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Percussive Therapy Details: Best Comprehensive Beginner Guide

Is that a bad workout day for you? Are you feeling stiff inside your body before or after the training? Well, percussive therapy can be your favorite little assistant, then. Also, this addition to your regular workout routine can help you in preventing multiple conditions.

This latest therapy in the sports recovery field is gaining huge attention. The percussive massage gun stimulates blood flow in specific areas targeting pain in soft tissues. Also, this treatment can relieve tension on ligaments, muscles as well as tendons.

So here we are with all the essential facts and findings of the therapy. And this blog is worth your read cause we have covered all the fundamental points. Moreover, our article contains the recent study findings on this therapy. Keep your eyeballs rolling, then!

What is Percussive Therapy?

Percussive therapy helps relieve pain in soft tissues. A particular massage gun is used for this treatment. And, these massage guns typically send intense pulses plus vibrations to the muscle tissue.

Massage guns (also known as percussion guns) apply rapid strokes to stimulate blood flow to muscles. To add, it helps treating several medical conditions. These include-

● Reducing injury recovery time.
● Lessening pain and swelling.
● Increasing range of motion, and many more.

And it does not work like the usual massages. Firstly, this particular therapy numbs the adjacent area of your sore muscle. And this condition continues till the device pulses enter the targeted part. The benefits of percussion therapy are that it penetrates deeply into the muscle. Also, it allows precise pressure to reach particular trigger points.

How Does This Therapy Work?

By revolving rapidly on target areas, therapists use percussive therapy to fight pain and discomfort. When the usual hierarchy gets disturbed, people may suffer from body aches. So, through this massage, the stimulation provides a quicker pathway that overrides the pain pathways.

And the brain tends to respond to higher stimulation. As a result, the body becomes calm. A percussion massage device can also cause the body to lose tension. Thus, percussive therapy produces an immediate sense of relief.

What Studies Show About Percussive Therapy Health Benefits

Numerous studies have demonstrated the advantages of percussive therapy. As various massages are gaining popularity recently, so the below questions may come to your mind.

● How does this therapy work?
● Does this massage have any practical benefit?
● Is the therapy overly hyped?

Well, to date, many health researchers have studied its effectiveness. These studies suggest that this therapy with a sports recovery device can be beneficial to the body. The benefits include-

Prevention of DOMS

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a condition due to highly stressful physical activities. It happens if a person gives stress to the muscle more than the regular limit. And this annoying soreness can last for up to 3 days. However, both vibration therapy and percussive massage have a fast cure for DOMS.

Improved Body Flexibility

Apart from pain relief, these therapies can provide a proper synchronization to your muscles. Thus, it results in increased strength. Also, the muscles get a relatively decent motion range. Hence, the improved condition of the muscles makes them less vulnerable to injuries. Moreover, you will notice the improvement in posture. Doesn’t that make a happy day?

Man has taken Percussive Therapy

Increased Blood Circulation

Our muscles suffer from severe pain when we overtrain. This is because of the production of lactic acid by the muscles during an intense workout(like intense weight training, lengthy cardio exercise). In 2011 and 2014, studies observed that vibration therapy increased blood circulation by counteracting this effect.

Moreover, increased blood circulation reduces inflammation plus muscle tension during sports time recovery. However, we also recommend taking proper breaks during workouts to avoid this condition.

Improved Lymphatic Flow

The lymphatic system can function better with less tightness and knots in the muscles. As a result, with free lymph movement, the body can effectively eliminate toxins. Moreover, an excellent lymphatic system strengthens both immunity and metabolism.

Speedy Soreness Relief

And lastly, we like the percussive therapy for its fast effectiveness. The 2014 study also preferred vibration where time maintenance is crucial. This is because the time difference in therapy execution may change the outcome.


Is Percussive Massager Good for You?

When you appropriately apply the therapy, we can mark it as safe plus effective. Further, the pulses used in it assist in keeping the muscle in good shape. Thus, the massage helps with chronic pains, aches also.

However, there are some essential facts you need to remember. Before considering percussive therapy, people who belong in the following category are advised to get medical check-ups. It may not be suitable for-.

● People having inflammation-like injuries.
● Those who are on blood-thinning meds.
● People with particular muscle and bone diseases (such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis.)
● The patients with high blood pressure.
● Lastly, the patients with certain disorders which concern the blood vessels.

Some Crucial Reminders While Taking Percussive Therapy

● Firstly, choose the perfect massage gun.
● Only opt for the trusted brands.
● Check the device condition before you use it on your body.
● Avoid using it on the same body part. This is because you may get a bruise.
● This therapy gun is not for the joints or bones. Hence, only use it on muscles.
● Finally, don’t massage the same muscle for a lengthy period.

And if you don’t know how to use a massage gun, we recommend reading the manual carefully.

The Bottom Line

As we are about to warp up now, we hope you have all the answers regarding this therapy. And you already know, percussive therapy is not like traditional therapies. To clarify, due to its technique of desensitizing the nearby part of the sore muscle, the patient does not feel the initial intolerable pressure. So, undoubtedly, it’s worth giving a shot.

However, we always recommend explaining your medical records to the therapist first. Also, taking the doctor’s advice will prevent any possible untoward event. To conclude, a percussive massage gun may be your long-awaited gym accessory. Hope you will find it reliable enough to serve you!
Happy exercising!

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