Six Essential Nutrients for Healthy Life: Professional Researched Guideline

Every living body or organism needs a constant supply of energy and organic substances. Thus, they can maintain health along with potential growth. These elements are known as Nutrients. Our living body uses them to produce energy and reproduce different physical constructions continuously. As for the count, researches have shown that there are Six Essential Nutrients.

Eventually, if there is a single missing element, then the body will fall. Getting nutrients is accessible as we can get them through many types of foods like fruit, mineral water, meat, plant, vegetable, and more. So, let’s talk about them.

What Are Essential Nutrients?

Our body needs energy and essential elements to maintain sound health, reproduction, metabolism, and other physical procedures. Not to mention, different parts of our body need different elements for natural growth. Besides, creating constant protection against harmful elements is part of significant needs as well.

All these physical actions can be done only through nutrients. Moreover, a sufficient amount of them is necessary as well. If your body doesn’t get enough of them, then there will be different side effects and possible symptoms.

Indeed, it will cause inevitable health downfall and many other diseases. In simple terms, nutrients are the resources that keep every physical part and mechanism in perfect shape.

Six Essential Nutrients for Your Daily Life to Stay Healthy

As you already know, we have mentioned Six Essential Nutrients, but it is not an absolute number. Different researches have shown different results. Depending on personal or regional necessity, the number and choice may vary as well. So, the question about the number and type arises. How many significant nutrients are there? Usually, if it is six, then what are the 6 essential nutrients? The answer is right here.

Let’s have a look at the given list of essential nutrients

1. Water


Water is the absolute element of every living being. Not only most of the earth is covered in water but also all the living creatures. More than 60% of our human body is filled with water. There is a reason why it is considered as the source of life.

Having less water is also known as dehydration. Constant thirst, discolored urine, dry skin, minor itchy pain are some of the common indications. Thus, water is the primary nutrient and top of our Six Essential Nutrients list.

Let’s learn about some of the water resources that are easy to acquire regularly.

Good Sources of Nutrients

As the most essential nutrient, we have to take water regularly. Fortunately, it is not that hard to get fresh water. As we mentioned, every live orgasm has water. So, freshwater is available as a free natural element and mixed in all types of foods. Our land is full of natural resources, and water is one of them. We are pretty familiar with waterfall, ocean, river, rain as significant water resources. But, the sources don’t end there.

All types of fruits have water mixed in. The ratio may vary, but every fruit has a specific part of it filled with water. You may get a chunk of water in watermelon, mango, litchi, orange, jackfruit, grapes, apples, and so on. The amount would be a little lower in fruits like bael, nut, avocado, and banana.

Moreover, plants and vegetables are also a great resource of water. Every green plant stores water to make its own food. So, all the plants we use as vegetables have a sheer amount of water as well.

How Much Water Does Your Body Need?

After the discussion, you want to know about a recommended portion of water to maintain a healthy condition. As we all know, breathing, sweating, and other respiratory procedures use a lot of water. So, getting a perfect limit is quite hard. Thus, we will introduce you to the recommended suggestion.

Surprisingly, a trendy suggestion is 8 glasses of water per day. Although, there is a more distinct measurement. For men, it is 3.7 liters and 2.7 liters for women. The value may go up and down depending on age as well as physical condition.

2. Fats

Fat is one of the significant nutrients that keep our physical structure connected. It is also one of the significant sources of energy. People had a wrong assumption about it for a long time.

But, modern researches have changed the concept. We need fat for natural development and energy storage. Although, having more than the required level is likely to cause some other issues.

Good Sources of Nutrients

Fat contains a huge chunk of calories that is more than other nutrients. You can cover up around 30% of your daily need from fat. There are many types of fats. Among them, unsaturated fat is pretty good for health.

Our bodies can’t make them, so they are essential to get from possible sources. Fish, fresh vegetables, nuts, avocado, olive, and different seeds are the known sources. As a reminder, you can get trans fats from sources like baked cake, microwaved foods, fried foods, biscuits, and more.

