No Credible Threats Ahead Of 9/11 Anniversary According to Homeland Security Chief

As you may already know, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack is coming up. This understandably tends to put a lot of Americans on edge, but even more so now. Mainly so due to the entire situation going on in Afghanistan. There has been a lot of suspicious individuals and activity circling the United States in recent months. U.S residents are starting to freak out over the possibility of another terrorist attack taking place on 9/11.

People are desperately seeking answers as to how to prevent this. Luckily according to homeland security, there is no need to panic. The government agency has reported that there are no credible threats ahead of 9/11. However, if you still have some doubts and concerns about the situation, keep reading. You will find out more about the recent events and what can be done in an emergency.

Afghanistan Refugees Enter the U.S.

Law enforcement sources have recently claimed that the U.S. military withdrawal in Afghanistan has caused around 46,000 people to flee for refuge over to the U.S.

Sources confirm that this massive movement of people resulted in more than a dozen of them to have been placed on terror watch lists. As a result, this has stirred up fear and chaos amongst all U.S. residents.

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Homeland Security Protocols

In response to everyone’s concerns, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has stepped in to calm everyone down and assure them there is nothing to worry about.

The U.S. already has established protocols. The DHS will remove anyone from the country using these protocols.

“We screen and vet individuals before they board a plane to the United States.” In an exclusive interview, Mayorkas told anchor and managing editor Norah O’Donnell of “CBS Evening News” that the department of homeland security screens and vets every person. The DHS vets anyone trying to get to the U.S. even before they set foot in the airplane.

So, if there were even the slightest threat to the American people, it would have been dealt with long ago. Mayorkas said that any individual who does not meet the necessary screening and vetting protocols would not be allowed to enter the States.

Moreover, you may be wondering what would happen in the rare event that although absolutely nothing had come up for a person before they came, suspicious information was later found. Well, in that case, there is still no need to panic. The Homeland Security Department will detain any individual if malicious intentions are found. These individuals are removed using existing protocols. They are prepped and ready to leave the United States as smoothly as possible.

Even though this plan is already in place, Mayorkas insists that it will most likely not be necessary at all since there have been “very, very few people” that have given him and the department any reason to worry.

Homeland Security Chief Said

What Homeland Security Has Been Doing to Take Action

Alejandro Mayorkas assured every single person that the Department of Homeland Security is making everything they possibly can so that any prisoners that the Taliban have released will never be able to access the United States. The Taliban released prisoners that were part of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. So far, all evidence points towards the fact that none of them are here, hence why people do not have anything to worry about.

Something that has put people entirely on edge seems to be the upcoming 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. Although it happened many years ago, it was such a devastating and life-changing situation that most Americans cannot forget. People still feel fear whenever the date rolls out every year. The DHS released a bulletin that warned of a “heightened threat environment” ahead of the anniversary. This environment has, understandably, has wreaked havoc across the United States.

In the latest National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin, the DHS stated that “The 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, as well [as] religious holidays we assess could catalyze acts of targeted violence”.

Furthermore, even though these signs may be pointing towards the possibility of future malicious events, Mayorkas has specifically told the public not to panic since. According to him, there are no “credible, specific threats” at the moment. He hurried to add: “However, we are ever vigilant.”

What You Can Do in Case of An Emergency

Alejandro Mayorkas also mentioned how the Department of Homeland Security has recently seen a shift. In the past, the DHS may have been a lot more worried about a foreign terrorist being able to enter the U.S. Nowadays, the Department of Homeland Security is more worried about violent domestic extremists.

To further assure the public about their safety and increase precautions, the DHS is also in charge of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The agency is tasked with being responding quickly and efficiently to disasters throughout the entire country. As the agency responded to the devastation and troubles caused by Hurricane Ida, Mayorkas talked to the media. He said that people will get all the help they can get but still be prepared for emergencies. “The key is prevention,” he said. “No one’s evacuation plans, have the supplies as well as resilience.”

The Bottom Line

Regardless of possible threats in the United States, especially with the coming 20th anniversary of this tragic event, you don’t have to worry. The DHS has said American residents have absolutely nothing to worry about. It looks like the Department of Homeland Security has everything under control. 9/11 is going to come and go without any additional grief and melancholy throughout that day. If you are still preoccupied and afraid, you can follow this little advice. We recommend you check emergency procedures to know how to act in case of emergencies.

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