Sugar and Health: Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health

As per the health care professionals and dieticians, they will advise you to consume healthy foods if you want to keep sugar health risks at bay. A healthy diet doesn’t mean stopping consuming certain foods by all means. Instead, it means consuming foods that have essential nutrients that are much needed by the body. These will include high-fiber diets, vegetables, and fruits. You also need to note that complete avoidance of processed sugar is also part of a health regimen. In this article, we are going to learn about the relationship between sugar and health. Here, you will learn about the health effects of sugar and its benefits to the body.  

What Sugar Actually Does to Your Brain and Body

When you consume sugar, it is going to trigger several actions in you. The tongue will send a signal to the brain about whatever you are tasting. The gut and the brain work hand in hand, leading to the release of dopamine in the blood. It is dopamine that will make you feel so good and reinforce that your action was excellent. As far as sugar is concerned, the brain has a strong dopamine response. In this regard, you keep wanting more and more of the sugar. What results is a powerful craving and a higher tolerance of sugar to get that dopamine effect.

Sugar and Health: Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health

Health care professionals are often warning us against sugar use in our diets. However, not unless we understand the relationship between sugar and health, getting rid of sugar consumption can be hard. You, therefore, need to understand the adverse effects that sugar can have before you stop consuming it. Below are some of how sugar is slowly ruining your health;

Compromising the Immune System

One of the links between sugar and health is that it compromises the immune system. Sugar intake might interfere with how the body will be fighting infections. You need to understand that bacteria and yeast normally feed on sugar. With sugar consumption, therefore, you will be easily accumulating these harmful chemicals in your body. Consequently, that will lead to a toxins build-up which is a dangerous occurrence. Immediately, the body will begin acting up as it tries to get rid of toxins.

In a bid to restore the common body functions, immune suppression happens. In the end, sugar will weaken the body’s capability in fighting infections. Even worse, the body will be prone to different infections eventually.

Fastening Aging

Sugar happens to be present in almost everything that we consume, ranging from processed and natural diets. For instance, you will find sugar in natural veggies and fruits and processed food like cakes and biscuits. Each time that you consume sugar, you will be putting the body at the risk of aging. You will therefore start to experience the appearance of wrinkles that begins on the skin. This takes place after the sugar gets in the bloodstream and binds with proteins.

A Spike on the Insulin Levels

At times, we like involving ourselves in sugary food substances. This is a habit that will cause the pancreas to overwork. Each time that you consume sugar, you should know that the pancreas is working to overproduce insulin that counteracts the excessive amount of insulin produced. In turn, this leads to insulin resistance which is just a precursor to diabetes disease.  The main role of the pancreas will therefore get compromised due to the unstable levels of blood sugar. As a result, you will experience too much fatigue, headache, and abnormal cravings just because of sugar.


Increases the Risk of Heart Diseases, Obesity and Diabetes

Intake of sugar generally interferes with the production of human growth hormone. This is the hormone responsible for regulating fat metabolism, muscle composition, heart functions, and bone growth. These are effects brought about by the presence of sugar in your body when the hormones drop. Consequences of this will be a disrupted metabolism, excess accumulation of fat, and diabetes.

Causes Periodontal Diseases that Cause Cardiac Diseases

We are aware that sugar can lead to life-threatening risks on the body but forget its effect on the teeth. After the sugar has interacted with the gums and teeth, it leads to tooth decay. This is a result of the accumulation of plaque and the buildup of bacteria in your mouth. In this way, your gum can become infected, after which the body makes some anti-inflammatory responses. In the event of recurrent infections, you risk getting a cardiac condition. To prevent that from happening, avoid sugar at all costs.

Causes Osteoporosis

Carbonated sugar rinks components can raise the risks of a reduction in bone density. When the bones become light, osteoporosis will definitely settle in. The good thing is that once you avoid carbonated sugary drinks, the risks of these conditions lower and keep osteoporosis at bay.

Causes the Alzheimer’s Disease

There are some links between Alzheimer’s disease and sugar, especially for people who like consuming sugar to make it short. WHO actually recommends that your sugar intake should not be more than 10% of the total diet? To be precise, processed sugar shouldn’t be consumed at all costs. If you need to consume sugar, it should be from foods like grains or fruits.

It Triggers Inflammation

Inflammation is the automatic body response to any infection. The main characteristics of inflammation are swelling, general pain, increased hotness on the site, and loss of function. The inflammation process leads to broken blood capillaries, cell breakdown, and a loss in the skin’s elasticity. All these are processes that are triggered by the intake of sugar. As a result, you lose the intrinsic body functions.

Deprivation of Key Nutrients

Other than causing some impaired cognition among kids, adults will also suffer from inadequate vitamins after taking sugar. Whenever we eat sugar, we feel full and therefore lack space for healthy foods. As a result, you will have an insufficient intake of key minerals and vitamins. Lack of these key vitamins and nutrients, especially among kids, will impair their cognition. You, therefore, realize a drop in their academic grades just because of sugar intake.

High-Sugar Diets can Risk Cancer.

Sugar is not directly a risk factor for cancer. However, excessive sugar intake might lead to a buildup of calories. This consequently leads to some dense buildup of fat around your waistline which later results in obesity. Apart from that, excess sugar accumulation will relate to how the body responds. Given that sugar feeds on the body cells, it might feed on the healthy cells too. As the body tries replenishing the lost cells, an imbalance sets in. eventually, there will be a rapid growth of cells, including the cancerous ones.

It Spikes Stress Levels

The other link between sugar and health is that sugar spikes stress levels. If you have so many episodes of irritation, being anxious, as well as body shaking. In most cases, among the things that you should think about ought to be your personal sugar intake. It is a fact that people who consume too much sugar are so temperamental. This is mainly caused by so many stress levels making the body assume a flight and fight mode. The immune response to that sugar leads to high-release hormones. That chemical response corresponds to the low sugar levels in the blood. The resultant effect will be irritability and too much anxiousness.

Also, Sugar Has Benefits for Your Brain Health, Says Doctor

Despite having a negative side of sugar and health, there are health benefits of sugar as well. When you are thinking about how to fuel the brain with sugar, you just need to know the amount of sugar needed.  A banana of medium size, for example, has about 14 grams of sugar that occurs naturally. According to experts also, the main molecule in kales happens to be sugar. It is, however, worth noting that kales and bananas are foods that have a shallow glycemia index. They, therefore, release energy without spiking the insulin levels. As for fat and carbs, it is essential not to necessarily demonize any food group. Little sugar, it is the right type, can help your brain perform to the best of its ability. It will help to balance the blood sugar on a low-carb diet.

The Bottom Line

You should always remember that what you are putting in the body will determine what actually gets out. When you consume unhealthy foods, the results are basically going to be poor performance. At the end of it all, the body’s metabolism will get compromised severely. This is what eventually leads to different health problems. We can therefore sum up that sugar and health will always be on opposite paths. For instance, you become frequently fatigued, headaches, and some dizziness. With such conditions, daily activities will be a nightmare due to sugar’s simple consumption. To be safe, make sure that you avoid sugar, especially processed ones, for your health’s sake.

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