How Much Fat Is Healthy To Eat?

Talking about your regular diet on healthy fats, there are three specific ways to determine. Low carb diet, moderate diet, or high diet. Remember, never go for a high-fat diet. It will kick you back right into the dangerous spot.

Usually, a low diet starts from 1500 cal and goes up to 2500 cal. The chart can be followed as below.

  • 1500cal. : up to 50g
  • 2000cal. : up to 67g
  • 2500cal. : up to 83g

As you know, a moderate diet goes for the same range as well. That is 1500-2500cal. But, the initial fat amount is higher. Follow the given chart.

  • 1500cal. : From 58g. to 67g.
  • 2000cal. : From 78g. to 89g.
  • 2500cal. : From 97g. to 111g.

Moreover, if you have a high physical schedule, then more energy is necessary. In that case, a high-fat diet is required. Follow our chart below.

  • 1500cal. : From 83g. to 125g.
  • 2000cal. : From 111g. to 167g.
  • 2500cal. : From 139g. to 208g.

3. Protein

Indeed, protein is probably the most common nutrients. We all have heard about it, right? From food advertisements to daily health consult, we get to know how important protein is. It has a direct position in our physical construction.

Besides, protein provides amino acids. The amino acid combination is pretty necessary as our body needs a regular supply of it. Now, you already know about its importance.

No wonder that it has a place in our list of essential nutrients. Let’s talk about some of the known sources to update your diet schedule.

Good Sources of Nutrients

Just as we mentioned, protein has amino acids. Our body does not produce enough amino acids to cover all our physical needs. So, we have to depend on natural sources.

Surprisingly, most of the protein sources are available in an affordable range. Meat, fish, seafood, milk, nuts, beans, egg, cheese, yogurt, broccoli are some of the most common protein sources. Among them, meat, cheese, fish, seafood are some of the high protein foods. Let’s have a look at the potential limit for diet.

How Much Protein Should Be Consumed?

You can maintain the limit given below for a regular diet without a heavy workout or physical work schedule.

  • Male: 56-91g.
  • Female: 46-75g.

As you can see, a female needs more protein than a man regularly. As a reminder, if you have a hardcore working or workout schedule, then get a recommendation from an expert.

It can be a medical expert or workout trainer. Either way, you will get a practical suggestion as per need.

4. Minerals

Pretty often, we have heard of mineral drinks. Mineral water is even more familiar to us. In simple terms, drinks are mixed with metal elements like Iron, Sodium, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, and more.

There are many types of mineral nutrients. Let’s have a look at some of the available sources of the mineral.

Good Sources of Nutrients

Mineral-rich foods are pretty common and affordable. Nuts and seeds, seafood, shellfish, egg, cocoa, berries, and sardines are known sources. Moreover, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard are also among mineral-rich foods.

How Much Minerals Should Be Taken

Because of high mineral variants, it is hard to give a distinct suggestion. Different mineral elements have different effects on our bodies. Calcium, Chloride, Potassium, phosphorus, and Sodium have the highest need that is 1000mg, 3400mg, 3500mg, 1000mg, and 2400mg accordingly.

Some other minerals like iron and magnesium are also necessary, but their absorbing amount is pretty low, less than 300mg and 15mg accordingly.

5. Vitamins

Picking vitamins as one of the Six Essential Nutrients is pretty straightforward. It is not only our diet partner but also very familiar. There are many vitamin types available, and 13 of them are essential for our healthy development.

It prevents many diseases and helps to maintain all the physical connections, growth, and organic processes.

Let’s talk about some of the rich sources.

Good Sources of Nutrients

Indeed, almost all types of fruits and vegetables contain the vitamin. There is hardly any food that does not contain the vitamin. Although, the ratio will be different for every variant.

Usually, egg, milk, vegetables, and carrot are rich in containing essential vitamins.

