles which is shortly known as NC. It is a birth control app that is FDA authorized. As a reminder, Oura ring track the temp changes in our body. So, how is the temp changing? It compares your data with the Natural Cycles database. It has a huge database to predict regular and uncommon fertility periods. So, Oura ring uses the algorithm to analyze your data along with the database info.

In the end, it gets pretty close to what a birth control ring should do. It’s true that it is still not 100% accurate. Because cervical mucus is the only way to predict fertility with 100% accuracy. But, Oura ring trying to minimize the error using NC data. As it stores the latest and most common info on fertility, Oura ring is most effective for common to non-rare scenarios. Besides, it will try to predict your pattern from the cycles. That is indeed a hope to get the best result. Yet, it is still the most effective and reliable ovulation ring for sure.

Table: Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Oura Ring

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Oura Ring

Main Limitation of Oura

Now, it’s already clear that oura ring temperature accuracy is yet to achieve a 100% accurate result on fertility. Anyone who is hoping to purchase oura ring for fertility should know this. Even though it is the best smart ring for fertility tracking, there are limitations. Well, that was expected. Every smart device has limitations and needs improvement. Our ring is no different either. As it is yet to achieve a perfect score, there is enough room for improvement. So, what are the current issues?

The gen 3 Our rings indeed are one of the best smart rings and mind-blowing. But, what are the necessary major improvements for the users? Honestly, fertility tracking is really a sensitive issue. If it was anything else, there might be room for compromise. But, there isn’t. People are going through a lot of methods for birth control. So, Oura ring has to reach 100% accuracy even for rare cases.

We know that cervical mucus is the only natural way to find out the fertility period. So, Oura ring has to come up with an algorithm that can work with it. So, rather than following a trendy outcome, it should get a precise result that is yet to be accomplished. Because temp is not a reliable factor for birth control.


Does Oura Ring Track Steps?
Yes, it does. The brand claims that it tracks movement, which also tracks steps.
Is the Oura Ring Waterproof?
Yes, it is. Users can wear it during a shower. Although, it is recommended to use it within 100 meters and not more than 12 hours underwater.

Final Thoughts

Oura ring for fertility prediction is a hope for smart ring users. till now, it has the best result out of all the smart rings. It is even better than other watches or bands. Regardless, fertility tracking is not easy. There are a lot of important factors. Our ring is yet to give the best result. But, it is still good enough to consider as a birth control solution. Besides, it also has other health-tracking features. Those are great values for a ring. So, give it a try and you may like it a lot.

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