What We Know About Waning Immunity from Vaccines

It is now known that people who are vaccinated are still vulnerable to the Delta variant. New studies show vaccine immunity is declining, and that is because the new variant is different from the previous ones in a way that the virus is more potent and more contagious.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made some studies and showed the above explanation results. The delta variant is spreading across the United States and the world quickly. Since it is more transmissible, it is harder to stop.

Frontline Health Care Workers Study

Frontline workers are some of the most vulnerable and at-risk during the pandemic. That study concluded that the vaccine’s effectiveness dropped about 30% percent when the delta variant became the dominant type in the United States.

However, this study also concluded that the vaccine is 80% effective in preventing infections among frontline healthcare workers. Also, the vaccination effectiveness could be decreasing due to the poor precision in the estimate’s numbers because of the limited observation.

Declination of vaccine immunity

Los Angeles Study

Scientists made a second study in Los Angeles, where 43 thousand people aged 16 and older were examined. Researchers found that around 25% percent of the infections from May until June were from fully vaccinated people.

On the other hand, 71% percent were unvaccinated. The study also found relevant information to clarify why vaccination is the key to winning the fight against coronavirus. For example, unvaccinated people are more prone to get hospitalized if infected.

The publication of these studies came a week after the CDC issued three reports about the efficacy of the vaccination, alongside breakthrough infections and the Delta variant.

The analyzed data in these reports showed that the effectiveness of the vaccination decreased from 91.7% percent (early May) to 79.8% percent (late July) for adults in the state of New York.

CDC studies

The studies made by the agency concluded that breakthrough infections for vaccinated people were not typical. Still, also, they showed that the vaccine would decrease its efficiency over time. That being said, people getting the vaccine are fully supported by the CDC. Fully vaccinated people are and will not be entirely immune.

However, significant infections are almost out of the equation. The Los Angeles study states that vaccination is protecting severely diseased people and reducing infection. Leana Wen, a professor of George Washington University, stated that unvaccinated people are the main reason vaccinated people get infected.

The agency has been looking after breakthrough infections all across the United States in different populations. The CDC is working with a select group of state health departments to examine the infections among fully vaccinated people.

They study not only hospitalized cases but every one of them. Moreover, they study the vaccine’s efficacy within the frontline health care workers and with nursing homes, both staff and residents.

CDC and Biden’s Administration

CDC officials are making recommendations about a booster shot. They believe they have enough proof to support the data from the studies with the state health departments alongside the New York study.

However, some people within Biden’s administration and some experts related to the topic claimed that the CDC did not present enough proof to go after the second round of vaccines.

One of the big arguments they made is that many countries are struggling to provide the first dose; so, it would be unfair to or non-solidary to provide them domestically. This involves a political decision that goes beyond the recommendation of the agency.

While the CDC could recommend doing one thing, the administration could do another for political reasons, so communication is vital; and many people from the inside argue that the administration lacks it.

Two senior officials from Biden’s administration claimed that the CDC kept relevant vaccine efficacy and breakthrough infection data. The lack of information could be and make a significant difference in the decision-making of the Biden administration.

Also, Biden’s administration is wondering why the agency would keep such information from them. The lack of transparency is an issue, and when you are dealing with other’s lives, it is even more relevant.

That being said, the agency has made a case for people to get the booster shot. Why decide if they are not sure about the data behind it? The Delta variant marked a before and after in the pandemic. Everything changed from the time it hit the United States for the first time.

The vaccination efficacy dropped, the hospitalized rates increased, and the breakthrough infections were no longer rare. The CDC is not sharing the information they have regarding the Delta variant.

Frustrated by the lack of information sharing, the White House is asking them to share their findings. The administration has the information from before the delta variant was the dominant one in the country. That is why the White House claims that breakthrough infections are rare. Sadly, this is not the case for the new variant.


President Joe Biden claimed that the Covid-19 pandemic is for the unvaccinated. Since over 99% percent of deaths have been among unvaccinated people, this seems to be the case.

However, as we already know, the Delta variant changed the course of the pandemic. The numbers are changing, and the vaccine is being less and less effective. Biden also said this before July of this year, before the Delta variant.

As we now know, officials have been working and analyzing data. They insist that the most recent data shows that the cases of significant infections found in vaccinated people have increased.

The new studies show vaccine immunity is declining. The Biden administration will need time and information to decide the best course of action. The information from the CDC and FDA will be critical.

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