How Many Vitamins Should be Consumed

Indeed, we know vitamins come with all types of food. Besides, it is a supportive element that you need very little. But, a lot of variants are necessary.

  • Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K are the usual type with sub-variants like B1, B2, B3, and more.
  • Vitamin C has a high demand that is at least 75mg, vitamin B3 18mg, and vitamin E 10mg.
  • Vitamin D is another necessary thing that we can get directly from sunlight. Other types are usually less than 5mg and even lower than 1mg.

6. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the second most demanded among our top Six Essential Nutrients list. It is also the tastiest nutrient out there. All of your favorite foods and desserts are probably made of carbohydrate elements.

It is one of the most essential elements for brain growth and producing energy. So, the nutritional value of carbohydrates is very high.

Thus, it has the most significant ratio of a recommended daily diet of more than 50%. Let’s talk about some of its affordable sources.

Good Sources of Nutrients

As for the sources, any sugar, starch, or fiber mixed foods are great carbohydrate containers. There are two types of carbohydrates. Natural and refined.

Vegetables, potatoes, barley, grains, fruits are different food types of carbohydrates.

Energy drinks, beverages, bread, pastries, and other sweet foods are refined and hand-made carbohydrate sources.

How Much Carbohydrates Should Be Consumed

We need a lot of carb food in our diet. But, a large number of refined sources can cause health issues. So, it would be better to accept natural resources. They don’t have a side effect. To manage the portion, follow the given chart below.

  • High: 100-150gm
  • Moderate: 50-100gm
  • Low: 20-50gm

Health Benefits of Essential Nutrients

How much have you learned about our researched Six Essential Nutrients? As you already know, they have particular importance to cover our physical needs. But, it is time to learn a bit deeper. Let’s dive into their essential advantages.

First, we will talk about water. A person can go for a week or couple of days without taking food. But, it is not the same without water. Not even a couple of days.

Our body and blood cells need plasmic solutions to perform energy production and some other cytoplasmic actions. Water becomes the bridge of inter-cellular connection.

Second, we have fats. Muscle motion, maintaining structure, blood clotting, mineral or vitamin absorption, and more. All these are some of the significant importance of fats in our body.

As a caution, trans fats provide more than unsaturated fats, but their effect and presence can become a physical issue. Most heart and blood issues come from trans fats. So, try to eat such foods as minimum as possible.

Next, we have protein. It is considered one of the most essential elements to building every part of our body. Cell construction, bone, skin, hair, and every other part need protein.

These are only some of the protein benefits. Talking about its usage isn’t going to end here. More importantly, it is also a significant part of hormones and antibodies.

As for minerals, they are the supportive nutrients that help other nutrients to perform specific tasks. Bone structure, nerve communication, metabolism, blood pressure are some of the known uses of minerals.

Surprisingly, vitamins have a large number of variants. But, we need all of them with the minimum amount. As for benefits, vitamins are a vital element of our immune system. Cell reproduction, disease and infection control, blood flow, muscle joints, and more vitamins are used.

At last, we have carbohydrates to talk about. It is the highest energy source of our body. Every organic action needs energy, and carbohydrates cover that.

Besides, it keeps the body active and maintains overall stability. Sharp sense, stable health, active brain, clear vision are all uses of carbohydrates.


We do eat all sorts of our favorite foods, right? But we can’t just take everything we like. More importantly, we have to consider their nutrient value.

Thus we have introduced you to the Six Essential Nutrients. They are the most important ones. Water, Vitamin, Carbohydrate, Mineral, Fat, and Protein. Not to mention, we can get them through minimum cost.

Most of the affordable foods contain a high nutrient value. Accordingly, we have discussed the sources along with a sufficient diet measurement. Good health is necessary to live up to a sound lifestyle.

Adjust your diet and add the foods accordingly. Possibly follow our guidelines and get practical recommendations from an expert. Get more nutrients and lead a prosperous life.

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