The “” privacy statement is drafted to give you an idea of how we will save your data that you provide us while you are using this website.

“” is dedicated to protecting any information from any individual that has used this site as a user. When this site asks you for any information that identifies you, you can be assured that it will be according to this privacy statement.

The Site authority decides whether to make any changes to this privacy policy. You can check with this page regularly to see if there have been any implemented changes. This Privacy Statement takes effect from 25 September 2020.

Data Collected By Us

  • User’s Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Details and/or social media profile links
  • Age, Gender, preferences, and other Demographic Information
  • Offer/survey responses

How We Use Your Data

We take your data for specific uses, and the uses are as follows.

  • Record for internal User Database
  • We use the data to improve our existing services or develop new ones.
  • We might introduce new offerings, discounts, special offers, or any service that might interest you so that we might send you e-mails regarding these offerings. Hence, we take your contact details.
  • We also take data for market research purposes in the form of surveys. This is done to structure our efforts better.
  • We also take your information or responses to tailor the site experience to your demands.


We value your data integrity immensely and have put in express effort to ensure your data stays secure. There are many physical, digital, and operational procedures in place to make sure there is no leak of your precious information.

How Cookies are Used

Cookies are tiny text files that every site uses. This file is put into your hard-drive only after your express permission. With Cookies, web-applications can appear to you as an individual. It notifies you when you enter another site. Cookies help curate a smooth experience for the end-user.

Cookies also help us analyze the various pages you visit while you are on the site. We can cater to each page better according to the information cookies provide us. After analysis, the cookies are removed. Cookies do not give any other data than what we ask of you.

You can change your browser settings always to reject cookies, but we would not improve our services according to your user preferences in return.

For Users Under 18 Years of Age

Any underage user or users below 18 years of age are strictly prohibited from using this site or any features related to it under the Child Online Privacy act of 1998 (COPA). Beware of any prohibited activities while browsing the site as you might be persecuted criminally if due evidence is found.

Links to Any Other Sites

If any links within the website lead you to a different site, note that this privacy statement cannot be quoted for data protection. Each website has its own Privacy policy, and you will fall under that certain policy of that other website. “” will not be responsible for any damages incurred while on the other website.

Personal Information of the User

Any Personal information provided by the user will not be shared with anyone, except express orders from Law Enforcement Agencies. The only use of the information will be for promotional or user-experience development purposes.

We will provide you a copy of your information if you want by the Data Privacy Act 1998. It might require a small fee. Please send us an email at

If you feel that your provided information is incorrect or incomplete, please send an email about the discrepancy at the aforementioned mail address.

Google AdSense Cookies and DART Cookies

As a third-party ad network, Googles’ AdSense may enable cookies in the site to show you ads depending on your browsing history. If you want to turn these cookies on or off, you need to look into Google’s privacy policy on this page: As we have no control over Google’s policy, this privacy policy will not include any express information about it.

For other ad networks, the same rule applies. You have to get acquainted with other ad networks’ respective privacy policies to turn cookies or similar features on or off.

Query Page

Any Query or problems can be posted at

Revision of the Policy and Changes

The revision of the policy will be subject to the site authority’s choice. You will not be notified of said changes. It will be dynamic and real-time. If any changes occur, it will be updated here. You can Check Back from time to time on this page to see alterations.

Last Update

25 September 2020.