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Vibration Therapy Explained: The Simplest Comprehensive Guide

Do you think we can face the process of getting older with pre-planned insights? Well, dealing with aging and other health problems possesses some unavoidable parts. However, diverse medical remedies are there to aid people in that case. And vibration therapy is one of them.

In most cases, finding some cures with zero side effects is impossible. Also, irrespective of gender and age, people keep experiencing unexpected health issues. Nevertheless, a relatively simple therapy like this can-do wonder. Here in this article, our discussion has taken this path of explaining the relevant query regarding it. So, let us delve into some research on this 19th-century technology!

What is Vibration Therapy?

The method of vibration therapy involves vibration of the whole body to recover physical health. Also, it maintains good body well-being as well. Since its inception, personal trainers, players, and healthcare practitioners have widely researched this method. To add, they are applying this process for its multiple health benefits.

In the Russian space program, the doctors observed bone loss plus fractures in astronauts. And it happened at a young age which was not expected. Then, this therapy with vibration supported astronauts in strengthening their bones and muscles. NASA still uses this therapy to prevent early bone loss.

How Does Vibration Therapy Work?

Basically, two types of vibration therapy exist:

  • Whole-body
  • Localized


This one requires standing, sitting, or lying on a machine. And the device has a vibrating platform attached to it. Also, the therapist might ask you to kneel in a half-squat position.


As for the second one, it involves some specific body parts. Your therapist will use a hand-operated vibrating machine to apply the localized vibration. For instance, they may set it on the patient’s calf muscles. Activities of the Therapy.

Afterward, as the vibrations reach your body, the body muscles start to contract. Also, the vibrations make them relaxed. Additionally, specific vibrations can increase osteoblast production. These cells are responsible for making bone.

The mechanism of this treatment may depend on its intensity cum direction. For example-some therapy machines generate vertical vibrations. And some vibrations go upward and downward as well as forward and backward. However, the best vibrations for creating muscle contractions are those that drive up and down.

What Research Shows About Vibration Therapy Health Benefits

Vibration therapy is likely to have health benefits as well as risks. It’s a no-brainer that more research is essential. Benefits of vibration therapy include bone density improvement, muscle mass growth, and better blood circulation.

Moreover, it works as a stress reliever plus a metabolism booster in some cases. Body pain reduction is also on the list. Hence, according to proven studies, it may treat several conditions. However, it may also cause some risks. We are going to highlight both topics now.

Improves Bone Density and Muscle Strength

A feature in Clinical Rehabilitation had reviewed the effect of the therapy. It was about the therapy’s benefits on improving muscle strength. Also, it had added an impact on bone density. The authors showed evidence that this therapy can help regain leg muscle strength in older folks.

Benefits in Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease patients may get short-range benefits from this therapy. A Neuro Rehabilitation study stated that. For instance, it can help reduce muscle stiffness plus tremors. Nevertheless, more research is essential in this field also.

 Vibration Therapy taken

May Heal Muscle Pain

Often after exercise, people suffer from muscle soreness. The Journal of Athletic Training published a research article, and it showed the solution. According to the report, whole-body vibration therapy prevents muscle pain after cardio exercise and weight strength training. However, the authors had mentioned the requirement of in-depth study regarding this issue.

The Risk of Vibration Therapy

Sometimes high-intensity vibrations may be harmful to the body. Thus, the effect may end up causing extreme back pain or other lumbar issues. Hence, we suggest consulting your physician before going through this therapy. Usually, the following issues discourage the treatment-

  • History of heart disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Those who are on blood-thinning medicines

Is Whole-Body Vibration Therapy Good for Weight Loss?

Whole-body vibration provides several fitness rewards. In it, with the machine vibration, your whole body feels like exercising. And this process allows your muscle to relax multiple times per second. According to advocates, 15 minutes of full-body therapy thrice a week may speed up the weight loss process. Besides, it may aid fat burning, body flexibility, etc.

Nonetheless, it may not be a proper alternative to your day-to-day workout. It is not still sure whether the procedure can replace cardio exercises like walking, running, biking, etc. Hence, only all-inclusive research on wholebody vibration therapy may clear the doubts in the future.

So, we recommend going for a balanced diet first. Alongside, try some daily physical movements. Afterward, if you maintain the therapy, include aerobic and other strength training also.

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Are Vibration and Percussion Therapy the Same?

Some also consider percussion therapy instead of vibration. Well, both the treatments are mostly regarded as uniformly effective. But their activities are different. Percussion therapy is helpful for instant body comfort plus relief. Alternatively, in terms of lessening muscle soreness and exhibiting positive results, vibration therapy is more beneficial.

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The Bottom Line

Throughout this article, we have mentioned that vibration therapy still needs ample and advanced research. Curing serious diseases entirely may not be the case with this therapy yet. And vibration intensity may influence its effectiveness. However, its health benefits are evident.

So, as you have got fair enough ideas about the ins and outs, now it’s time for the decision. We have explained the benefits along with the risk sides. Thus, we hope you can opt for it easily. To finish, your physician’s recommendation will play a significant role in this matter. Therefore, assessing potential advantages and risks is possible with their advice.

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