Portland Travel Guide: A Potential Guide for Solo Travellers

Every time someone goes on a trip, they need either someone or something guiding them. Nowadays, you can find a guide on your phone, and you might not even need to pay someone to do it. Most of the time, you can even find the guide in your native language!

As you will learn, Portland is a city full of activities to do; while it is not a well-known city for tourists around the world, anyone making a trip to the USA should not miss it. There are great activities to do apart from the city being beautiful. You would be amazed if you happen to visit this great city.

There are larger cities that happen to be more attractive for tourists, but Portland has many things those big cities don’t have. If you have the time, you should come to visit, and this Portland travel guide should help you!

Why Everyone Should Visit PortlandPortland

While there are other cities with many activities and places to visit, like New York or Washington DC, Portland is also a city with countless attractions. No matter your age or interests, you will always have something to do!

If you are a wine fan, there are some great wineries; Portland is known for its parks and open spaces if you want to relax and walk around. Also, if you are a coffee fan, there are some of the most modern eco-friendly’s coffeehouses in the world. If you are a hiker, well, guess what?

There are some of the most beautiful places you could wish to go hiking! That being said, everyone should have something that draws their attention to the city. Also, another point that some people consider is Portland not being a massive, big city full of people from around the world, you can be more relaxed, and you will not have hundreds of people around you taking pictures.

You will not need to be waiting in line for hours in every attraction, which many people consider tedious and time-consuming. Anyhow, there are attractions for everybody.

You will not experience a wrong time if you come to visit us! What are you waiting for? You should come to Portland and experience it yourself.

When is The Best Time to Travel to Portland?

This is a question that does not have a definitive answer, and while the city might look better during some time of the year, some people instead go to visit the city at a different time compared to others. Why?

Many reasons, but the weather is a big one. You might want to see the city in the snow because it looks good, but it also is freezing during the winter. There are some factors that you will have to consider to choose.

However, some recommendations might help you make up your mind about it. As a general recommendation, people say that between June and August is the best time to visit.

You get warm weather, and with that, the city’s roses are in full bloom, which is pretty impressive to see. However, this is also a tourist season, so you might want to plan in order to have the desired accommodations.

On the other hand, you could visit Portland over the winter, there are many tourist attractions closed, but you have Mount Hood not far away, where winter sports are a considerable activity.

So, if you are a winter sports fan, you might want to visit the city in December or January.

Where You Can Stay

As with any other rather big city, you can stay in a wide variety of places. There are many options that vary from big hotels to small beds and breakfasts. With many options comes an extensive price range.

You can spend over $4000 in one night, but you can spend that money to be in the city for weeks. So, after you decide how much money you are using for accommodation, you will have a better idea of what you have available.

Here is a list of the best hotels in the city; however, you might find them a little expensive for a regular night:

  • The Nine Suites: The cost for this hotel is $4500 a night, but it can get up to $6500 during the summer. While this is a lot of money, you are talking about a 1768 square foot room. The location of this hotel is excellent, being in front of the Willamette River.
  • Hi-Lo Hotel: Great location and modern rooms while having all of the pillows and bath amenities from local producers. A great option if you want to help local business owners!
  • AC Hotel (Owned by Marriot): The preferred place to go by young professionals. Known for its great coffee!
  • Kimpton River Place Hotel: One of the unique places to stay in the city. Right next to the Willamette River, where you can just sit and relax and see the boats passing by.

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What You Can Eat

As you may already know, Portland is one of the best cities for food and drinks. So, if you are going to visit the city, come hungry! Because you will experience what quality restaurants are like. Here is a list of the restaurant that is a must-go when you go to Portland. You need to try these places!

  • The Shop: A handpicked selection of oysters combined with a cold glass of wine or local beer in an airy space. The price is $1,50 for each oyster; fish ranges from $9-44 and caviar $70. The wine and beer go from $7-12.
  • Cooperativa: Italian food and also some pantry items and a cocktail bar. They also offer some homemade pizza and a gelato shop. The prices range from $1 pastry to $5,50 for a slice of pizza and $50 for a family meal.
  • Republica: Is a Mexican restaurant, maybe not too typical for Portland, but worth trying. All Mexican food, from tacos to cakes, soups, and guisados (stewed meats). The price ranges from $6 sweet treats up to $70 for a family dinner.

How to Get Portland Around

Like any major city, public transportation is not only great but also cheap. There are many options for you to use. However, many people would argue that walking is the best choice. You will be able to experience and explore the city in a healthy and fun way.

The subway and trains are excellent and cheap. You can get anywhere in the city for a little bit over $2. Also, if you plan to go out of town to Willamette Valley or Mount Hood, renting a car is an option. However, you must know that walking might get tricky during winter because walking in the snow might not be the brightest idea.

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How to Own the Portland LBGTQ Night Life

In Portland, there are many LBGTQ places you could go and enjoy, from quiet and relaxed bars to loud parties. Portland has a very active nightlife compared to other cities, but it is not like New York, where the city never sleeps. The city offers a wide variety of options all around the map. The city is also known for its indie music scene.

Where to Get Winery

Portland offers dozens of wineries in the urban setting. So, you do not have to work hard to find one of them. Here is a list of wineries around town which you would like to visit:

  • Teutonic Wine Company: created in 2002, its wines are German styled. They offer Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris. It is located in Southeast Portland.
  • Division Winemaking Company: focused on making nuanced wines.
  • Coopers Hall: they offer wine, beer, and cider. Also, they offer excellent kitchen service.
  • Enso Winery: they go for a more exclusive feeling; they produce small batches of their wines, never more than 100 bottles. They offer a tasting room, this a top choice but more expensive than average.
  • Fullerton Wines: is a family company, and they have been in business since 2011. They produce Pinot Noir and Rose made from Pinot Noir.

The Bottom Line

There are many attractions in Portland; you can do everything. If you have the chance, do not hesitate to visit. The information handed out here will help you make the most out of this trip.

You will get to know this fantastic city and everything that comes with it. Remember that if you go during winter, you’d better bring your coat and beanie, it is going to get cold.

Portland has everything, and it is a city hard not to like and even love. The city is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. You have countless attractions and places to visit.

Take your time and get to know all of the city, do not miss anything! Portland is a great city! Let this Portland Travel guide be the first step towards a great vacation.

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