Biden Eyes Victory to Send Checks to Millions of Americans

A milestone in Biden’s administration is on the verge of success. The $1.9 trillion covid-19 proposal heads to its final voting stage to send checks to millions of Americans. The weekend had many activities. The Democratic senators seem to agree on everything except senator Joe Manchin who has a different view. All eyes are now on speaker Nancy Pelosi where she expects to oversee the senate voting on Tuesday.

America’s progressive Democrats are not happy about the proposal after it narrowed down the unemployment funds. Biden’s big win stimulus check includes the school reopening fund. Finance for small businesses and help unemployed Americans is also deliberated. Biden still has problems at hand because republicans are opposing it. The stimulus check proponents argue that the stimulus bill will reduce poverty while enhancing health care. Senator Bernie Sanders drums up support for the proposal describing it as significant legislation which benefits working families.

Caution to Biden

While expectations are high on Biden signing the proposal that will benefit millions of Americans, he has a task to manage the liberal and moderate democrats. Passing it will be an achievement but may interfere with the ambition to achieve other campaign agendas. Biden’s stimulus checks to send checks to millions of Americans faced issues because Manchin had a tight reservation after he was concerned about extended unemployment.

The senators’ challenges made them contemplate a bill to abolish some rules, where it gives the republicans powers to block some legislation without a 60-vote capacity. It still has some setbacks after eight democrats’ senators expressed their reservations. The success of the proposal had to follow a reconciliation process which was hectic for the democrats.

Biden appears to have a greater capacity to pass the legislation since he has the experience after serving for three-and-half decades as a senator. He focuses more on working with independent and republican senators to achieve a greater good for Americans.

Caution to Biden

Manchin not Taking the Position

Manchin appears to be straining the efforts to pass Biden’s stimulus Bill. Despite his denial during the CNN on Sunday, it is still validating the doubts of his disapproval. According to CNN, it took the intervention on Friday to settle the firm position of Manchin against the stimulus bill.

President Biden pledged to work with republicans during the campaigns. The weekend events appear to say otherwise after a heavy fallout with republicans. Biden rules out $ 600 billion proposals from GOP senators citing that it was not worth the current crisis.

The senate minority leader observes that the Covid-19 cases are drastically dropping. The development renders the Bill to be too much for the purpose. He argues that the success cases after vaccination seem to be impressive. Mitch McConnell appears to oppose the Bill to send checks to millions of Americans.

The republicans seem to be taking a risk by opposing a popular proposal that every American is banking on! Vaccination is now hitting 2.5 million per day, a direct confirmation that the citizens are happy with the president’s style while handling issues. One of the GOP governors is ready to see things working again. He even prompts the president to condemn some negative thoughts about the reopening of business. Some governors argue that they will stick to the data.

The Bottom Line

The Covid-19 stimulus bill seems to be in the right direction, following overwhelming support from stakeholders. The Americans are excited, and it will be a disappointment if republicans shall find ways to stop it. A recent news poll from ABC shows that Americans are satisfied with how the president is handling things. 68% support the president, which is an upbeat show for the stimulus check bill.

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