Children Age 5 to 11 Can Get a Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine

Kids can now get a vaccine if Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine gets authorization. The Monday report suggests that the company is currently seeking approval from the US government to see a mass vaccination of the youngsters. It is prudent to note that the Pfizer vaccine is available for anyone aged 12 and above. The new developments will extend the age to 5.

All eyes are now on the US government, considering the spread of the Covid-19 variant, which is raging among the vulnerable kids. Parents and institutions are anxious since there has been a surge in pediatric infections. It will be a milestone when they get a vaccine for their young ones.

How Will the Pfizer Vaccine Work for Kids?

Kids do not need a larger dose like adults. The elementary school kids will use a much lower amount, which is one-third of the actual shot that older adults get. They may not require the third dose because children between ages 5 to 11 will develop an antibody against Corona Virus. According to Dr. Bill Gruber, the Pfizer senior vice president, the kids will develop a robust antibody that serves the same purposes as teenagers and young adults.

Perhaps, you are worried about the safety of the Vaccine. The Covid-19 vaccine passed the safety test for the kids, with reservations on temporary side-effects that adults also experience. They include sore arms, a fever, and machines. Teens can expect this side-effect, though it may not be universal to all. Some may not even experience any side effects after that dose. Gruber believes that their invention is the sweet spot. Everyone is concerned about the kids’ safety, and such an invention is a milestone for the world.

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What is Next for Pfizer Company?

The company now has some tasks to fulfill before beginning the vaccination process for kids aged 5 to 11. Pfizer is applying to the food and drug administration by the end of the month for emergency use. They seek approval to use the Pfizer vaccine in the kids while working on a process to seek permission from European and British regulators.

The FDA chief, DR peter Marks, promise to work faster to assess the data and the study results from Pfizer. He affirms that the agency will work speedily in the verification process to establish if the claims are valid and if they are safe and effective for the kids.

It is imperative to note that western nations are now vaccinating kids between the age of 12. while hopes are high that the FDA will approve the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for the teens, they express similar worries about the kids’ side effects. They are now awaiting confirmation and the correct dose for the kids between 5 and 11. it is prudent to note that Cuba is on with mass vaccination of kids from the age of 2 using their homegrown vaccines. At the same time, the Chinese government already cleared their vaccines for use with children under the age of 3. two Vaccines are now available for kids from the age of 3 in China.

Why is This Vaccine Necessary?

You should note that the Covid-19 pandemic affects all people. Over 5 million kids have tested positive for Coronavirus. Based on the American Academy of Pediatrics reports, out of the 5 million positive cases, over 460 children have succumbed to the disease. The encroachment of delta Variant has seen the instances surge, and it is now sweeping throughout the country.

Kids are at a lower risk of severe illness than older people. Still, it does not warrant us to take chances now that new variants are developing. Gruber feels the fight is not yet over until the Vaccine is available for all. Parents need to have peace when their kids are out for school. It will be such an honor for parents to see their kids resuming their everyday routines.

The Vaccine is necessary because parents dodge questions from their kids who think they are not valued. Parents feel sad that they are running to seek a vaccine when their young ones are not. They are out there with nothing to safeguard them. It might be true, they are less exposed to the risk, but it is a challenge to explain that to a kid who knows that the parents and elder siblings are safe while they are not.

According to the study by Pfizer, the kids only needed an immune bridging study. Younger kids may develop antibody levels, according to the evidence from the study. The antibody development is proving that the Vaccine can work for kids. Pfizer is on the record for reporting this during the Monday News though it is not a scientific publication.

It is imperative to note that the study is still ongoing. The whole conclusion shall be available once sufficient data on those vaccinated and those not vaccinated are made available. Comparing the corona-virus cases on the vaccinated and those given placebos will prove the vaccine’s effectiveness.

The Bottom Line

The Pfizer company may be anxious about the latest invention, but all eyes are now on the regulators. The study’s sample size is insufficient to detect exceedingly unusual side effects, such as heart inflammation. The condition can develop after the second dose and is particularly common in young males. However, it may not be limited to men alone. Women can still suffer the same condition, but they are less familiar with women.

The research regulations make it a challenge to develop conclusive results about Pfizer’s effectiveness in kids. According to Marks of the FDA, pediatric studies should be large enough to rule out increased danger to young children. Pfizer’s Gruber states that upon approval, they will be closely watching for unique concerns.

Moderna, a second American vaccine company, is also testing its vaccines in elementary school-aged youngsters. Pfizer and Moderna are also researching infants as young as six months old. The results will be available later this year. The studies are prudent to ascertain the effectiveness of the vaccines in children. The Covid-19 vaccine research is targeting children from the age of 5 to 11. Hopefully, FDA will give Pfizer the go-ahead so that the kids can also get a Covid-19 vaccine.



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